10 things you should (almost) never say… oh, and curing cancer too.

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"I'm willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong."

- Samuel Goldwyn, movie producer (the "G" in MGM)

"If the policy isn't hurting, it isn't working."

- John Major, former British prime minister

"A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship."

- John D. Rockefeller, student of Azam Meo

Can a single compliment cure cancer?

I don't know about that, but here's a story that makes me at least wonder...

... Since I was a child, I've had a strange rash on my eyes.  After countless visits to specialists and doctors with long-titles - all over America and abroad - almost nobody had an explanation, but...

... there has only been a small group of "skin guys" that have provided answers.

One of them

Is considered one of the best skin doctors in the world (he's treated former U.S. Presidents) and he's absolutely brilliant.  He is one of the only people who has ever explained (partially at least) my rash and the discoloring that sometimes happens...

... so whenever I go to see him, I'm in a better mood than normal -

He's an artist

And truly believes - along with his patients - that he has found his calling.

Getting an appointment with him usually involves a three to six month delay, you can see another doctor on his staff sooner - but getting him in person is a tough thing to do.

That's how it's been for over 10 years...

... he's a Baaad Man...

One day while waiting in his lobby

I was on my cell phone, going back and forth with my brokers - I was day trading at the time - and I was hardly paying any attention to the people around me...

... until I noticed an elderly woman in a wheelchair staring out of the window.

For some reason I put my trader-mind on hold and I started talking to her.

She looked sad for some reason.

She was reserved.

She told me she was waiting for her ride to come get her and they were always late.

As we were both waiting - her for the ride and me for the nurse to call me back - I tried to talking to her but she seemed kind of hesitant.  I could've gotten back to my calls and trading activities, but I was strangely challenged to make her open up to me....

... but getting her to openly talk had become a curious game...

... So when she told me she was 97 years old I faked surprise and told her she didn't look a day over 50...

She burst into laughter...

I got her -

She opened up.

Mission accomplished.

From then on we talked about everything from The Great Depression (you know... the first one) and the first time she heard about Hitler to her thoughts about the Internet, black people, global warming and marriage.

I learned a lot.

Eventually I was called back by the nurse.

Before I left her I called her ride to get an ETA, they said they were on the way but Ruby (that was her name) told me that's what they always said - so I promised her that if she was still waiting when I got back I'd give her a ride.

As long as she acknowledged and understood that I was taken and she promised not to try any funny business...

She loved that.

When I was done with my appointment she was gone.

That was around 2002.


... in 2008.

I went back for an update, I'd only been in a few times since meeting Ruby.

As soon as I walked up the window the receptionist's mouth dropped open -

"There you are!"

There I was...

... "Elle's been waiting for you."

I met Elle... again

I didn't remember her but she was one of the office managers and she explained how several years ago I came in and spoke with an old woman...

... I was so polite and interested in Ruby's stories (and flattering) that she wouldn't stop talking about me after I left...

... Elle overheard all of this and was so touched by it that she called her 80-year-old mother and began patching up their damaged relationship...

... and she made sure Ruby's ride was never late again.

Elle sent me a card

To thank me.

But the address they had was my sister's, and apparently my sister gave me the card but I never opened it, or listened to her about what it was - or something like that - either way I didn't get it.

So there in the office she took me to a desk and pulled out another card with a letter on the inside...

... the letter explained how moved she was by the interaction with Ruby and how much of a difference it made - Ruby felt nobody listened to her in old age - and the domino effect it had on Elle and her Mom.

She'd been waiting to give me that letter -

For over five years


So that was in 2008...

That alone is a great lesson, but I've never told you about it until now because of what happened next - if you don't think things happen for a reason, you're not paying attention...

... proof is everywhere.

Here's an example -

A few weeks ago

My uncle (one of the "Azam-is-a-piece-of-sh**" ones) developed a bizarre lump on his face...

... it wasn't painful...

... just really strange looking.

He went and got it checked out -

Got some medication for it - took it - got better -

- And that was the of that...

Until it came back

This was slightly concerning for everybody, not Defcon-5 - but it was just a strange thing that everybody wanted to get checked out...

He tried a few different things, spoke with some specialists, you know the dance...

... nothing fixed the problem.

He just so happened -

To be in town with his wife, and although they knew it was a long shot they called my doctor's office about scheduling an appointment - they only wanted to see the main doc - so they were given an appointment about four months out...

(what if you're dead by then?  Make sure you call and cancel)

After unsuccessfully arm-wrestling for an earlier date (he should've been using my stuff) he confirms one for months out...

... as he was providing his information...

... they realized who he is...

... not his credentials, net worth, academia, degrees, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH -

They found out something that - when he found this made a difference, forced him into an awkward Thank-You conversation with me - made all the difference that NOTHING else did...

He was my  uncle...

"Please hold."

Elle came and rearranged the schedule so he would be seen after-hours that day...

.... that day, that day - yes, that

Very same day

This has never happened to any of us, and when my - now Thankful - uncle asked they told him that this had happened less than five times in over 20 years...

... so this was a big deal.

How big?


A rushed ending -

The bump turned out to be a cancer, not cancerous - actual cancer.

This wasn't like the crazy cancer - not that there's a good one - like lung cancer or brain cancer, but it did a require a minor surgery...

... guess when that happened...

That day too...

So in one day he went from accepting an appointment months away and unknowingly allowing cancer to grow on his face in the meantime...

... to getting rid of the cancer...

In one day.

It all started with one compliment that warmed a woman's spirits...

Lesson: give more compliments.

If you're using my stuff you'll recognize that in our training compliments are a highly utilized form of Threat Reducers - and they are extremely important in gaining compliance...

Give more compliments to strangers...

Give more compliments to people you know...

Give more compliments and let me know what happens...

I'd love to hear it, and I know - as smart as you are - you'll do it today...

- Azam

Here are some examples of emails, comments, voicemails, faxes and other pieces of random feedback and success we've gotten, I'm intentionally not putting all their contact info here...

... I'll explain the idea behind this afterwards.

A lot to learn here...

Ten things you should (almost) never say when talking to a seller!

First of all when you have things in place there is no reason to speak with a seller for any reason, but if you are starting out - or just starting with my stuff - then I suggest that you do to get the dialog, timing and positioning skill set.

This is vital.

It is unbelievable, even shocking, what I hear real estate folks - even the smart ones - use in dialog.  Too many of them are so willing to sacrifice authority, lose profits and let solid deals slip away and much of this could be fixed with some simple dialog tweaks.

This will help you do that.

It will help you avoid becoming just another statistic.

Let's get started.

1.) "Hi my name is... and I'm with... do you have a moment?"

Study after study has shown that the beginning of a conversation is littered with the listener's interest.  Socially the most likely people to introduce themselves with 'Hi my name is' are salespeople, when a company is mentioned immediately afterwards this further cements the salesman image and interest dwindles.  About the only time this works is with massive authority; 'Hi my name is Azam and I'm with NBC and we're looking for contestants for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, do you have a moment?'

What To say:

'Hi, it's Azam, I'm calling about the home for sale?'  or 'Hi I'm Azam, I was calling about the sign?' or simply 'I'm calling about the home for sale?'  This subtle change suggests not only familiarity but it mirrors the behavior of your target's ideal prospect; an actual buyer.

2.) "Is that the best you can do?"

There is so much wrong with this, first of all now they are judging, not you.  You are genuinely asking a question without any supposition, leading or positioning.  You are also on the 'other' side of them, not BEside them.

What TO say:

'Okay, so if the price is below X, should I send these buyers to another house?'  or 'Okay, so if they want any more I should tell them that's the best we can do?'  Notice the word 'WE' as I bring myself to their side of the conversation - us against them.

Another better version 'Okay, so if the board (or the researchers) come back with anything less than X, should I even let you know?'

3.) "I'm a full-time real estate investor"

This is just asking for it.  You are likely to hear 'Well I called some of the other guys and they said...' comparing you to, and putting you in the same boat as, the 'other guys' dampens your chances of meaningful authority.  If you don't want to be compared to them, then... don't compare yourself to them.  Stop using the same word they use to describe themselves.  For example if you are teaching people how to invest in real estate, should you call yourself a 'Guru'?  That stereotype doesn't work in your favor, I suggest using stereotypes that do.

What TO say:

If somebody mentions that they spoke with 'another investor', you respond with: 'Well I work with investors, do you mean one of our consumer counselors has already spoke with you?  Oh, okay, you spoke with an investor, great - did you get their RF score?  No, really, okay but they explained how the PHSI works, right?'

Another example 'Oh you mean you spoke with an investor, great, did you catch his name or RF score?'

This is killer, and if you've gone through my stuff you know what we're doing here - Creating the Standard.  The above snippet of dialog is followed with an explanation of the Risk Factor (RF) of working with uncertified (by you) investors and the Pending Home Sales Index as a basic unit of comps.  So anybody who does NOT understand this shouldn't be taken seriously and can put the seller in jail.  Here's more:

'Ok, we partnered with Attorney General Smith (or whoever) to develop the top 10 questions that all sellers should ask an agent/investor/buyer in order to stay out of jail - if you want I may be able to email them to you...'

4.)  "With a cash offer, what would be the lowest price you'd be willing to accept today?"

When you hear this you should feel like John Goodman in one of my favorite movies The Big Lebowski as he screams at the kidnappers: "fu**ing amatuers!"

What TO say:

See #2, this is the same issue.

5.) "I buy houses, and I want to buy yours?"

This immediately puts you on on the opposite end of the seller's interests, any information disclosed will be highly guarded and perhaps even inaccurate.  It is not generally a good idea to start the conversation with this friction.

What TO say:

'I have 13 left over buyers (that don't want my house), so I'm looking for the best house to send them to, who do you recommend I contact?'  Either you get a recommendation or, more likely, they want the buyers sent to them - 'Oh, so you think your home would be the best, is that right?  I'm curious why do you say that?'  The interview has begun, now anytime there is friction or resistance in answering questions; 'Look Jack, as I explained I'm just looking for the best house to send these people to, maybe it's yours or maybe not, but if getting X from you is a problem, then maybe I should should send them to another house... what do you uh... what do you think?'

6.) "I can come look at the house today at 4."

There is almost no good reason to look at a house unless you're getting started, want to do rehabs yourself (usually a bad idea) or you want to live in it.  Your opinion doesn't matter since you'll be moving it to somebody else anyway - so get them looking at the place - not you.  For the most part I've found that people look at houses out of ego and the illusion that they're 'working'.  It feels good, psychologically, to have a full schedule of homes to look at that you may purchase.  It sounds good at dinner parties.

What TO say:

More importantly it is what to do - stay home.  'Okay, Jack so you want me to send your home out to our list of 31 buyers for you, is that right?  Alright, well based on the price, area and terms if your home is picked my agent/attorney/consumer counselor may arrange that for you - but I want to make sure you know that I'm not guaranteeing your home is going to be picked, okay?'  Roughly 70% of the time the immediate response is what a seller can do to make sure their home is picked.  This is a great time to get your paperwork back on time, get their best offer, etc.

