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he Achilles heel.

One of the most sensitive parts of the human body.

Just about every time I think or hear about it, I flinch.

Here’s why.

One day I was delivering papers with my brother.

It was cold, rainy and very – very – windy. I was in sixth grade or so
and we lived in a fairly rough apartment complex so almost nobody in
our neighborhood subscribed to the paper – which meant we would
walk about two or three miles to the other, much nicer, complex and
deliver them.

The whole way there I was bitching and complaining about the
weather. I was also carrying the bundles of papers because it was
too heavy my brother. The whole time – through all my whining – my
brother said nothing, he’s always been a fighter and much tougher than
me…and that afternoon I found out just how much tougher he was.

While we were delivering I would hold the building doors open for him
and he would run in and drop the papers off at each apartment door.
The doors were wooden giants and at the bottom and top they were
coated with a thick metal, like rectangular rusty plates and at the very
bottom of the door it was jagged and sharp from the wear and tear.

At one of the buildings I was keeping the door open at a 90 degree
angle with the door resting on my back, I was swinging my waist back
and forth – “punching” the door open with my rear.

Great idea, I know…

As my brother walk out of the doorway and past me, I knocked the
door back one last time and I planned on getting out of the way before
the door swung closed.

But it was windy…

A sudden gust sent the door flying back at me just as I was walking
away – the rusted, jagged metal slammed perfectly into my right

I dropped the papers, fell to me knees and started screaming.

My brother turned, and I still remember the look on his face when he
looked back at my foot and saw the bloody slit through my socks – he
was in more pain than me. Without blinking he helped me up, we tied
a paper around my ankle and he picked up every one of the loose
papers as they were flying away.

Now we had to walk back home.

But it was colder, with heavier wind and more rain.

I was limping the whole way and using my brother as a crutch – so not
only was he carrying me, but the paper bundles that were “too heavy”
for him too. And on the way back, at every building we had a delivery
he would run in, go up the stairs, drop the papers, and run back down –
all while carrying the bundles.

He wouldn’t let me do anything.

I never called him fag or pu**y again…

On the way back I realized a few things, first of all, my brother is a
Badass – he was born premature by over a month and he has been
fighting ever since. Secondly, all the complaining I was doing the way
to the complex was embarrassing and something I should’ve been
grateful for – that day I realized how much longer that walk could be.

I also realized –

That walking – just walking – having the ability to walk is something
too many of us take for granted. By the time I got back my home my
shoes were drenched in blood and my ankle had been slit entirely

I’m bringing this up now because a few days ago I pinched a nerve, or
got some tendonitis, or something and my left ankle was making it
more challenging to walk – and as soon as I felt that familiar tug on my
Achilles, it all came back to me.

I’m fighting through it though, for the last few days I’ve been running
five to seven miles a day – I know that may not be the best medical
treatment, but I think it is the best spiritual treatment because although
running like this isn’t as easy – it is easier than I deserve, and at least I
can do it.

I want to stay grateful for it.

My right ankle is still scarred from that door…

If you’re not using –

Articles, news and credibility sources in your marketing and
compliance-gaining, then you’re making a big mistake.

You should know just about everything about

So I’m always on the lookout for stories that can help people on our
Team, clients, students, friends, etc. and now (Thankfully) people are
sending us stories as well. So please keep them coming.

I’d also love to hear how you’re using the stuff we go over, so please
make sure to let me know about it – it helps to share and it can make a
huge difference to others.

The Land Rush Starts Again

Right now builders across America are spending hundreds of millions
as they enter bidding wars for land. Although their numbers are still
down as a whole, they are encouraged by improving “economic
indicators”. Land prices in the past year have been up 20%
and even over 100% in some areas as a result of home builders
spending the cash they’ve been sitting on since 2006 when
many began liquidating their holdings.

