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Badassery Doesnt Stop.
Azam Meo










"The streets are safe in Philadelphia; it's only the people who make them unsafe."

- F. Rizzo, mayor of Philadelphia

"On what?"

- boxing champ Chris Eubank on whether or not he'll write his autobiography

"To win you have to risk loss."

- Jean-Claude Killy, record-breaking skier

More balling on the treadmill...

A few weeks ago I was watching a special on Heidi Fleiss and when she started talking about her parrot dying (Darlton, if you remember) I was crying right alongside her - crying when you're running, sweating and fighting for breath - is... fun.

That almost never happens, during running I mean...

So, of course, last week...

It happened again.

This time it was of a movie that came on.

A movie that I had NO DESIRE to see...

... I only left it on because I didn't immediately find the remote.

I heard about this film, but looking back on what I heard -

NOBODY did it justice

This is is perhaps one of the best movies I've ever seen, and it answers some questions that so many people ask me about our baby parrots:

"What are your parrots like?"

"Why do you love them so much, is that normal?"

"Did your parrots just tell me to go fu** myself?"

(I did NOT teach them that...
... but my uncontrollable laughter doesn't dissuade them either.)

This movie answers (some of) those questions

The two main characters are almost EXACTLY the way my first two male and female baby parrots are - it is scary how close to the personalities that the writers got, I hardly believe it because it is like they were here studying them.

That's what got me this time...

... turned me into a little emotional wreck as I ran on the treadmill.

I'll tell you the name of movie, and you're promising to go watch it - or at least buy it and support them, right?


I've bought over 20 copies in the last week or so -

I feel that strongly about it.

In fact, I even did a segment on the movie in an upcoming Episode.

So you'll hear more about their brilliance later...

The movie?





On another note I did my first pull up in I-don't-know-how-long, that's another upcoming Episode too...

And I started working on something that could be huge, more details below...

- Azam

Here are some examples of emails, comments, voicemails, faxes and other pieces of random feedback and success we've gotten, I'm intentionally not putting all their contact info here...

... I'll explain the idea behind this afterwards.

A lot to learn here...

Over $4,300 in six days -

This comes from Harold and Jessica in the UK, he started by asking how you can get “names” to work with you if you are justt starting out.  His question was answered and:

“My confidence shot up so I got on the phone and interviewed three policemen.  One of them was our neighborhood security guy so I don’t know if that counts... I finally had the will to speak with buyers who I have been ignoring for months and instead of talking about the price I just talked about the authority figures and the neighborhood security crime reports.”

He ended up getting buyers that weren't unwilling to work with anybody else because they wanted to support his efforts -

“Talking to sellers was much easier when I had buyers that were counting on me and promised not to try and go around me.  I found two sellers but nothing worked out, then I got a call from the neighborhood security guard that I interviewed and he had a few houses that he knew about.”

This kind of stuff happens all the time, there is a quote about magic in boldness and this is a great example:

“So I sent a few buyers over and two of the properties closed within days and I had checks totaling $4,335... in less than a week from me starting...”

- Harold and Jessica

Great works guys, using security guards is a huge secret that we haven't gone  here - so although you cheated by looking ahead, I'll let it slide this time - Great work.

$700 on the first day he started...
but he's in an area where "everything works")

This is a good ‘ern and it comes Jason Normance from CA:

“I took the advice with Attorney General and talked about it on my local reia’s chatroom.  They all suck and told me nothing would work here and I kept thinking of your video about that... so finally I did a test with my some of the buyers who had not responded to any of my offers and the response was fu**ing badass... I haven’t done any big deals or made any big money in the six years of doing this stuff so nobody respects me... but I went back to my chats and shared my results and I used my COMPLIANCE LANGUAGE to get offers from the investors.

My promise was that by offering “something”, you and I know it was the AG audio, their dead leads would be resurrected and all jump all over the investors to work with them.  After I explained more I really did look like a genius and from the extra business generated from just one email to one investor’s list I got $730... I had the money the very same day!

If you’re following what he did - he increased the business of an investor with a simple tweak that we’ve covered here and he agreed to get paid based on the business generated, from what I understand he was to get $50-$100 from every seller lead that responded from the dead list and that fit certain parameters -as well as bonus if other criteria were met.  If you’re thinking investors that will pay like this are hard to find, you’re an idiot.  In fact, if you do better than us with our lists - we’ll happily pay you much more... Brilliant work Jason.

$41,000 in equity, $8,000 in cash

Here’s some great stuff from Sheldon Bailey in the Souff (ATL)...

“Many houses in the neighborhood are just sitting vacant and none of the investors or agents have been able to sell them... After the first sign was posted we got over 50 calls the first day... I bought four homes on contract and had since I already had the buyers I had group showings that day... in total I have over $41,000 coming to me in equity and the down payments should be over $15,000, I’ve already got $8,600 so far...”

- Sheldon

Simple Badassery, he found out what the people around him needed, realized they don't know how to do it - and like that he's playing where they players play (from the JD song...) great work Sheldon.

