A Website That Is Changing The World… yeah, seriously.

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"There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few we can solve by ourselves."

- Former U.S. President Lyndon Johnson

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."

- Thomas Watson, IBM chairman (not a student/client of mine)

"A business has to be involving, it has to be fun..."

- Sir Richard Branson

To change the world...

Not a small order, I'll admit that -

But I can confidently say that I'm about to share a site with you and...

This website is changing the world...

... one Badass at a time

I had this idea (kind of) for some time, but it wasn't until we started putting stuff here at AzamMeo.com and we saw the incredible feedback - after that I realized that we really need to move forward...

... and get something going -

I wasn't sure about this

But we spent some time and money and did some research about creating an online community -

I didn't want to just provide education - I wanted to include a support team, like a family...

... so this would NOT be "all about Azam" but something (to quote a Builder) of a -

Facebook for Business Bada**ery

So the idea was to put some of our Business Badass training together...

... share it with a few people who wanted to build Empires...

... and have a community of people trained with our stuff...

... buying and selling real estate and companies around the world...

But - (much) more importantly -

Everybody would have a community, a family that they were part of...

... something they could really sink their in teeth into...

... a group of people with similar goals all supporting each other...

A real family

That was the idea at least.

So, given my high expectations -

And all the feedback we got about people asking for something like this -

How'd it go?

Better than I ever thought,

Just in the first weeks the cash profits were over $200k and the potential/equity was over $1M...

... in less than a month.

But - the craziest part is...

That's not even the best part...

The real reward has come from the environment...

... the friendship...

... the supporting...

... the camaraderie...

... the incredible sharing...

... the overall Badassery.

It is something special.

Something I don't deserve.

So if you want to make friends, share your story and support others (proven to help you achieve ANY goal) while building your company...

This will change your life

This isn't for quitters, victims or whiners - "... hope this works..."?  It won't... and neither will you...

If you truly want to not just get rich buying and selling companies and real estate but -

If you want to make (better) friends...

Then you need to check this out...


Here's the special Episode about it:



To Download: Right Click On 'Download' And 'Save Target As'

Get the rest of the details here:


This is a passion project for me - and the whole Team - and -

I'm not making a PENNY from this...

How's that for transparency?

The community is incredible and it is based on this old (slightly modified) adage...

Feed a man a fish, feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.

Teach a man to teach others to fish, feed a village for life.

Enough of that -

And you've changed the World.

That's our goal, if you're sure you'd be an ASSET - check it out here:


It is awesome...

- Azam







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12 Responses to “A Website That Is Changing The World… yeah, seriously.”
  1. Katherine Flair says:

    I love hearing about the raid story, it is inspiring. I am already a member but will be sponsoring another in the next week or so, I just have to qualify them a little more. Thanks for everything you and the crew do. Katherine

  2. Vant says:

    Hi Azam This video won’t play for me, any ideas? It plays on the webuildempires site though? thx

  3. Ryan Lee says:

    Awesome stuff, I love the WBE community but maybe we should
    hold the horses on new members?

    You know whats best.. just thinking aloud. Its turning into a wild-west frontier lol

    ~ Ryan

  4. Kelly says:

    “Bill Gates just left” lol.

  5. Jenny and Curt Will Buy says:

    Azam and team,

    Whenever I watch any of your videos I can’t stop! I already saw this like 20 times and just watched it twice. I may even buy again lol!


  6. Will Taylor says:

    WBE is awesome, the best stuff you’ve put out.

  7. Martin Jentell says:

    Team Azam,

    You guys make being a “BADASS” sound so good lol.
    This video went a different route than usual but I like it and great
    job with the weight, you look better every time I see you!
    Thanks again for sending this out to the masses, we all love
    you and the team! MJ

  8. T says:


    Thank you sharing.


  9. Renter Fix says:

    I thought this was the same video I saw before but there was another video playing here I eagerly await the new episodes

  10. Curtis says:

    Been there, done that lol.

    Love the WBE community!!!

  11. Ibren says:

    Do you know this page is in the top 50,000 now? Kudos, you guys deserve it! – IB

  12. Chris Bright says:


    Great stuff!! WBE sounds amazing! I am very interested in the scholarship program. If I write a letter or do a video do I just post that here or is there someone i need to contact for that.

    Love your stuff!!

    Chris Bright

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