Full Story Here

(Thanks to Angie)

My Notes

One of the most reactive, and lease imaginative groups in real estate
are home builders. They’re sluggish, telegraph their moves and almost
always need help. A few years ago when they bailed on their options
there were huge, killer deals available because owners were relying on
the expected cash. The builders are notorious for screwing stuff up,
and at times like this it is easier (it is always easy, but easier right now)
to get in touch with them and get a bulk of houses on terms because
they need to clear their books. You can pick up 10-15 houses at a steep
discount and/or on terms – all at once. The main ingredient you need is
to prove to them that you’ll bring the crowd and they will do pretty
much whatever you want. As a test you can call up a few local builders
and ask the who the best is to send buyers to… (and follow the rest of
the dialog)

Are These Jeans Really Rape-Proof, or a Rapists Secret Weapon

An alleged rapist was acquitted after a jury ruled that the woman’s
jeans were too tight to remove without her cooperation. This is
not the first time these jeans and the “accessibility” they provide
has been questioned, and not the first time an alleged rapist has
been acquitted because of the garment.

Full Story Here

(Thanks to Lilly and Theresa)

My Notes

Morality aside, it is stories like this that enable you to have killer
research – it could be used to position the clothes as a safeguard, or a
vulnerability, if nothing else think about our neon yellow hand-written
signs in and around stores – just think about the headlines:

“The Jeans Rapers Love.”

“If you get raped in these jeans, juries will blame you.”

This the kind of stuff you can use for education and get invited to
present to gatekeepers all at once, something like a –

“Clothing Awareness Study: clothing commonalities among rape victims.”

For parent committees, local schools, churches, etc.

You don’t have to be in retail to see the application here…

In fact, wait ’til you see how the school gals who sent me the story are
using this info with Stephanie… Badass, I tell ya’.

Got shot by the cops on accident? Don’t play the
“victim” card.

Former police officer Johannes Mehserle says he meant to use his taser
instead of his firearm when he shot and killed unarmed Oscar Grant.
Defense attorneys for Mehserle are asking that Grant not be referred to
as a victim and that they be allowed to mention Grant’s tattoos and the
medical marijuana card found in his wallet when he was shot. They
also want to refer to Mehserle as “Officer” instead of defendant.

Full Story Here

(Thanks to Roger and Sarah in Bellporte)

My Notes

Okay, okay, so I admittedly don’t have all the details, but when people
talk about gun control… should we really exclude everybody from
scrutiny? Not really my point – what really fascinates me about stories
like this is the dialog. The defense really understands at least some
powerful items on positioning, and the calibrations like they are
attempting – tiny little tweaks – that can make huge differences in the
results. I recommend that every piece of your dialog, scripting and
Policies should be equally as studied and optimized – what words,
suggestions, implications are making or missing?

Example for people in real estate:

Seller: “How long have you been doing this?”

Untrained investor response: “I’ve done a few deals…” Or
worse “I just started.”

After Badass tweaks:

Seller: “How long have you been doing this?”

Badass investor response: “In America?”

Seller: “Oh, so you uh… you do this worldwide… or uh…”

Badass: “Uh… well, I can send you an email that explains
more about how we work, what we do and what others
suggest and it should answer your questions and help us
get to know each other better, what’s your email?”

Done correctly, this positions you as a genius/Badass and you get near
100% compliance.
For an even better response (from the Attorney
General) see below.

Your ROI is the main concern here.

I’m thankful for the steady flow of opportunities that come to us, so
when we buy, invest, loan on or fund, etc. into an area or industry
there is such an abundance that I go out of my way to share with
our friends.

There is a selfish motive here though, because although we will almost
always make less money by involving more parties, the relationships we
establish are priceless and – over the long run – more profitable and

So whether you have money or credit, if you want your money to make
you more
money – then this is for you, from real estate, companies,
temporary high-interest funding – you name it, we got it.

To get on our VIP List and hear about the deals before everybody else
go here:

Or give Millie a call at:


Remember these are just a few of the killer deals we’ve got…

Real Estate: Residential

OH, USA Rehab – 3BD 2BA

Price: $80k

After Repair
Value: $180k

Repairs: $17k

21 more residential deals available

Real Estate: Apartment Building

CO, USA Apt.

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66 Responses to “Badass Update”
  1. Starkidgaze says:

    I always feel like i have no fear when i listen to you, you are the original slumdog millionaire and inspire me so much

    • Azam says:


      Like your name – and you’re too kind – Thanks though.