7.) "Let's talk again tomorrow at 3."

Much like looking at houses, once you have this training down and Policized you shouldn't have to speak with anybody about anything - aside from you Team with training conference calls, but when you're starting out I recommend getting the pace down, the timing - the overall skill.  So if you are going to speak again, you want to avoid the problem nearly everybody has faced of playing phone tag - it is worse when you are the only one playing because you keep calling and leaving unreturned messages.  This item and #8 will help dramatically.

What TO say:

Give two times that don't work first.  An old line is 'What works better for you 2 or 3 PM tomorrow?' and that works well, but it is better when you add 'Okay, well tomorrow Noon doesn't work for me, and neither does anything after 7 PM, but I want to do this before they're all gone so um... how about... 3:30 or 5 PM - what looks better for you?'  Or 'Does that work better for you?'  I want to point something out - NEVER LIE about this, if you have a free schedule then just use two times that work.  Giving two times that don't should only be done if you actually have two times that don't, please don't even try and embellish things - be transparent - because this technique alone has increased compliance by over 100%.

8.) "Do you have an email address?"

Without proper framing this is like asking 'Can I send you spam?' and it usually results in investors thinking that 'nobody in my area has email addresses I guess'.  This is much like the high school joke about a man approaching a women and asking if she wants to go out for pizza and sex, after getting slapped he walks away mumbling 'I guess she doesn't like pizza...'

What TO say:

Framing is so important with my stuff, and if you're not using email - regardless of your business - you are way behind and losing at least as much money as you're making.  Even just changing the question to 'What's your email address?' is better.  But it is even better to frame with a desired, #3 is a great example, but here's a few more:

'Oh, so you haven't seen the homicide rates for the two areas, okay - what's your email address?'

'Great, so you want the 421 buyers to hear about this today, is that right?  Okay, I'll see what I can do after we have your LOI on file - what's your email address?'

'So you have not seen the Attorney General's consumer warning, what's your email address?'

'If we pick your home normally there's going to be crowd fighting each other, but to make sure nobody hurts in the stampede we have a disclosure that you need to see - you don't have to wait for it in the mail, your email address is...'

'I can try and get that to you today, I think we have your email address, do you have more than one?  So your email address is...'

Notice the two lines; 'What's your email address?' - and - 'Your email address is...' I usually the prefer the latter and this tapering off is powerful in dialog because it forces the party to complete your sentences with compliance.

9.) "Would you be willing to do a lease option?"

Just about anytime you are using the words 'would you be willing' you are not using my stuff.  The other problem here is mentioning is the word 'lease option' and this will generally maintain the interest of the 'Market of Awares' or people who are already looking into a lease option or terms sale - and people who are educated properly about it.  If they fit that criteria than they would have probably already mentioned that, but they don't so they didn't.  This is a really good way to lose interest and deals.

What TO say:

Mentioning the end result is often better than the term used to achieve it.  For example 'There are three groups of buyers, group one pays cash now, group two pays cash in a year or two and in the meantime they can make your mortgage payments if that's a problem and group three are investors that buy at discounts - which groups do you think are best for our situation?'  Generally group one is picked, now if group two is not selected this line has doubled and tripled compliance and conversion rates:

'Okay, so with group two no matter what they want to put down or how much they want to pay a month - no matter how much money you'd make, you want them sent to another house, is that right?'

'You know, if you're home is picked I may be able to see what the best offers are from each of those two and we can take a look at them, that way you don't miss out...?'  (tapering off)

This can be combined with them making their offer to you.

10.) "Anything!"

Probably the biggest mistake I see people in 'real estate' making is thinking that they're 'in real estate' - they're not, you're not.  We're in business.  For most of us the only other alternative to making this work is getting a job.  So the skill set of building a business is totally different than the skill set of making money in 'real estate'. 

What TO say:

Ideally, nothing.

You want to have Policies, training and your highly trained Team in place to help you build a business and turn into an Empire.  Your team should be trained with dialog and held accountable, I often hear people say that they want to be in real estate full-time.  Really?  Really?  Or do they want to a full-time income - not the same thing.

You're either trained and you know what you're doing, or you're just guess.

I have a test that'll help you determine what kind of company I train people to build.

Do you have what it takes to go from zero to $50+ million?

The test is here:


Some final words...

About dialog -

You want to be the judge, not the judged.

You want to be the selector, not the selected.

You don't make offers, offers are made to you.

You don't fight for approval, your approval is fought for.

You don't need motivated sellers, you want sellers motivated to work with you.

Almost nobody knows how to do this...

... so your top priority should be to find someone who does...

... or train and spend much more than "Azam's expensive training" to get there yourself...

Alright, lastly -

I know I keep putting this off...
... yes it IS coming -

Badassery on the Horizon...

Soon - really soon - we're going to do something that I think'll be really cool...

… so many people have been asking me about setting a group, a community - a network of Business Badasses that can team up, learn together, push each other, etc.

And the ONLY place for anything like - and actually a whole lot more - is the Alliance Project, but I know not everybody will make it through the application process...

… so I'm going to be testing a little experiment.

Very soon you'll see -

A vehicle where you can plug yourself into a special group, become a leader and actually start buying and selling companies and real estate the way we talk about…

… it won't be for everybody, but I'm really excited about this because the ONLY people who'll be around are going to be CRAZY about their ambitions and making sh** happen…

… that's the idea at least, and maybe it'll go down as one of my not-so-ideal projects -

But I doubt it.

I think it'll change everything that we do, and leave us with something that'll outlive us all - a project we can all believe in, and I'm basing it on the human spirit and the Honor System...

… I know that may sound weird, but you'll see what I mean soon enough.

It is something people have been BEGGING us for - for years - but I was never really that crazy about setting it all up, but after seeing how much support, love and Badassery so many people around the world have illustrated…

… It was more than enough to push me into making this happen for you.

You'll get details -

Soon, for now, just keep in mind that if you're like the others here that really want to be a part of a community of business builders that use our stuff and the creative approaches we teach/train -

If you're wanting to a part of something bigger than yourself where your contribution is not only valued, but required to bring your vision - and the visions of others - to life…

A way to move yourself and others past blocks in potential - and injecting a strong(er) refusal to settle for less in your mental attitude…

If you're itching for that chance to showcase your ambitions in a way you've never done before, to not just "make money" but to actually - as silly as it may sound - actually HELP PEOPLE and make a bloody fortune doing...

… and to be around others who support you and don't expect apologies for your aspirations…

If you're wanting to leverage skill and Badassery - instead of credit, money and "twitter-type" stuff - to start building your Empire the SMART way...

… throwing on real estate, companies and other projects as you add to the snowballing avalanche as it grows out of control…

Then sit tight...

In a few days we'll be building Empires together.

Thanks for everything.

- Azam


I want to hear from you - we all do.

There is so much behind-the-scenes work that goes into the Episodes, the research, the studies - all the work that is done here and one of the highlights is sharing it with you.

Passively absorbing will not do much for anybody, including yourself.  So please make sure to let me, our Team and others around the world know about your successes with this material.

I want to make a majority of these updates based on success stories from you and others like you.

I'd love your help in making that happen.

So please call, email, fax, mail or comment.  I make sure everything gets to me.

- Azam







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100 Responses to “10 things you should (almost) never say… oh, and curing cancer too.”
  1. Brenda T. says:

    I love it Azam! I’m calling my Mom right now!

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, glad it helped –

      Please tell your Mom I said Hi…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  2. Carla Port says:

    The first article is missing? This one rocks!

    • Azam says:


      Glad you like, I’m not sure what’s going with the other but
      it should be fixed soon…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  3. Henry says:

    Team Oz,

    I like the vids but these articles are quick reads and you guys have the gift of gab. You keep promising the community, but it isn’t here yet so in the meantime I’ll give more compliments!

    Henry Quartz

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear – and I’d love to hear more about how
      the compliments, you can even test them on me, ha ha.

      About the community, it is coming… I promise.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  4. Dr. Peter Nomel says:


    I study your material constantly, this is one of the best educations on “Meo Method Dialog” that you’ve released. I saw it before when you sent it out a few months ago but it ages as well as you LOL.

    Question: How does the Empire IQ translate to fresh start-ups? I’m trying to replace my income with real estate investments so I don’t have the necessary income to pay for the staff yet.

    Thanking you,

    Dr. Peter Nomel

    • Azam says:

      Dr. P-Diddy,

      Good to hear and glad this helped, it has been a while
      since we connected… hope all is well with the practice.

      About the Empire IQ I think it is several TIMES more
      important to people just starting than to existing companies
      because building a solid base is easier than fixing quicksand,
      you know?

      About the hiring – in a little but I think you’ll get the answers
      you want, I’ll make sure you hear about it, alright?

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

    • Derrick Relle says:

      Dr. Peter,

      Have you tried Reverse Hiring?

      From what I understand that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

      D Relle

      • Azam says:


        There’s some brilliance in that question… just what the doctor
        ordered, uh? I love it.

        Good stuff, and we’ll be going over soon as well.

        – Azam

  5. Derrick Relle says:

    Yo Azam,

    This article proves that you’re as good as everybody says. To anybody talking shit about won’t work in your area, I sent out over 5,000 postcards for leads and did very well, we also do TV spots and crush it but ALL of those methods were TRIZUMPED by picking up the phone and using A-to-da-Z’s badassery. Am I saying you should quit everything and cold call all day long? Of course not, but instead of paying for mailings you can pay for Badasses!

    Awesome stuff Azam, I still can’t believe you give this away!

    D Relle

    • Azam says:


      Colorful words, and great stuff – awesome to see you
      moving more towards Badassery…

      I’d love to hear more on your numbers as well…

      Great stuff and Thanks for sharing.

      – Azam

  6. KC says:


    I didn’t want to use my initials but everybody here knows who I am lol! Very touching story, and this week you’re going to get a Badass Update from me FIVE THOUSAND WEEK!!!

    Love you Man.

    ~ KC

    • Azam says:


      I’m holding you to that – great to hear from you
      as always, and we’ll keep an eye out for your

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  7. Vegas Vince says:

    Thank U , Azam.

    4 bringing back some memories.

    1. When I think of “old people” who lived life…….like they some how they forgot one day they were gonna die …. I remind myself of my grandmother who at 89 years old…… sat on the couch with a stiff bourbon and coke…..and a pack of Pall Mall non filter smokes….

    Yet her mind was sharp as a tack at nearly 90…..and she loved to show off…..as we’d watch her game shows together…..

    And she could kick my ass on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune…..and she could crush those TOUGH cross word puzzles….I mean the cross word puzzles that cause normal peeps to have “seizures.”

    My grandma drank a lot…..smoked two packs a day……and pissed off the doctors who never found anything wrong with her…..despite their best efforts to find “something wrong with her.”

    She out lived a life time of “doctors.” lol. True.

    At least 3 that I know of. She rather enjoyed that I think.

    How ironic. …..that those who “live” life….often out live the ones who “exist” .

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least anymore….as I’ve seen people literally talk themselves into the graveyard with nothing wrong with them…..while others….defy medical logic….and live forever it seems….with bodies that should have shot snake eyes years ago.

    The strength of the human spirit is rather remarkable when you think about it.

    The late great comic Richard Pryor once said………”Ain’t know such thing as an old fool……you don’t get to be old being no fool….but there’s are a lotta smart young people….deader then a motherfuxxer…..” . True.

    OK……as usual…..spot on with the dialogue …..

    1. “Hi…this is….” Nobody gives a shit who you are…..unless you’re telling them they won the lotto and where come pick it up.

    2.” Is that the best you can do?” “Yeah…..in fact….I’m gonna raise my price on your sorry ass….cuz it appears you’re not the bad ass you thought you were…. or you wouldn’t ask me such a weak question.

    3. I’m a full time real estate investor: (Great……thanks for rubbing that in my face….my house is about to get foreclosed on ….and my wife is hooking at the local strip club….so I appreciate you raising my self esteem…Mr. Donald Trump etc. )

    4. I buy houses….want to buy yours. ( Yeah….so did the last guy 200 guys who called me …….(aint got a penny yet)……and you sound just like ’em……and aint nobody wants to buy my house in this neighborhood so stop with the bullshit.!)



    I said it in a prior blog…….the heart surgeon is a specialist….he doesn’t have to chase, beg, or loot clients….they come to him or her.

    They do what he tells them to do. He trains them…..not the other way around.

    They do NOT question him either. They don’t price shop…..and they often wait in long lines……..etc etc. That’s a bad ass…..! THAT’S THE FRIGGING RAIN MAKER, PEOPLE!

    You said it yourself OZ: RE YOUR DOC………AND I QUOTE:

    ” He’s an artist

    And truly believes – along with his patients – that he has found his calling.

    Getting an appointment with him usually involves a three to six month delay, you can see another doctor on his staff sooner – but getting him in person is a tough thing to do.

    That’s how it’s been for over 10 years…”


    The more they “want it” the more they are willing to pay for it. That’s Gordan Gecco Wall Street stuff…and he was right.

    A specialist…….is a bad ass. They’re so good …….you might even die before getting an appointment with THEM….and yet you are willing to do so! That’s bad assery.

    That’s called positioning. Even if you aint got a pot to piss in….you would all be well served understanding and implementing that strategy……..because desperation….repels it doesn’t attract.

    Azam’s guy is a specialist…….and I know for sure he’s banking more bling……then the dude who takes patients 24/7.

    That’s the difference. Scarcity….and specialization is a bitch to find…..and when you do….you are gonna wait for it….and when you finally get the appointment…you better have deep pockets. Capiche.

    When you become the only game in town……you command respect….and are paid accordingly. That’s as it should be.

    Wanna be a nice guy? Wanna give the world away? Yeah…..you’ll be loved…….but not respected…..and sure not paid what you are worth.

    People who give away the world……do so because they often don’t respect themselves….so they try and buy it through altruism.

    If you deep down don’t respect yourself…….don’t expect your clients to respect u either……and sure as hell don’t expect to get paid well…..because you’re a dime a dozen.

    “I have clients who pay me a million dollars a year for consulting…..and some how they think that entitles them to call me 24/7…..or entitles them to get a return phone call 5 minutes later…..” _____Dan Kennedy….marketing legend.

    Guys like Dan and Azam Meo…..don’t compete….they don’t have to. That’s the difference.

    The compliance dialogue Azam lays out can be applied to getting a date……or doing a deal. Stop begging people……..position yourself…….as the guy with the offer they can’t refuse…….and the rest becomes easy.

    xxx Vegas Vince

    • Ryan says:

      Hey Vince,

      Always fun reading your s***. I still don’t get one thing from the last discussion about specialization, in your examples and Azam’s above with the doctor, doesn’t his demand make it impossible to practice Meo Method? Let’s assume he was a lender for example, the Lender Agent Model would rely on him doing all the work, wouldn’t it? Last summer I spoke with Millie when I was buying deals from you guys and I thought she was just a “phone gal” but after speaking with her for hours over the past year I must say that I’m very impressed.

      She does the deals, knows the dialog, isn’t faking it, is a badass, gets compliance, basically everything Azam teaches so even though I would call Azam the artist he isn’t the only one. Doesn’t that then mean that the heart guy, skin doctor, etc. have limited potential?

      I go back and forth with this, and Vince brought up Millie so I used her, but I chatted with Stephanie and Sunny as well and they are well versed with everything too. They may not be as good as Azam, but who would notice? Only people that knew Azam, and since he is so hard to reach how many people would that be? So isn’t it better to train artists then be one? But how would you train them if you aren’t an artist yourself? I would love for Stephanie or Millie or Sunny or even Azam to work for me and grow my company but how the hell would I do that?

      Become the artist, right? Well, then the questions start over, do you see what I’m saying?

      I know I may not sound very badass right now but I AM NOT COMPLAINING, I’m just asking for the formula.

      Azam I love everything you do!

      – Ryan

      • Vegas Vince says:

        Yo Ryan: thanks…..for the props…..and let me see if I can give u my spin so it makes more sense.

        1. Here’s Azam’s quote verbatim: re this certain doctor.

        Is considered one of the best skin doctors in the world (he’s treated former U.S. Presidents) and he’s absolutely brilliant. He is one of the only people who has ever explained (partially at least) my rash and the discoloring that sometimes happens…

        … so whenever I go to see him, I’m in a better mood than normal –

        He’s an artist

        And truly believes – along with his patients – that he has found his calling.

        Getting an appointment with him usually involves a three to six month delay, you can see another doctor on his staff sooner – but getting him in person is a tough thing to do.

        That’s how it’s been for over 10 years…

        … he’s a Baaad Man…

        OK……..now on to your quotes….and my replies to each:

        1. “I still don’t get one thing from the last discussion about specialization, in your examples and Azam’s above with the doctor, doesn’t his demand make it impossible to practice Meo Method? ”


        Think about it.


        IF THAT AINT BAD ASSERY AT IT’S FINEST…..I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. What would u advise him to do differently????


        His “demand”…VALIDATES THE MEO METHOD…..by proving that when you position yourself as the best of the best….the only game in town……the world is willing to wait…and they are willing to pay top dollar….AFTER BEATING DOWN YOUR DOOR. Period.

        2. “Doesn’t that then mean that the heart guy, skin doctor, etc. have limited potential?

        NO! Limited potential? This doctor has a waiting list so long you could wrap it around New York City. He has UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

        3. “So isn’t it better to train artists then be one? But how would you train them if you aren’t an artist yourself?”

        NO! And u answered your own questions as to why. Those who talk the talk and don’t walk the walk are frauds……the Meo Method aint got nothing to do with that. You can’t teach art if you can’t paint, bro. But you can sell art even if u can’t draw a straight line……see the difference?

        Click this link…….and take 3 minutes to understand the difference between a “teacher” and a “player”.


        Higher learning establishments are filled with Professors who “teach” business……..but never had the balls to do any business.

        The characters in the clip above is living proof art imitates life…….and this guy “teaching”… was a pipe smoker who “taught” theory….to a student who was a millionaire times 10.

        Think this isn’t the way it is in real life? Ask Azam his opinion on the clip above…it’s funny….but it’s very true.

        4. “I would love for Stephanie or Millie or Sunny or even Azam to work for me and grow my company but how the hell would I do that?”

        Same way you score a date with a hot chick……..ASK.

        If that doesn’t work…..figure out what the issue is…..and make sure you are providing Team Azam VALUE rather then what amounts to a hand out request.

        Truth is….I’ve studied Azam for two years….I’ve dug up more shit on this guy then anyone on the planet……I took bits and pieces from old shows, and press clippings, and copy……and put it together on my own. I have stuff he’s probably forgotten about……just from searching.


        The reason YOU want Azam and Team so MUCH…..is the very same reason….people line up and wait months to see a certain doctor of his…capiche!

        Nobody….lines up for a generalist, peeps. Nobody stands in long lines for the same “song and dance” routine…..and we sure aint gonna pay for it are we?

        If Azam was available to you 24/7……how many of you would take him seriously?

        Think about it. The Meo Method is crystal clear to me….and it works. It’s brilliant even if Oz wants to play the humble card…..the shit is brilliant…for real.

        We all want to score what we can’t have…….and that’s brilliant marketing….so USE IT…and implement it….for your own business.

        Don’t ever beg, or grovel to your customers…..train them to do what u want them to do.

        Position yourself like Studio 54 back in the 70’s…….a famous NY Disco so popular…because they didn’t let every tom, dick and harry in their club. They excluded more people then they included under the big disco ball.

        That was by DESIGN. That was bad ass marketing…and few even “get it.”

        We all want the best of the best……but if it was that easy……we wouldn’t appreciate it….much less value it….would we?


        In the end…it boils down to selling shit people WANT……or providing SOLUTIONS they are willing to pay for. Same thing. Hard to go broke with that model…..especially if you leverage it like a pork belly contract.

        Azam Meo don’t owe me or nobody on this site….shit. He’s got more bling then he can spend…..and the fact he’s even screwing around with a free blog speaks volumes about the man’s character.

        Revel in it peeps….appreciate and value it….because one idea can liberate you…for real.

        Ryan….you’se are gonna be just fine. For the simple fact you’re in this house right now. That tells me you’re way ahead of the rest of the world, bro. Rock Frigging On.

        xxx Vegas Vince

        p.s. Yo Millie…..I might cold call u one day 4 a DATE…..or to refinance some apartment you don’t own….just to see if I can close ya! :)

        • Azam says:


          I hear you – and I made a longer reply to this, so hopefully it
          made sense –

          – Azam

      • Azam says:


        Great to hear from you and looks like you’ve done your homework.

        Thanks for the feedback on the Team by the way, I really don’t
        deserve them and yes they are incredible. I see what you’re saying
        about the limited potential and to a degree I think that is correct.

        There are ways to combat that, like developing his own approach
        or technique that requires training, a certificate, etc. but to answer
        your main question about the artist – in my experience that is one
        of the big secrets.

        I recommend doing whatever it takes to become the artist, most
        people do this backwards (they pick something to do and then try
        and do it well) and that’s why they quit, notice all the “hard work”
        and end up failing – because they aren’t in love, they have little to
        no passion.

        I love this quote:

        “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

        We’ve modified it:

        “What would you attempt to do if you knew you WOULD fail?”

        Just getting crazy, falling love – that’s what I have seen develop that artistic touch.

        We use the term in the training as well; Become the Artist.

        So I would start with what you absolutely LOVE (or figure that out) and most people
        will not do this because they don’t think they can make money, which is why getting into
        RE, business, etc. to finance your passion can make sense – but only to finance what
        you are SUPPOSED to be doing…

        Much longer response than I thought, hopefully that makes sense.

        Being the artist, attracts artists because only people as crazy as you will last… at least
        that’s the way you’d want it.

        Hope that helps.

        Thanks again for the support!