      Good to hear you feel better after going through this
      stuff, I’d love to hear you put in place…

      Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  2. Gail says:

    Who makes your images? they are wonderful. your email was so manipulative “take action or I won’t give you awesome stuff anymore” lol! will do!

    • Azam says:


      Didn’t mean to manipluate, but happy you liked it, ha ha.

      About the images though, I have no idea, usually somebody
      will “draw” out how we want something to look on paper – and
      I mean literally paper, and then we fax it a designer. We try
      and keep a stable of designers from places like Elance and (99 has become a challenge to work with now
      though) but –

      You can also email Millie and she can give you the latest of
      artists that we’re working with – or the best sites we know
      of to get them – good?

      Hope that helps – Azam

  3. Aaa says:

    Quick read, but as far as the challenge you said in the email that you wanted 100 people to make an extra $10,000 but I think you should raise the bar and ask that 1,000 people hit 100,000 each. I plan on doing this today and I too will report results back Mr Meo.

  4. Nlorm says:

    How long ago was that picture taken? You are losing weight.

  5. Miranda says:

    Okay, I have schedule two interviews with an investor expert and a local attorney. On two of my call with sellers I used the exact dialog and both of them were blown away and for the first time gave me their email addresses without me even asking them for it! A few minutes later one woman called me back and asked where the email was lol!

    Thanks isn’t enough! just like everybody else here please keep it coming Azam WE NEED THIS!!!

    Miranda Kordell

    • Azam says:

      Miranda you BADASS,

      Look at you, that’s it – to everybody following along keep your
      eye on this gal – she’s going to shake it up.

      Miranda I’m real proud of you, and really excited to see what
      happens and how much money you make – Promise you’ll let
      us know – I’m going to go on a limb and here and GUARANTEE
      you that as long as you keep this get-shit-done mentality
      with this stuff – you are GOING TO MAKE MONEY in the next
      7-10 days.

      Everybody got that? Hold me to it…

      Thanks for the feedback and for taking ACTION!

      – Azam

  6. Gregory Lenz says:

    Brilliant mate, love your ideas and hope you share more with us po’ folk who can’t join you in person.

    • Azam says:


      Great – the “po” part I’m trying to fix, this should help
      so I’d love to hear the changes you make because of
      it Gregory… doesn’t accountability suck? Ha ha.

      Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  7. Hillary says:

    Reading about your Achilles made me cringe! Up for the BADASS CHALLENGE and will let you know how it goes.

    • Azam says:

      Hillary Swank,

      I loved you in Million Dollar Baby, hate Clint for what he did
      at the end, but I understood…

      Sorry to make you cringe, but now you and I will have same
      reaction whenever hear about – welcome to HELL… just kidding
      it isn’t so bad.

      Love to hear you success this coming week.

      Thanks for sharing!

      – Azam

  8. Jason Riley says:

    I’m in, will get started now and I’m terrified so Azam you better keep these f******* things coming to my inbox lol

    • Azam says:


      Got it – being terrified let’s you know you’re alive, right?

      We’ll fight it together, so keep it going and please let
      us know how it goes.

      Thanks for sharing!

      – Azam

  9. Jump says:

    Your story with your brother made me cry, that’s never happened with a post before.

    I don’t know if I have your gusto to pull this off but I promise I will try my best.

    We all want more Azam!


    • Azam says:


      Thanks for sharing, and believe me you have PLENTY
      more gusto than me, I once had a new house and
      found a mouse in it a few days after moving in – within
      five minutes I was searching online for another house.

      I can be a big Puss and Boots sometimes – we all can,
      so FIGHT THROUGH IT GIRLFRIEND and let’s see you
      suprise yourself.

      Thanks for the support – and the balling… just kidding about –
      seriously Thanks for the feedback and support!

      – Azam

  10. Kyle Anteker says:

    AZAM YOU CRAZY MOFO!!! I tear open your emails and always wonder what they hell you’re going to be sending this time so PLEASSE PELAE PULEEZEEEE keep this coming I love it and it’ll me bring my gf around.