        – Azam

    • Azam says:


      Great stuff – I don’t know if I agree with your assessment of me but…

      You make some good points.

      I just wrote a longer response above that I explains my position but
      I here are some other methods we operate with –

      Being the specialist isn’t as profitable as HIRING the specialist.

      A specialist can teach their technique and use their approval to Create the Standard in an industry.

      Becoming the artist is all a matter of passion – not skill but talent.

      It is why Michael Jackson danced for 15-20 hours a day during Thriller – if talent was enough than
      why all the hard work? The artist doesn’t feel like they have a choice.

      I recommend becoming that artist.

      Just my thoughts –

      Good Stuff Guys.

      – Azam

      • Vegas Vince says:

        Azam: thank you for the response…..and I agree.

        I mentioned in the prior blog that my “specialty” was having a data base of “specialists” in enough categories as to solve almost any problem…..including the ones I can’t solve my self. I have them on speed dial……..

        Sorta like your favorite former Hollywood Madame Hedi Flies………who specialized in providing pleasure for the rich and famous……big players with big dollars.



        Madame HF……never had to get on HER back…..because she didn’t HAVE TO.

        Her “girls” did the dirty work…..and Miss Hedi got rather wealthy simply by referring “business.”

        Miss Madame…..and her parrots LIVED THE HIGH LIFE….based on her ability to LEVERAGE THE ASS-ETTETES of others!

        To me being an artist is the way to go if it’s based in reality…..and you don’t end up a starving artist as I’ve met plenty of those.

        I can’t draw a straight line…..but sold tens of thousands of dollars in art over the years….simply because I could recognize a talented “starving artist” who couldn’t market for shit………much less sell.

        I could…and did.

        I was the artist…….in that scenario…….because I used the money to go out and enjoy life.

        I can’t dance like Michael Jackson did…..or play Purple Rain in the actual rain like Prince did in the super bowl where I swear to God it rained the second he played that song——but then again…..I probably wont ever jump high enough to dunk a basket ball like Jordan did back in the day either.

        Those guys practiced……not just to improve their “skill”……they did it because that was their passion.

        My passion isn’t ugly signs….they are just the means to the end….which if the ability to finance the stuff in life I DO WANT TO DO.

        My point is simple: if you don’t have the talent or desire for a certain skill……go out and create a relationship with someone who DOES. Leverage off their passion…and artistry.

        I can’t do much “well”. But there is little I can’t ACCOMPLISH.

        Sounds like a contradiction….but it’s not. It’s LEVERAGE.

        xxx Vegas Vince


  8. Vegas Vince says:

    Absolutely positively…….the one clip the proves there are those who “teach” and those who “do it.”

    Gotten so much response on this one….figured I’d share it here.

    Some of you will “get it”…….and this is still funny years later……and still “true”.

    This is what happens when a millionaire decides to go back to college and get taught “theory.”



    xxx Vegas Vince


    p.s. Your last chance to check out the notorious Azam Meo bare and bad ass bandit sign mirage! As Vinnie puts the “fine” in “bad ass”. Click below….and remember…..if you do it like a bad ass….the girls will UNDRESS.


    • Chuck Ford says:

      Love the pic, is that your gf? Great stuff Azam

      • Vegas Vince says:

        Actually, the x girlfriend.

        Left me and married a Lexus dealer. Got divorced two years later….and returned to Vinnie Land. They all come back.

        Love her death…but hard headed and hard assed and 100% Italian…so we often had communication issues. lol.

        Better the second time around. We see each other once a week…..and keep the peace.

        xxx Vegas Vince

      • Azam says:


        Ha ha, yeah Vince is crazy…

        Thanks for the support and feedback!

        – Azam

    • Azam says:


      Rodney D was classic, I’ve always remember how he clears the lines
      by using the sign in front of the limo – what a headline, right?

      That picture… man you are crazy Vince…

      Always good hearing from you –

      – Azam

  9. Neal says:


    Terrific examples of compliments and their use in gaining compliance. I just love saying that.

    My success story: I have been using the “AG Model” from a few weeks ago and haven’t closed a deal yet but for the first time we have nine closings schedule this month which is about $50,000. I let everybody know how it goes. Specialization confuses me too Ryan.

    Azam I’m eager to be part of the community site Millie told me about!

    Neal Kissen

    • Azam says:


      Great news – $50k – that’s awesome!

      I’d love to hear how that’s coming and the status on that and also
      how exactly you used the AG Model. I just wrote a long response to
      Ryan about the specialization that hopefully helps as well –

      Looking forward to the update.

      Thanks again for the support and feedback!

      – Azam

  10. Harvey says:

    Oz – want to know how I sold more TOWELS in two weeks than all year?


    – Harvey

    • Azam says:

      Mr. Dent,

      Great to hear from you, and what a headline… I mean question –

      Yeah that’d be great to hear, please share –

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  11. Blair says:


    I think this is your best post yet.

    It came up, got zapped and came back up again though so I
    did have some problems getting it.

    Love it now that I can see it!

    Thanking you,

    Blair Noram

    • Azam says:


      Yeah, that’s weird – great to hear from you by the way – and
      glad you can see it right now and I’d love to hear how you
      put this in place.

      Thanks again for the support.

      – Azam

  12. Vegas Vince says:

    Happy 4th peeps.

    And remember….the 4th of July weekend…… is one of the busiest “traffic” days of the year……

    Just caught a clip in Friday’s USA today about that…..and it reminded me….the everyone should have their ugly signs out in full force……because people will be on the road today and tomorrow….and in many places traffic will move slower then normal speed…..not to mention a whole hell of a lot of people stuck in traffic jams.

    Been there done that. Exploit it!

    Make sure they see YOUR OFFER!


    Vegas Vince

    • Azam says:


      Thanks for that – Happy Fourth to you and yours as well.

      Great studying on traffic…

      And Thanks as always for the support and feedback!

      – Azam

      • Vegas Vince says:

        Thank U, Oz….and I responded above re: the specialization thing.

        I know you and I both have utilized Churches and Non Profits Organizations in different ways……and here’s an AP article on the front page of my Sunday paper.

        The headline reads as follows…..as I trust most of you are smart enough to figure out at least 27 ideas of this alone……


        By Jay Reeves Associated Press.

        Another story from last week went like this: Florida Condo Prices Plunging….Local Business Owners who rely on tourism….devastated etc etc.

        Now I’m not the brightest guy in the world…..but if anybody doesn’t see opportunities with this oil spill…..there’s a problem.


        xxx Vegas Vince


        • Azam says:


          Brilliant, that’s what we’re talking about.

          I need to be putting more articles out…

          Good stuff and Thanks for sharing.

          – Azam

  13. Todd says:

    Fellow badasses: could someone hook me up with the AG article…I never saved it in my *Billion$$” file; I need it for review & finetuning.

    Thanks in advance-

    • Ashlee Kamps says:


      I found it last week and copied and pasted to my computer because stuff on this site comes and goes down so fast. Azam I don’t know if that is part of the marketing or not but the community thing everybody keeps talking about won’t be like that right? By the way Todd are you part of that or you can you send me a link where I can sign up for it? The title of that AG article was Badass Update and I think it was the first one on here. Thanks guys! ~ Ash

      • Mary Grant says:

        Here’s the page:


      • Azam says:


        I hear you – I just replied to Todd below so hopefully you’ve
        got it now – the community is COMING I PROMISE – I’ll let
        you know more in the next few days as the page comes
        together. We’re in testing right now.

        In the meantime I’d love to hear how you’re using this stuff…

        Thanks as always for the support!

        – Azam

    • Azam says:


      Yeah… sorry about that, we should have that page back up on
      the main page soon – but I think some others have dug it up
      if you scroll to the top of this page it is on the right under the
      Badass Update link – just not on the main page.

      Hope that helps – Thanks as always for the support!

      – Azam

  14. Holly Creme says:

    Great stuff Azam, I’ve been using this word for word and I have more houses and ‘compliance’ than ever. You really are ingenious with your training.

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear, and Thanks for the feedback – I wonder where
      your numbers are coming in at, love if you’d share…

      Thanks as always for the support and feedback!

      – Azam

  15. Vegas Vince says:


    Damn……let’s get this house jumpin’ again……and thanks to Team Azam Millie for questioning whether Vinnie here was going “conservative” in my bad assery……..and the answer is NO.

    So in order to breath some offensive light back in this joint…..here’s the latest in Fine Ass , Bad Ass Signs….live from Vinnie Land.

    Hmmmmm? Legndary.

    xxx Vegas Vince


    • Azam says:


      Millie showed me the email…

      You are *crazy* man, totally nuts.

      For the record – I NEVER questioned or accused you of being
      conservative… man Vince, I guarantee I’m going to hear about

      – Azam

    • Azam says:


      Your name is highlighted on my end, so that means something happened,
      I’m not sure what – but I want to make sure you’re cool so please let me
      know if something of yours was taken down…

      I may have not replied properly or done something weird (I don’t know
      how to modify anything her on purpose) but nobody’s trying to shut
      you up or anything…

      Capiche? (do you’se get it?)

      – Azam

      • Vegas Vince says:

        Yo Oz…..did U just say……. “you’se” and “capiche.”???


        Not sure what my name being HIGHLIGHTED ON YOUR END means……but all is good in Vinny Land.

        The “conservative” thing is an inside joke….you’ll have to ask your girl Millie about that……. :) FYI….Millie rocks.

        Anyway……I got some cool stuff to share later tonight after I get some free time….bad ass tips, techniques, you’se peeps can utilize including some sign ideas I’m using effectively aka….offline CPA ideas I’m using…and ways to create a certain sign that will cause seizures. Cool stuff.

        Anyway….just to prove Vinnie aint gone “conservative”…..Miss MILLIE EXT. 2…………Lol…..here ya go:

        I filmed a genuine adult film star buying a real crack house…..and this video is epic……and I even posted the pic of her standing in front of the crib…..with YOUR SIGN, bro. As always….Vinnie includes the “proof element”…..so here you’se go:

        (adults only please) (SafeGuard)

        Anyway, next week will show her FLIPPING HER FIRST CRACK HOUSE including the ugly sign nailed to the light pole in a town called Deliverance, Florida…. where when you and your wife get divorced….you are still…… legally— brother and sister.

        Ever seen the movie Wrong Turn? Well….they filmed it in this frigging house……!

        Only one problem…. ….lost my connection gimmick (Sony to Computer gizmo)…so I’m trying to figure out how to connect this Sony Handy Cam that requires the 3 plugs into my computer…which is probably not gonna happen as they don’t sell them anymore….gotta order it…….unless I can get one of my tech dudes to transfer the content off my high 8 cassette. Ugggg…I hate technology.

        Anyway……the “compliance dialogue” used to purchase this beauty……is pure content rich GOLD. Other then the pentagon moderator chick who you probably outsourced from some communist country…..it’s all good. :)

        So Brother Azam…..Vinnie isn’t as sensitive as they’re leading you’se 2 believe….all is good….all is better then good.

        Livin’ the dream…..hope everyone else is too.

        Vegas Vince

        • Vegas Vince says:

          P.S. Response 2 U posted above this one…. Mighty Oz…..but: it’s “awaiting moderation.” LOL. So you’ll have to catch it when it passes criteria….:)

          Hope all is well….as well it should be.

          Peace, Vegas Vince

          • Azam says:


            I don’t know anything about the moderation waiting stuff, I know
            it happens to me sometimes but I don’t think it is *you* but based
            on the volume or certain words that are used – make sense?

            – Azam

        • Azam says:


          I hear you… I see there were some issues, I’ll look into that
          right now but I’d love to hear you CD (Compliance Dialog)…

          Thanks as always for sharing and the support!

          – Azam

  16. Garrett_Francis says:

    Dear Azam,

    You have given me everything I could ever ask for when it comes to specific knowledge to create a streamlined business. Everyone says your for rent model was ingenious, and it was, but your lender/agent model is just bloody brilliant. Every investor always has cash flow problems and is constantly chasing deals, and this one model totally eliminates those problems. Why chase deals when I can have people qualify my clients and tell me what type of deal I need to look for? All I have to do set up some relationships, put out new marketing mediums consistently and wait for the money to come in. That doesn’t even include leveraging the unqualified buyers list.

    I could literally discard 80% of the clients that come into my funnel and still make over $20,000 per month (I’ll be wayyyyy above that next month). This is so stinking simple that I pity the people that don’t give your model a try. I gotta give a lot of shit to people that keep pestering me about dialog. Dialog is by all means a fantastic tool to have when creating relationships, but the value and offer you present is 10x more important than how you say it. Most everyone needs to learn the concept of giving value, rather than how to tiptoe around people. Most people use dialog as an excuse as to why they aren’t getting offers accepted, but its their offer itself that sucks. The best dialog is a byproduct of what you can offer to the opposing party. If you’re getting shut down don’t look at your dialog, look at what you’re offering them. Focus on giving excessive value to another party (that includes giving parties exactly what they need AND structuring offers on how you are going to get paid)

    For example, look at mortgage brokers/lenders… Where do most of their leads come from? Agents, and not only do they get leads from agents, they get them for free. Now, knowing this one piece of information, do you think a lender is more likely to pay some random guy that CALLED HIM an upfront fee of X amount or is he going to be more open to taking a back end offer where he doesn’t have to pay upfront? Obviously the second option. Why? Because there is more value to him there. He’s been training in calm seas and has this notion that, “Well, I’ve never paid for leads in the past and I got business, so why should I pay for them now?” There are a bunch of dumb ass people in business, but rather than bitch about it, use this to your advantage. He doesn’t pay for leads upfront, so why in the hell would you try to get money upfront? Structure an offer that doesn’t push them out of their highly structured worlds. He’s stuck in Sissy Land and in Sissy Land, they use traditional methods, not creative ones. So use that to your advantage. The key is to structure an offer that mimics what Sissies are used to. I like to call these offers MEO Offers (Monetized Equity Opportunity Offers). Please don’t respond positively about that last sentence because it doesn’t make any sense and I totally made that up.

    Hope this helps people out, because its made an impact on my business. Next step for me is to completely automate this and move on to bigger and better things. Cheers Azam, you are my mentor and one of the most influential people I’ve had in my life and you’ve truly revolutionized my paradigm of reality. Your narrowed focus on the actions that actually matter in a business has really stimulated how business should be run.

    • Azam says:


      Brilliant stuff, and great to hear…

      I’m not sure where to even start – but I see exactly what you’re saying
      about the “calm seas’ and that analogy is applicable to so many companies
      that are “hurting”.

      The dialog is a vital part of this, I think what you’re seeing is the importance
      of taking action and how that boldness will overshadow most obstacles.

      So 20k a month is becoming chump change, uh? That’s what I’m talking
      about, and Thanks for sharing the lessons you are learning – it is great to
      see your progress.

      We’ll have a new Episode up shortly and I’d love to hear what your
      thoughts on it –

      Great stuff – Thanks as always for sharing and the support!

      – Azam

    • Vegas Vince says:

      You nailed it G.

      Anyone of you’se…… who has ever had to “sell” anything in order to eat….or pay the rent….. understands that the greatest pitch in the world seldom overcomes an OFFER that is basically a pig in a blue dress.

      Conversely….a shitty pitch offering a glass of water to some poor dude stuck in the desert for $100 bucks……is trumped by the OFFER…and the sale is made rather easily.


      You understood value and positioning…..aka…..you had some poor thirsty bastard in the desert who didn’t need much convincing of the “value” you provided. Capiche.

      TRAINING IN CALM SEAS…..is the B Side to an old Carly Simon record called…..”It’s the way I always heard it should be…”

      And for sure….a lot of people are stuck in mental quick sand…..they do business the same way….cuz it’s the way they always “heard it should be.” I use to fight it…..bleeding ulcers…are often the result of fighting ignorance.

      But I finally figured out about 5 years ago or so….. that I’d rather get “paid:….then “be right.” The money brings me more joy then an empty wallet that resulted in a giant ego that compelled me to tell the dumb asses of the world how dumb they were. lol.

      Anybody out there who feels the need to “hard sell” anything……tells me you either don’t have faith in yourself…or your OFFER. And if you don’t have “faith”….trust me….your prospect will have even less.

      As G Man says……it’s about the value….it’s about creating a compelling OFFER…..more so then the pitch….dialogue etc.

      What’s in it for me? Show me the money! NOW!

      Azam’s dialogue rocks in this regards….because he starts off with “Yo….who do I talk to about buying 24 sports cars….and 16 houses….and toots (the receptionist)….don’t put me on hold…..I’ve got 25K large down on the game etc etc

      (That’s what your agent, lender, prince, princess, pauper, or every day hooker is thinking every time you pitch them something.)

      Show your customer the VALUE from the jump street…..make ’em an offer they can’t refuse even if it doesn’t make sense to YOU……and do it at the opening of your film……rather then at the end of the movie….like most people do.

      Who cares if he’s a dumb ass….so long as the check don’t bounce. In fact…it spends sweeter.

      And G Man…you’se are right about one thing…..rather then bitch and whine about the ignorant masses of drones, lemmings and sheep et al…….simply recognize them for what they are….and remember that their money spends just as well as the ones who “get it.” Got it?

      Great post as always, G.

      p.s. And I’ll give u my spin on the xxx girls via private email…….in terms of promotional conversions….as I’m pretty sure I know what you’re asking. Rock on , bro.

      xxx Vegas Vince

      • Azam says:


        Great stuff, and about that link – I didn’t know where it was linking to
        but that’s why I think it had an issue.

        I’d love to hear your numbers on how further you’re advancing your
        Empire with the dialog, Policies and other Badassery elements…

        Great stuff!

        – Azam

  17. Louise says:


    If you did not receive my last post about this I sent in a youtube video for the contest “How I made $5,000 in five days with better dialog”. Millie told me I could put my story here too. I called 10 sellers and ended up with over 15 homes because one of them was a landlord who “didn’t do terms” until I kept asking for HIS offer. After a few minutes he offered TERMS! Finding buyers is so easy that I had a list in hours from my BADASS SIGNS. Then I sent them to the houses. One investor tried to screw me but my buyers asked for his AG Score lol!

    • Azam says:


      Look at you! I haven’t seen the video, maybe you could post it here?

      I think part of your post was cut off? Either way GREAT news and I’m thrilled
      to hear about it, so you just used the dialog to get houses better and then
      the “Badassery with Signs” and that’s it, right?

      Awesome numbers, and I’d love to hear how the NEXT five days turn out…

      Thanks for sharing and the support!

      – Azam

  18. Vegas Vince says:

    OK….here’s a quick wise guy tip of the day….and hopefully the MOD who doesn’t seem to like my bad ass bandit sign blog…..will let this one pass.

    No (SafeGuard) needed here. :(


    Not quite sure who we’re protecting here from hot chicks with signs….. but whatever….let’s get on with a cool little trick….that has more applications then I have time to explain.

    Here’s the link : http://glowinc.com/

    You want to check out the all purpose outdoor paint……and then check out the site in general. This is one of several companies that produce GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT….BUT THIS ONE IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE IN TERMS OF QUALITY. (No I aint an affiliate for them either)

    Most of you are going to be able to figure out the application here…..but I’ll come back later today and share some devastating techniques that literally will illuminate your mind….even in the dark of night.

    This “stuff” aint cheap….but a little goes a long way…..and the sun generates it during the day…..while it stays invisible…….

    At night…..it lights up so bright….you think you’re in Vegas. True.

    For you business owners dealing with zoning issues….permit issues etc…….you can paint this on your building……and once the sun goes down…..you have a neon bill board promoting your biz…….!

    Nothing the city can do about it ……..and one guy literally lost his marbles….as he kept going by a certain building in the day seeing “nothing”……but at night….there was the OFFER…..beaming like a neon sign…except it wasn’t neon…..lol. Next day….nothing. …back to invisible.

    God it’s fun to screw with tight asses in ties.

    Anyway……if you live in a poorly lit section of town….make sure and check this paint out…..cuz it rocks…and it gets seen….and it’s bad ass stuff…….and this is a perfect application for signs located in areas that have little lighting at night!

    Get it? Have fun with the possibilities here…..and assuming there’s no cute chicks on the site I missed…..enjoy!

    xxx Vegas Vince

    • Azam says:


      I know, I know…

      Honestly I don’t know much about comments, linkbacks, blah, blah, blah – so
      we have somebody that is doing that to get our rankings and all the other stuff
      better. So anything like that is for that purpose, but if you have a better way
      of accomplishing that or if you think we’re doing something wrong then I’d
      love your feedback –

      That is an awesome resource by the way, do you have numbers on the use
      of it? I’ll make sure to pass it on and we’ll let you know our numbers –

      – Azam

  19. Vegas Vince says:

    Interesting items in the news……but before I even bother…..

    Dear Moderator : there are no links contained in this post that show any naked females holding AzamMeo.Com bad ass signs…..cuz why would we want to be bad ass and offend anyone? Capiche! :(

    Vinnie keeps it real.

    So please Miss/Mr Mod….give me a break here…and cut everyone some slack…..as these links are from legit news organizations….capiche! :(

    I wont even list the links….they are easy enough to find…..here are some interesting stories from recent news stories:


    Walt Disney Co. plans to unveil Wednesday its first foray into residential real estate in more than a decade with a pricey vacation-home development in Florida’s Walt Disney World.

    It’s a risky move. Disney will offer homes priced between $1.5 million and $8 million in a state where the foreclosure rate remains among the nation’s highest. In Orlando, where brokers say home values have dropped between 50% and 60% from the peak, Disney’s pricing would put its homes near the top of the market. According to Realtor.com, the average price of new listings in greater Orlando this year is just over $243,000.

    (Disney has big balls on this venture….not quite sure why old people with big bling would drop this kind of big jack to be near Mickey Mouse…but then again…there’s always the grand children I guess? lol)

    Kudos 2 Disney for growing a set of balls and trying to pull this magic trick off……I wish them the best of luck……and who knows….one of you bad asses…might just have “buyers” for them. Get it!!!!!! HINT!