  11. Neal says:

    Refreshing, honest, offensive and genius. A combo only you can deliver Azam.

  12. Neal says:

    I meant to add this, I will do this as well and plan on being in that group of 100 people don’t count us out please and I can imagine how much work you and the team go through to put this out. Keep it coming please!

  13. Randy and Trent says:

    How about this: we’ll make the extra $1M if you promise to keep this shit coming? You rock!

    • Azam says:

      Randall and Reznor,

      Reznor (from NIN), get it?

      I’m going to hold you to that – $1M by next week, or heads
      WILL ROLL.

      Thanks for the support guys!

      – Azam

  14. Harold says:

    How can you actually get these “names” to work with you if you have nothing to offer them?

    • Azam says:


      As Sarah pointed out that should be covered in the
      article above – if you still don’t get it after going back
      through it – let me know.

      – Azam

  15. Jason Cox says:

    You are a nutjob Meo. Love it. Jason

    • Azam says:


      It is strange to see “nutjob” spelled out, I don’t think
      I ever have – I like it…

      Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  16. Ronnie Carlton says:

    will call my attorney, grocery store and brother right now thanks Oz.


  17. Chica says:

    Brilliant, what everybody else said!

  18. SarahShifter says:

    Can I create an account and get the call with you?

    To answer Harold’s question I think Az explained that using your REIA or starting your own would help get the interviews and gain compliance, yes?

    Look at me, I’m talking like you!

    Love you Azam just wish you were cheaper…


    • Azam says:


      YES MAN – that’s what I’m talking about, helping others and
      getting yourself moving, I’ll make sure you get the email about
      getting your account set up right now.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  19. Wiser Student says:

    Is that how JJ made all her money with the flyers?

    • Azam says:


      Not exactly, but I’ll tell you what, you make an extra ten
      grand with THIS model and I’ll do a special all about JJ,
      how’s that?

      – Azam

  20. Kent Baley says:

    i ve been getting emails from everybody under the sun but when yours omce in i put everything on hold and this is why you’re a badass

    • Azam says:


      You’re too kind, calling me a Badass makes me all blushy…

      Glad you prioritize what I sent you, I’ll promise to make it is
      always something that’ll put money in your pocket.

      Thanks for the flattery.

      – Azam

  21. I get hundreds of emails a day also but when I see anything with your name on it I ALWAYS take the time to read/watch whatever you send!

    Love it!


    • Azam says:


      Haven’t heard from you in a while, last time we met
      was about a year or so ago, right? Always great to
      hear from you, and Thanks! for the support and
      kind words.

      I know you were wanting to move things up a notch
      so I’d love to hear how you put this in place…

      Thanks againfor the love!

      – Azam

  22. Todd Schmidt says:

    Can’t say any more than what’s been said. Echo all of the above, multiply by a billion. Actually, infinity because that’s your mindset and that’s what I work toward

    • Azam says:


      Great – anytime you use the word Billion I’m all ears – and I really
      appreciate your feedback. I don’t know about my mindset, but I’m
      glad you are pushing yourself and I’d love to hear how you put this
      in place within your company…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  23. Shawn Audlin says:


    Pure Gold as usual. You your cutting edge stuff, I use things I learned from your starter course almost daily.
    Hey I also wanted to let you know that I came across your Jokes Site and the buy link is broken. Would love
    to get my hands on that in talking with prospects, so please let me know when its fixed! Thanks Azam…you make a difference!

    Shawn Audlin

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear, and I’d love to hear more about how you
      use this so we can include it next time. About the Jokes
      site, there is a bunch of hairy legal stuff surrounding that.

      The guy that has the license has had it for years and it
      one point it was the number one best selling program
      through Comedy Central and the three largest joke
      sites. If I told you how much I made off the license it
      would be humbling because I didn’t see the potential.

      Lesson learned, right?

      At any rate, we’re (somwhat) working on that so once
      that is straightened out I’ll make sure we have complimentary
      copy saved just for you, how’s that?

      Thanks again for the feedback!

      – Azam

  24. FJ says:


    Great stuff. Same old Azam, only better and badasser year after year… Keep them coming.