    2. Gulf Property Sales Slide More on Fears (Brendan Farrington Associated Press)

    3. Local Stations Feel BP Backlash (Owners, Managers feel effects of anger over Gulf of Mexico oil spill) (Gary White …The Ledger

    (Basically owner of BP stations are getting their asses kicked…literally…..and boycotted even though they aint the ones who fuxxed up the oil.) Help them out…get paid????

    4. Oil Puts Stop to Condo Sales: Real Estate Agents say no one is even looking at properties. ( Brendan Farrington….Associated Press

    Subheadline: (Jerry Stalnakeer who manages the property and and sells condos at Jetty East on Holiday Isle, said NO one is even inquiring about properties ahtat for sale…thanks to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

    ( (LOL…..ok…well at least now you have a plausible excuse for being a loser of an agent….cuz u weren’t selling shit BEFORE THE OIL SPILL EITHER….LOOOOOSER!)

    5. Tourism Could be Damaged For years…..( USA Today)

    ( Yeah right….AND IF MY AUNT HAD BALLS SHE’D BE MY UNCLE……AND …..ever seen spring break in Florida? There is more tits and ass to increasing the economy… then a government bail out package….for real) These drunken college girls will roll around in oil and consider it mud wrestling….and Vinnie will be there selling tickets to it. )

    6. Deciding Who Gets BP Restitution is Tricky Business For New Oil Czar: would strip club be eligible? How about a souvenir stand? Feinberg to choose.
    The Associated Press /New Orleans.

    (Oh….this is a big one.

    Cuz the victims will come out en masse…..I see GOOGLE and FACE BOOK ads flooding the market soon….offering money to every oil spill victim on the planet…and remember…you heard it from Vegas Vince first!)

    Read the News differently, peeps…….the puppet masters (Media) are tossing out bait…..you can either bite…..or you can buy a fishing pole and go reel ’em in. You can either be a sucker….or a player. Your choice. See opportunity in the middle of the darkness and you’ll make money.

    Straight up. True.

    xxx Vegas Vince

    • Azam says:


      This reminds of Derrick’s recent feedback, great articles, and you’re right –
      fortunes are being made right now. I don’t care as much for the unemployed
      as I do the animals that’ll be suffering long after we’re dead (they didn’t do
      anything, WE did) but I see what you’re saying.

      I’m reminded of the elephant attacks in Africa, they are up over 10x and nobody
      knew why until researchers discovered a “memory” part of their brain and a potential
      retaliation mechanism that had been triggered from the hunting, pillaging, etc.

      What goes around comes around…

      – Azam

  20. Dan says:

    Hey Azam, this is the same kid who wrote on your wall about the posters. I have your 19 hour program now… It is awesome! Just today I’ve read 300 pages worth of it. As I said before I am 18 (now)… I want to try out the Rent-to-Own stuff you know “$4,800 in 16 days”. But, my father is a lawyer and is trying to stop me. Any ideas to convince him this is for my own good?

    • Vegas Vince says:

      Dear Dan…please don’t take this the wrong way…..but unless you’re about to lose a billion dollar trust fund when your old man shoots snake eyes…..aka…..dies…….you shouldn’t have to convince anyone of anything but YOURSELF! Capiche!

      Ttruth is…..at age 18….you are a legal adult. Act like one.

      Sorry dude…..you don’t need the old man’s money or validation in order to go out and live your life and your dreams….unless you’re dream is to become a lawyer in which case god bless ya!

      And again….don’t take this the wrong way….but lawyer’s are notorious for “killing deals”. …even if that lawyer is your Dad.

      That’s what they do. Anyone who has dealt with one…..can back this up.

      No offense….but if at this stage of life you require third party validation in order to pursue your dreams…most likely you end up a statistic….or stuck in a “career” hand picked FOR YOU.

      Hope you find the balls…..to make your dreams come true…..with or with out “daddy’s approval.”

      xxx Vegas Vince
      Hacked by The Gypsy Hacker…….so sorry peeps…site is down…tech is working on it.

      • Azam says:


        Translation: what to do about your parents? Kill them.

        Do you think Vince’s parents approved of the stuff *he’s*
        doing now, ha ha.

        Appreciate the feedback Vince, I’m just more optimistic
        that there is a more diplomatic approach, but maybe not…

        Good stuff.

        – Azam

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you – and Thanks! for the feedback, always

      With your parental situation I may not be the best person to
      ask and I’ve had similar issues in the past… but my guess is
      that he doesn’t he believe in you or the potential – in which
      case I’d suggest what we call “Quantifying Support” with
      dialog like:

      “I know you want to supportive and not negative – because
      you’re better than that – so what exactly can I count on you for?”

      Love to hear how it goes…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  21. Gael says:

    Hi Azam and company,

    I have a yoga practice in New York. Do you think that the ugly signs would work to increase my yoga business?

    It certainly is a unique way to acquire more yoga practitioners right?


    Gael and Peanut

    • Vegas Vince says:

      Gael and Peanut:

      I can’ t speak for Azam…..but the biggest issue I see with people and signs….is the fact they look at them as “entities” unto themselves.


      An ugly yellow sign is no different then an ugly ad in the yellow pages.

      It’s just a hell of a lot cheaper.

      Now in terms of targeting…….I would definitely want to position signs for YOGA in a location where they are more likely to get a response then say a place where people couldn’t spell YOGA much less pronounce it.

      My frustration is this: WHY ASK WHY?

      Why not just put out the friggin’ signs……with a compelling offer…and see what the hell happens?

      What’s the most it’s gonna cost you? A few bucks and a few minutes?

      Too many of you spend a lifetime lining up that 3 foot putt on the 18th green…….analyzing it from every angle…and when you finally get done jerking around asking if it breaks left or right….YOU MISS IT. And then you miss it coming back.

      Get in the game.

      Nobody makes money….asking questions…..that are best answered via taking action. In this case…the action is cheap and minimal in terms of effort!

      Hire some nut case wrapped in a toga…..to push a sign with your yoga………capiche?

      xxx Vegas Vince

      p.s. Tech Team! Love you guys! Thanks….we’re rolling once again.

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you – and sure that can really help your
      yoga company. We’ve done a lot with health groups and
      much of that can be copied and pasted for you.

      I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet:


      I’d recommend it obviously and if you have a
      specific question we can try and squeeze into
      an upcoming Episode.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  22. Vegas Vince says:

    Yo Oz…….I know probably less then u do in terms of SEO….but Vinnie has one trick a major marketer is paying me a lot of money for because it blew him away:

    Go to google…….and enter AZAM MEO MARKETER

    Tell me what you see?

    I got the Most Twisted Marketer Alive on the first page of GOOGLE IN 12 MINUTES….TRUE. Now…..it appears that Vinnie almost own the entire first top of the first page.

    If you’re guys can’t figure it out….give me some key words and I’ll get you ranked faster then a back street prom date……and I’m putting my rep on the line here…..so I’m guessing I’ll pull it off. Oh yeah….it shouldn’t ever take more then 24 to 48 hours……often….a matter of an hour or less.

    I do it all the time.

    Give me a term….and I’ll back up my own bullshit….just because I can. Seriously. Millie has my email.

    p.s. Yeah…..watching birds dripping in oil isn’t exactly inspiring is it? It’s sad.

    I’m looking out my window right now at dog with ribs sticking out of his body….. eating out of my dumpster because his “owner” would rather spend money on crack…then spend a few bucks for dog food….and to me….that dude should be in prison.

    I don’t even like dogs…..got me a cat….

    But you people who can’t afford a few bucks to feed your pets…..should get your tubes tied or wavos cut….so you don’t produce more cruel, idiots children who will grow up like yourselves.

    xxx Vegas Vince

    • Vegas Vince says:

      P.S. Punch in GOOGLE just your name:

      Hit BLOGS….. Got u number one and number two….first page for blogs with just your name.


      Have Millie email me with a Phrase or what you want…….I’m on it.

      Other Examples: James J. Jones……first page of google 22 hours. Number ONE in blogs!

      Sylvia Rolfe Calender (lol 14 minutes first page…hell….just her name alone is on the first page)

      Glen Osborn…..first page

      Glen Osborn NLP…….devastation, baby! I own that page….and pretty sure number one in blogs there too!

      7 hours for that.

      So bring it on…….and how dare these tech teams challenge me with their primitive skills. lol

      xxx Vegas Vince


    • Azam says:


      I hear about the animals, I honestly hardly care about all
      the “workers” out of work because they can get more
      jobs and more of this is out fault than we want to admit.

      The animals did nothing for this though.

      … About the ranking, that is crazy stuff, we definitely
      have to get more into that, I wonder how different the
      model is for videos.

      Thanks for sharing!

      – Azam

  23. Patrick says:

    Cool Vince. That’s impressive.

    Are you getting authority site backlinks to rank?

    Care to share with this small but elite community how you are doing it?

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you – small but elite, I like that…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  24. Luke Skywalker says:

    Hey Oz!

    How is the community site coming along? Is it almost ready? I can’t wait :)

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, the initial page is up:


      I’m curious to see how this goes and how many
      people follow through with all the emails/calls that
      we’ve gotten about setting this up…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  25. Tracie says:


    I kind of combined your Empire IQ test with your signs by targeting 3-5 people that could multiply my business. Well, I targeted 2 people (not 3-5, but I can definitely target more). They were CEO’s of 2 different companies, and mailed them your neon yellow sign (Priority mail via USPS). On it, I wrote on it like a letter. “Dear So and So, I’m an aspiring entrepreneur seeking advice/insight/guidance from a successful entrepreneur….etc., etc.” Anyway, I didn’t get a response back from either of them. Could it be the positioning I used?


    • Vegas Vince says:

      Tracie…..since no one else has jumped in yet…….let me give u my spin because I’ve used a similar technique for years….for other objectives……and it does work. (In fact…..old school direct mail works BETTER TODAY THEN BACK IN THE DAY BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE TOO LAZY TO MAIL ANYTHING…..THEY WOULD RATHER FAX OR EMAIL. CAPICHE!)

      Here’s what you did right…and what you probably screwed up……..based on what I read.

      1. Congrats for taking action. I wouldn’t even bother responding otherwise……so A+ for that alone.

      2. Azam’s IQ test……COMBINED…..with the the YELLLOW SIGN …….EXCELLENT! A+++ for that…….very good approach.

      As for your results or lack thereof………..here are my initial thoughts based on

      3. First off…..remember that most CEO’s have their mail screened by secretary’s who are tougher to get past then the Secret Service. True. A USPS anything doesn’t guarantee she didn’t toss it in the trash can….many do by the way…..especially the old school spinsters who know more about the “boss” the his wife does.

      4. Never mail anything in an envelope! Even a big one. Never!

      USPS PRIORITY MAIL IS FINE…..BUT IT DOESN’T COST BUT A FEW PENNIES MORE— TO MAIL A BOX! The bigger the BOX the better…..AND ALWAYS REQUIRE DIRECT SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION…..as it at least forces someone to sign for it. ……which also decreases your chance Miss Spinster files it it in the brown box called the trash can.