    • Azam says:


      Badasser, huh? I love it, and Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate
      it and I’d love to hear how you use it…

      – Azam

  25. tina torres says:


    I felt the Achilles pain for you! That was a heartwrenching experience for both you & your dear brother. you were both so heroic.

    Just wondering, Is your brother in a different career than you ? Have you been extra nice to him lately, Azam?

    Kidding, you know I’m your biggest fan! Do not Delete my name from your e-mail list. Promise!?

    • Azam says:


      I always love hearing from you, and Thanks! for the support and
      feedback, I’ve been modifying the “unubscribe” buttons for you
      if you haven’t noticed…

      I don’t know about being heroic because my brother is much
      better than I am that and no I haven’t been as nice to him
      as I should be so thanks for reminding me.

      I’d love to hear how you put this stuff in place for your
      company as well so please let me know how it goes.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  26. CB says:

    Thank you! The Seller – Badass dialog was very helpful. Investors always seem to get the question, “How long have you been doing this?” by sellers.

    What’s not so clear is how you use the “Attorney General” flyers that are passed out @ grocery stores, etc. After you list the “AG Warning: Five scams to avoid when selling your home” on the flyer, what next? Are you driving these readers to a webpage to collect email addresses? Or do you simply say, “If you are buying or selling a home, give us a call at [number here]?

    • Azam says:


      Glad it helped, and Thanks for the feedback. Good question too, the kids
      used just an email and that is a model we have used; an email linked to
      an autorresponder.

      I was shocked at how well it worked, you can use a VM or a site, but if
      you just want to get it going using just an email has worked as well.

      Love to hear your numbers…

      – Azam

      • Sherri Gaines says:


        Where is the AG info that everyone is talking about? I’m still reading your posting volumes as they are always so interesting and sometimes… soul-stirring. I’m not sure if I should begin with the signs or with the AG model or what??!! Code Enforcers can really cause legal problems for followers but I’m sure there is a way to get around it.

        Thanks again for everything and keep it coming!

  27. A says:

    Love your OTB thinking, Azam. If Stephanie was not your gatekeeper, I would have a better chance of getting access to you.:(

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear and Thanks for the feedback, Steph is not exactly
      a “gatekeeper”, after she got Obama on the phone I think she
      got a promotion…

      But is there something you’ve sent or I can help with right now?

      Creating an account and helping others can also get you
      answers quicker.

      Hope that helps – Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  28. Vegas Vince says:

    Azam Meo is the most twisted, kick ass marketer alive!


    I had that “catch phrase” indexed on Google in 12 minutes….to prove to someone I could do it that fast…and because I mean it!

    Has your shit worked for me? Brother….I’ve spent hours in the rabbit hole learning more just from your sales copy then most the garbage these so-called “gurus” charge for.

    I’ve researched and listened to every frigging audio and show you’ve ever done…and the fact is…..I’ve yet to see a better marketer alive today then you’se.

    Here’s inviting you to be a guest on Vegas Vince: Sales And Marketing Behind The 8-Ball…because the show will be devastating….and because I reference you in my own product….Barter Arbitrage.


    Thanks to a lot of techniques and “spin” I learned from studying you……

    I set the standard….with my blog talk radio show..and my product… which is now the top selling Barter Training product of all time….after only 3 months out!

    I took an industry that most peeps consider “chickens for goats”…and marketed barter to entrepreneurs….and made it work! I reference you through out the product…..because many of your techniques apply to any industry.

    It would be an honor to have you on my show……and while Vinnie don’t like much…and believe in even less…I can put my name and rubber stamp on Azam Meo….cuz he is the real friggin’ deal. Believe it!

    p.s. Don’t make me call Stephanie in order to book you for MY MARKETER OF THE YEAR SHOW….or she’ll end up making me spend a whole bunch of money I’m sure. lol

    Rock on bro. You are truly among the very best I’ve ever come across. Thanks for what you do.

    Vegas Vince


    • Azam says:

      Vegas Vince,

      Great to hear from you – and THAT’S what I’m talking about,
      putting this stuff in place and seeing a difference in your

      I *really* appreciate your feedback and support. Great
      headline too, for some reason it just stings with credibilty,
      ha ha.