      A big “shock and awe” box will stand out over the mail a company CEO gets daily….especially if you can put something inside it that RATTLES…….! You want them to know that there’s something inside other then just a “document”.

      5. BLACK HAT TRICK for U Chicks mailing to dudes….XXXXXXXX

      I learned this from one of the best publicists in the world…she use to work for CNN



      6. Getting your offer OPENED is half the battle. And you want it opened by the CEO…not his mistress, or some stock clerk who loses it while making out with some chick in the warehouse.

      7. Your offer was WEAK.

      Sounded more like a fan letter…..then anything that remotely offered VALUE….assuming the CEO’s even got your envelope. You did a good job of introducing yourself…..but then gave the dude little else to go on ……other then maybe a thank you note. Even so….you have a better chance then most who wont do shit…and or wont take the time to mail. So again…..kudos for taking some real action…but you can improve it.

      8. Any CEO of ANY COMPANY can easily be researched……and you need to find something you can clip….or send along with your letter….that is of interest to them. If they are a foot ball fan..send a rubber football….in the box with your sign.

      If you discover they love fishing…….go to Walmart and pick out some fishing lures….and shove ’em in the box…..or buy a fishing book off Amazon related to the type of thing they are into etc etc etc. If they have written a book…..send it..and ask them to sign it…..etc etc. GET IT???

      9. One of the great sales books of all time no one ever speaks about is called… ICE TO THE ESKIMOS by Jon Spoelstra……who had the misfortune of trying to sell tickets FOR THE WORST TEAM in the NBA at the time …the New Jersey Nets.

      The New Jersey Nets were not only BAD….but half the team was comprised of criminals….and nobody showed up…..to watch this team.

      The Nets were nearly dead last in tickets sold per game…and Jon Spoelstra was hired to change that…….! He did so….via REPOSITIONING THE WORST TEAM IN THE NBA……AND ……..HERE’S THE REST OF THE STORY……

      Cut to the chase……..one technique he used among many…..was a big box MAILED… with a rubber chicken inside it. ….and a note attached that said….DON’T FOWL OUT!

      It was mailed to all prior season ticket holders. Long story short?

      Let’s just say the New Jersey Nets continued to suck….but ATTENDANCE BEGAN TO SKYROCKET!

      10. Be creative, don’t be a victim………or some starry eyed love struck fan….. don’t write a letter like you’re writing some pop star you were in love with back in the Big 80’s……(love u Olivia Newton-John)……..and YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS NOT PROVIDING ANY RECIPROCAL VALUE……IN YOUR LETTER.

      If all you have is nothing…..then offer to walk his dog…..or babysit his ugly step daughter…but offer something….better yet….offer something related to his business……and remember the one thing every business owner WANTS AND NEEDS………A BUYER.

      Even if you aint got jack shit…..you can come across humble….AND FOR SURE FLATTERY IS GREAT….but the idea here is to open the gate….and ultimately that means you have to have some chips on the table.

      And make sure who you think can double or triple your business……really CAN.

      Make sure it’s not someone you talk to every day…and take for granted…..kind of like the story of the poor bastard who lost his savings drilling for oil in his back yard…….sold for pennies on the dollar…and the next guy discovers millions in diamonds 3 feet beneath where home boy stopped DRILLING.


      I just hooked up a million dollar distribution deal with a chemical manufacturer who eats in my restaurant in this jerk water town……and he has HIS MANUFACTURING plant 5 minutes away.

      He does 15 million a year in sales…..and can’t market for shit……..so there you go. Think Vinnie here might increase those numbers? Yep. All because I scored this dude a couple of sold out tickets a while back for a game he had to see.

      Go get ’em , Tracie. The world is yours…go take it.

      xxx Vegas Vince


      p.s. Vinnie broke one finger…and two ribs…..this past Sunday in the IHOP parking lot…

      As I tripped and splattered against the curb…getting out of my ex girlfriend’s car.

      I look like a punching bag used by Foreman, Liston, and Ali……and feel like it too. And yet…..let’s just call it like it is…….this post is LEGENDARY.

      Even my “C” game material is bad ass….what!

      Peace, Love, and Success 2 All of U.

      • Azam says:


        Wow… there’s like 10 things to cover here, I’ll make sure you
        get that email though…

        Thanks again for the support!

        – Azam

    • Azam says:


      Good going – ACTION – first of all I would stay ON THEM and
      realize it is only a matter of time – that being said the challenge
      is almost always the message and what was said.

      So I’d get better at making it in their best interest to get back
      to you – for example with high end targets we’ll hire a private
      detective to find out EVERYTHING about this person and what
      they want (a contact, tickets to U2, etc.) and using that in your

      If that seems extreme I’d keep in mind that most people won’t
      be offended by a stalked – they’ll be flattered.

      Flattered into compliance, ha ha…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  26. Tracie says:

    Vegas Vince,

    Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I loved all your ideas especially the BLACK HAT TRICK. I’m definitely going to use that one. By the way, I sent the sign in a tube. Basically, I rolled it up, stuffed it into one of those tube mailings, and sent it out. I thought this would’ve helped me get past the spinster receptionist, but I was completely wrong. I think that, in all honesty, and with complete agreement with you, my offer was WEAK. However, this definitely is a great starting point for me. I can now improve it (especially with your feedback) and move in the direction of my goal of Meo Badassery!!

    Thanks again,

    • Vegas Vince says:

      Thanks back at ya, Tracie. One thing I left out…….the biggest failure in terms of direct mail….even bad ass direct mail…..is peeps only mail ONCE. If in fact you’ve got an offer, got it targeted to the right person etc….mail his ass until one of you cries UNCLE.

      Statistics will back me up on this……as assuming your guy is actually getting your offer…..and it’s compelling….mail him again…and again………too many people quit on the first “no response.” Many sales are made at the end of a sequence……at least for those with enough staying power to stay in the game.

      A lot of these CEO’s are members of various social media sites too……where you can often snag some free info from.

      If not……use this black hatter that often works…..call the secretary and rather then asking to speak to anyone…..stroke her….tell her you’re a fellow secretary for her Boss Man’s client….and he wanted to call and find out what type of “stuff” might make a good gift. etc.

      Seldom fails to work…..chicks love to talk to chicks…..especially one of “their own.” :)

      Rock on.

      xxx Vegas Vince


  27. Vegas Vince says:

    OK…..this little bit of bad assery is something that combines a couple of Azam’s techniques….but I put them together…..and the results are better then just signs alone.

    If u recall Oz mentioned live humans working signs……and while crack heads dancing to music is often compelling…..Vinnie knows enough not to trust a crackster further then I can toss one.

    The other element mentioned…..was working with schools.

    Here’s the twist…..and it works……and you can often end up with a dozen wanna be “actors” holding up your signs at perfect and precise locations.



    Now this is black hat….but Vinnie often tosses in a line like this: “who ever impresses me the most might get a shot at this or that……..American Idol….whatever.” With college girls it’s the version of the casting couch line….so you end up with some fringe benefits too…..lol.

    Hey…I keeps it real. And this is probably the only PAID JOB ONE OF THEM FREAKY ASS MIMES ARE EVER GONNA GET……SO GO GET ‘EM……!

    Kill two birds with one stone…..GET A LOT OF PEEPS HOLDING UP YOUR SIGN….rather then one homeless dude…..who scares the shit out of people……

    A dozen acting students all lined up pimping your signs en masse……is hard to MISS.

    Simply contact the drama department….kick them down a few bucks…done deal. Trust me…these students are bored off their ass reciting bad Shakesphere….so this is gonna be golden to them.

    2. Hooters and Wing House…..too joints known for good wings….and big racks…….are often easy to cut deals with….so long as you offer to hold our office party at their joint. When I use to promote pro wrestling events in Florida…..Hooters would actually send over 4 of their hottest lookers to mingle with the crowd…..and at the end of the night…we’d all hit their joint……for some beers, wings…..and other stuff I can’t discuss.


    OK………before you think this type of stuff wont work for you….remember…..I utilized two different models….(the ones holding up Azam’s signs) in order to get a couple meetings with a certain manufacturer who does millions in sales a year.

    I interviewed him on my BTR show last night….and believe me…eye candy often opens up doors otherwise closed……..as Vinnie now controls the North American distribution rights for FLAT FREE……..and as usual I couldn’t get ANYONE INTERESTED IN THIS PROJECT…….so I did it myself. Come to find out…..dude does 15 million a year in sales…..and North America is wide open. Cha Ching…and when ya snooze ya lose.

    Every time I showed up to meet him….I brought a hottie with me….and took pics of her and him…….cuz I’ve been around the block long enough to know the quickest way to a contract is often Miss February.

    Rock on peeps.

    xxx Vegas Vince


  28. Garrett Francis says:


    your community project looks f-ing badass! I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t technical difficulties on my part or if it hadn’t opened yet, but in the video it said sign up below. Should it be open or does it open tomorrow?

    • Vegas Vince says:

      Hey G man…..read one of your earlier posts…and was curious as to your compliance dialogue……in regards to buyers vs. leads.

      RE: my own product Barter Arbitrage…. my biggest challenge was the fact that most people would hear the world “barter” and think “chickens for goats.” …….when in fact barter is simply a medium to create wealth out of very little.


      I personally have tested the word lead vs. buyer and so have at least a dozen of my students……….and I can tell you flat out…..the same people who “don’t buy leads.” will pay you cash for “providing a buyer”……..which in many regards is the same thing….just said a bit different.

      I had my student email car dealers in their town….and rather then ask them how much they paid for “leads” ……I had then say something to the effect:

      Dear Mr. Buick Dealer:

      I currently have access to around 27 buyers who are interested in purchasing your shitty Buick and what ya gonna do for Vinnie when I send them to you etc etc.

      OK…….so perhaps that not exactly how they worded it….but I can tell you they got nearly a 97% compliance return rate…..and dealers were offering fees as low as $50 up to $2500…………for “buyers”

      The same email offering leads………was dismal to say the least. Very little response…..and most said it was illegal….which in itself is bullshit. Strange how radically different the tide changed, huh?

      Azam is so right….there are power in words….and like Vinnie always says….perception is reality.

      Hope everyone is kicking ass and taking names……..

      p.s. Derrick…….regarding “porn star” marketing…….I personally think it depends on the offer. If you’re promoting knitting supplies to little old ladies who have slept with a man since their last husband died…..a porn star isn’t going to make her rush to her internet and log into your site.

      Conversely……..if you”re targeting the 18-35 male demographic….(and beyond)…….there is little I’ve tested more effective then 3 or 4 hot chicks in bikinis out there with your sign.

      But I don’t even reverse hire them for a numbers game…..generally I have specific objective in mind…..and for sure….honking horns and “yo baby…..” being shouted from cars is great….but the only objective is the sale………so when it comes to night clubs, dating sites, etc………nothing beats 4 hotties in dental floss…

      One of my first ventures back in Anchorage, Alaska…..was in fact the bikini car wash………it was devastating. I remember back when I was around 19 years old serving my sentence for blow trafficking……about a young lady who put her self through college with one hot dog cart…….and a thong bikini……..remember reading that and thinking….now there’s one smart chick.

      peace and love everyone…..xxx Vince



      XXX Vegas Vince
      Thinking of Millie and the word “cute”…….and it’s an inside joke.


      • derrickali says:

        Hey Vince…
        Don King Tells Me the Bought will be in Your Court!!!

        I just Re-sent You the Email… Man I’ve been working at getting my Rope-A-Dope style
        back into rare form… Preparing for Your show as well as any upcoming ‘collabos’ with
        OZ and the TEAM here… Hello OZ, MILLIE, SUSAN???

        Chat with Ya later Vinny!
        BTW my SKYPE is – “derrick.ali”

        • derrickali says:

          Sorry Stephanie… but I hadn’t finished my First cup of Java ~smiles~

        • Vegas Vince says:

          Derrick……the “rope a dope” wont save you’se bro…….you’ll end up like Big George Foreman in Zaire….a dope on the rope…..tired……and beaten….mentally and physically.

          Vinnie…boom aye!

          Speaking of promoter Don King…..the Rumble in the Jungle might have been the most brilliant, underrated promotion in the history of sports……..as Don King literally “pitched” the 1974 Ali vs. Foreman fight to the CEO of an entire COUNTRY……and sold HIM….hook line and sinker on dry land!

          Told the President he would use Muhammad Ali and the fight to literally “brand Zaire”……….and put it on the “map.”

          At that point in boxing……no two fighters had ever received that much money…..and from then on it set the standard in terms of big pay days……and love him or hate him….Don King can promote two cock roaches running up a wall….and make people buy a ticket.

          PT Barnum, Don King, Tex Rickard……..there is much to be learned by their old school methods of putting asses in seats……..and if you want a modern day version….. look no further then Vince McMahan CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment…….a billionaire…..selling a shit load of tickets and pay per view buys…….. to sporting events he confesses are “scripted and staged.” Now That’s bad ass.

          For sure….we’ll book it. Thanks for the re-vine D…..and who knows…maybe we can shame Azam into calling in…..and I’ll even mute myself if he does. lol

          Vegas Vince

      • Garrett_Francis says:

        Vinnie (Chase),

        I’ve found that when talking to mortgage brokers and agents I say clients exclusively and they always retort back “leads”. Like you said I think this is an ingrained programming that is inside of these individuals. I don’t know if I can say how well my dialog is working with clients vs. leads because I never use the term “leads” when I talk to them. I can tell you how f-ing hilarious it is when I mention referral fee vs. marketing fee though. Even though a referral fee is a form of marketing, (Congress are a bunch of f-ing clown monkeys that have never sniffed what business is and make this illegal) those two words will totally stop your interaction completely. It’s funny though because one simple word change changes the entire internal brain comprehension. Conversion rates have been 0% with referral fee mentioned, usually around 60-70% compliance with consulting, marketing, invoicing fees though.

        On another note I had an absolutely wonderful experience putting some new construction homes under contract last week. These builders thought they were hot shit and were like yeah we’ll sign your non-exclusive flex option and see what you can do (as they roll their eyes). I put two deals together that week with qual. buyers and they were floored. Here comes the best part…

        you know when you can just tell that someone is a slimy business person? I kinda got that impression, so I really played “dumb” on the legal side of the closing, so when I put the p/s agreements together. They said, “you have to put earnest money down for this to be legal, we can’t deal with these agreements!” So I retorted back to them, “Actually, earnest money is not needed for a contract to be legal. Earnest money is not consideration in a p/s, and if promises are made by both parties this can represent consideration. Earnest money is merely good faith money. This contract in itself has value and represents consideration in the contract, but I can have my attorneys contact you if you feel like testing me?” They said no, no, no problem. I didn’t like these guys so after I had my p/s with the buyer and myself, and the p/s with the builder and myself, I recorded a nice little document called a “memorandum and affidavit of interest” immediately. I get a call about two weeks later from the builders saying, “we had our attorneys look at your contract and they said these aren’t enforceable and we’re not going to use you, thanks again for the buyers!” Hang up. I started laughing immediately because that nice little memorandum put a cloud on the title of the property (more like a lien because of how strongly its worded). They couldn’t close without that being payed off. I got a call a couple days after saying, “Hey guess what our attorneys said they made a mistake and your contracts are in fact solid.” (Go figure) I said, “Oh it wasn’t the cloud on the title?” They said, “Oh, um yeah sorry about that. Won’t happen again.” I was like you’re right it won’t because we’re done after this closing. Have a nice day.”

        Fucking hilarious. Being a kid has its benefits. My absolute favorite thing in the world to do is not bolster and say how good I am, actually I love playing small…..then totally wrecking ship. Under promise, over deliver has always been something I’ve lived by.

        • Vegas Vince says:


          WTF does (chase) mean?

          Anyway……great stuff dude.

          And I hear ya on the “referral fee vs. marketing fee”…….and it amazes me that real estate agents will write a check for some overpriced rag…….with their smiling face on it……without realizing they are in fact paying a marketing fee.

          So logic would then dictate the magazine that produces the few shitty leads they get…..is probably violating the law. LMAO.

          In my own personal experience….and I learned this from the ol’ master JF JIM STRAW………every body wants a buyer. Everybody.

          Once you have a list of “buyers” for this and that……it takes you out of the sales game…and puts you in the delivery business.

          It repositions you so much stronger as well…..because there’s a big difference between “what will you pay me for IF….”


          “What are you gonna pay me…….my BUYER is sitting here with a cashiers check in his hand WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!”

          Great stuff in regards to the rest of it, G. Use what ever GOD gave you as an advantage…….including your youth…..cuz that aint gonna last forever either. lol.

          When I sold RV’s back in the day…..it was my “first day on the job” every day. Capiche.

          I didn’t come across like a salesman….therefore….I didn’t “scare” customers.

          Conversely I sold the shit out of them overpriced houses on wheels.

          Keep me up to date if you venture into commercial real estate……one of the more respected dudes out there whose opinion I actually trust…..tells me those vacant building on major intersections are gold mines……..

          Lots of buyers out there who like to put Gas Stations in those locations…….and it doesn’t matter if it’s the worst part of town or not…..in fact…..the worse the better.

          peace, Vegas Vince

          p.s. Did ya know that the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE PUTS FLAT FREE IN ALL THEIR MAIL TRUCKS……..? And to think…..I couldn’t get anybody interested in this deal…….lol. Oh well…..they’ll pay attention NEXT TIME.

          • Garrett_Francis says:

            (Chase) is from Entourage. Vinnie Chase, the most badass, chill mofo out there. Actually Ari is, but I digress. Check the show out. Awesome show.

  29. John Eaton says:

    Garrett Francis, you are awesome! That is a great experience story. love it.

  30. Vegas Vince says:

    Garrett_Francis says:
    July 28, 2010 at 03:14

    (Chase) is from Entourage. Vinnie Chase, the most badass, chill mofo out there. Actually Ari is, but I digress. Check the show out. Awesome show.


    Dude I’m 42….I aint dead yet.

    Vinnie watches the show……I can afford HBO. (But When Ya Put Chase in Brackets) it’s like secret NLP stuff.

    Actually I get more laughs off the IFC show about the 5 rockers who are always getting laid….and/or “almost” getting a record contract. Funny funny stuff.

    Keep dishing your A game bro….and let me know when u are back in Sunny Florida…..cuz I’m gonna hook u up with some serious sexxxy “hotties”—– in exchange for some of your best money making stuff.

    Sorta like an Xtreme Barter arrangement, capiche?

    We’ll see if we can get Millie to show up….cuz I figure a couple shots of her favorite beverage…..she’ll be dancing on my bar. :) In them 6 inch stiletto heels……and wont that be quite the sight to behold. (Millie…who loves ya baby)

    Rock on GF…..and make sure u call into my next show with Derrick Ali……..because he’s gonna need all the help he can get. lol Gonna try and book it for this Sunday.

    Peace, Vegas Vince

  31. Vegas Vince says:

    Yo…..Vinnie is waiting for approval…..let’s build some friggin’ empires together! Hook me up Millie…..credit card banged in your honor.


    xxx Vegas Vince

  32. Matias says:

    Hey Vince,

    I was just reading this article.. and I see you posted recently …… good to see you’re a part of this too.
    Im also awaiting approval … .. I appreciate your help with the barter stuff..
    ready to make money and keep learning …see you inside.


  33. derrickali says:

    MY REPLY TO: Millie ~

    You have my word as a truthful and righteous person that I will not let you guys down.
    Also, You, Oz, Steph, Sunny, Sam and the entire community, have my unwavering loyalty
    to contribute all/only my BEST to the success of everyone who desires & deserves it.


    Derrick Ali (aka: Ali’s ‘Magic-Wand’ Your Supreme Money-Getting Deals Attraction Coach)
    (517) 962-0161

    I am Offering All within the Community of OZ the Unlimited Use of My Nascent Yet Powerful AZ-Atomic Powers!

    In order for any Student Member in the OZ Community To Qualify They Each Must Live Up to All Of The Requirement as Millie has outlined (above)… Along with Myself Promise To Take ACTION, LEARN and LEAD!

    With That being the Case… Who in the Community of OZ Wants First Crack @ “Ali’s Magic Wand” ???
    See You inside and Post Your Requests to me soon! ~Smiles~

  34. Zayne says:

    I’m really looking forward to work with Azam and the kick-ass team!

    I have a quick question and I’ll ask it here because I’m sure that this is one of the only places on the internet where I’m probably gonna have a badass answer.

    I’m setting up an outsource arbitraging system for myself. I’m building a list of writers, coders, designers and SEO experts…

    Here’s my question – In regards to the finders fee, what is best? Send them the clients and then split the profits OR setting this up so I receive the payments directly and immediately to me via paypal by billing the experts out at a higher price?

    Example – Designer charges $1000 for a complete website design, so I find a client and I position myself as the company and charge him $1500, I receive that immediately in my paypal and then I forward the $1000 and the work to the designer. This way I don’t even have to work out an arrangement with the expert – I just do it.

    Which is best? and am I missing something important?

    I just want to get started on the right track.


    Azam, I discovered you this week through Vegas Vince (hey Vince) and I’ve been soaking up all the info on ALL of your pages since, and I must say I’m f*cking impressed! This is like some miraculous business building badassery dude! I’m very RARELY impressed. The ONLY other badass training that impressed me was one I took years ago called Mentors In Motion by Val Smyth.

    I’m ready to explode all over the place with the info you teach Azam! There’s too much Mickey Mouse training and BS on the internet and this is FINALLY what I really needed and was looking for this for a very long time! …and here I’m talking about the free info on your site! I can just imagine the power of your info inside your course.

    Thank you very much for sharing all this instead of keeping it all to yourself.

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