      I’m really thrilled about your program, the name is great,
      the topic is awesome and the page itself looks great –
      nice use of the WSJ quote by the way.

      I’d love to do your show so hopefully we can connect
      and set that up.

      Honestly I don’t know how accurate your compliments
      are, but I’m thankful for them.

      We’ll talk more I’m sure – so Thanks for your support
      and feedback, it really makes a difference!

      – Azam

  29. Honey Jaks says:

    Today is my birthday and Azam, you’ve given me a great present! Thanks for sharing your valuable life/business experience for us to learn and grow with. Honey Jaks

    • Azam says:

      Honey Jaks,

      Great – and Happy Birthday – I’m glad this helped and ‘d love to hear
      you apply it and what kind of difference it makes…

      Thanks for sharing!

      – Azam

  30. Garrett Francis says:

    Dear Azam,

    99% of all college students don’t know who Azam Meo is.

    1 out of every 1000 college students has a degree in entrepreneurship.

    95% of all entrepreneurs

  31. Azam says:


    You’ve studied the Power Pitch material, that’s great – and
    of course I appreciate the feedback – Thanks.

    And Thanks for the undeserved compliments, it means a lot.

    I’m thrilled that you’re getting on the right track at your
    age and not getting seduced by the “norm”, and your
    parenthetical comments sting with honesty.

    I think with what you have in your head, it is just a matter
    of putting it in place, you have the Crash Course so you don’t
    need much more to make money happen. I would start by
    building your list and keeping in touch with every 7-10 days,
    I would also shift your focus and start working with companies
    and using the research skill you’ve displayed here for a licensing

    I’ll tell you what – do something with the AG article – something,
    anything – just get it moving and I’ll make a special episode that
    goes over a few ways students and the Team are making money
    in less than 24 hours from starting. I’ll do it just for you.

    How’s that?

    Love your energy man, and Thanks again for the support!

    – Azam

    • David says:

      Hi Azam, David here, I’ve heard much about you and have gone through some of your techniques and in a nutshell, they’re brilliant! Thanks for all the materials that you provide us with.

      I heard someone mentioning about your Crash Course and I’m interested in it, can you enlighten me as to where can I purchase it?

  32. Garrett_Franics says:

    Azam this speaks volume about your character. I will absolutely put this into action this week. Would love to see an article about your “24 hour team”. Thank you!

    • Azam says:


      I don’t know about this speaking highly about “character” but
      I appreciate it – and I look forward to hearing more about
      what you do…

      You’re going to do great –


  33. Diane R says:

    I didn’t read all the comments, but I have to echo many who said you’re the Bomb!! I have never seen such innovative ideas to be head and shoulders above the crowd. Amazing stuff.

    I am in the U.S. on vacation and hope to be able to implement some of this immediately. Thanks!

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you and thanks for the feedback, I think that
      going through the comments will also help you put things in
      place for your company – that dialog is the goal at least.

      Have a fun vacation, and Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  34. zachary0611 says:

    In the Pick Up Artist community they call what you talk about controlling the frame.

  35. derrickali says:

    Hey OZ!!!

    I am putting together Article Links for Headlines

    Check it out

    MangoFarmersSayNOTORecycling (Promote my Health Foods Clients)

    LadyGaGaEyeContactsDangerous (For My Lasik and Eyecare Clients)

    KiddiePornHitsFacebookAndTwitter (My Daycare Consulting Clients)

    JustinBieberSEXTapeDeathPlotHackers (Clothing Apparel Clients)

    IncreaseYourChancesOfBeingInAPlanCrashBy25% (Travel Clients)

    HoneyBeesDyingAffectsICECREAM (Ice Cream and Yogurt Clients)

    HOLYwarHairCuts (Barber and Hair Salon Clients)

    HighTechGamesToLOSEWEIGHT (Health and Fitness Clients)

    GetFamousOnFacebookGO2JAIL (Social Media Marketing Clients)

    FindWeirestTuitionScholarships (College Student Financine Clients)








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