An extra $500 a week...

Vincent Lloyd from Canada (and America) writes...

“I didn’t buy anything from you so I don’t know if this counts as a testimonial but I live in an apartment with my parents and I’m over 40.  My financial situation took a turn for the worse but you have helped me realize that I am thinking wrong about the whole thing...”

I hate to shorten the email because he had a lot of great stuff and I enjoyed it, but the bottom line is that he started contacted local universities and non-profit groups to schedule speakers as I explained and outlined somewhere else on this site (I won’t look it up right now) and once he had slots he found the richest investors he knew - from networking - and arranged for them to come speak.

“After setting up a few gigs two of the speakers are now paying me to schedule them for local business conferences, luncheons, meetings, parental flashes... my average income from this has been $613 a week since I started...

Great work Vincent, let’s add some zeroes to that... Badass Style...

Adding $1M to your company... in one week...

I know what it is like to have a love/hate relationship with a treadmill, so let’s all blame this guy... on top of shoving them down our throats he had the nerve to try my stuff in an industry that is different, a place where nothing works and during a bad economy... what an a**hole...

“I did you "Attorney General Model" and used flyers at the local gyms here.  From 100 flyers our class sizes have gone from 8-10 to over 30 people and these folks are not just coming for the classes either!  Two treadmill models and a TRX series were about to be returned because we have not sold any in months but now we have sold more of them in one week than in the last three months...  we have easily added over $1,000,000 to our company's value...”

- Jeff Stacy FL

I  love it.

$1k and two clients...

I don’t have the details of the exact amounts here, but it was a cool application that I still wanted to share, what he did was basically just use an article to boost his compliance and online search ranking - it was an old article and he didn’t write it... very cool:

“HaHa.. like stealing candy from a kid lol…

Azam, I am giving this 100% used the silly american idol show

news to get the rankings on the http://TelecomSlayer.com site

higher ranks just over 500k in the world!

How does this translate to $$ well, the site is worth $1k more now..”

- Tony Profit

Earlier in that discussion he went over the new clients he got, cool stuff...

More sales in 11 days than all of last month - and more people on their list in two weeks than in the last year...

This young man has been very helpful and inspirational to a lot of people here, you’re gonna love his drive and commitment (move, move - MOVE!) and it is great to see.  He was working with a baby furniture store and got some immediate results:

“... baby furniture store and has had problems with pulling in new clients and traffic flow in the store. I combined this technique with your educational package. I put out signs that said, “3 ways to increase your baby’s immune system by 46% for free!” we took all the leads and put them into an email program and sent out educational reports and as an incentive if they came into the store they would get 10% off any item and 20% if they brought another family.

We also made it a “policy” to greet everyone that walks in the door an ask if they’ve seen any other baby stores in the area. If they say yes we always respond, “oh great so they told you how to increase your baby’s life expectancy by 4 years right?” “oh they didn’t?!?” “huh, well sign up for our email list and we’ll send it right over to you.” our list has increased by 36% in 2 weeks. It took 13 months to get that increase in the past. Sales in the past 11 days are more than sales all of last month.

- G-Fran

Great stuff an we all love his drive and helping of others... and he won't listen when we keep telling him that this won't work in his area... kids these days...

Just about five grand a month... money started coming in the first week

I love examples like this, and I hate to admit how good it can feel  to prove your friends and family wrong - almost never as good as you think it will be - but it can still be an intoxicating, emotional high...

“My sister is “losing her house” as victims say and she always tells me nothing works, but now we are using the signs and we have three pending offers on homes in her neighborhood. If they close she is going to make over $10,000 and no more mortgage problems. I have been telling sellers exactly what Azam said:

I have a house in the area that I need to sell, do you mind if I put a sign up in your yard for the weekend?’ Then I say ‘I think we can make $300 and I’m raising money for local church and I can split the profit with you, should I take the sign down or should we see if we can make another $300 this week?’ I was so F-ING scared my first time but now 20 successful attempts later I’m getting compliance like an Azam Terminator!

I’m almost at $5,000 a month...”

- Ryan (Bruce) Lee

Badass Bruce, thanks for sharing...

11 Grand in 11 Days...
(okay, that’s not accurate, but it sounds good, right?)

I love when couples pull off Badass moves...

“We followed the model from a few weeks ago and did the same thing the fashion designer gals did. We didn’t talk to directly to our AG though, but we did get an interview with their office. It was a short interview and now we have it recorded as a podcast. For distribution we went to a few local grocers and churches but the grocers have outperformed everybody else so I think you can skip the churches.

From the first batch of calls we had two lease option deals and closed them both in less than two weeks. We have six more on the table, so the potential is much more than the 11 grand in 11 days and we did better but I know Azam likes the testimonials that sound good lol. We are also getting a lot of rehab deals too.

... our business has grown more in the last two weeks than in the last two years, that sounds even better!”

- Jenny and Curt Crate

$100k from a sh**hole neighborhood...
but she's got a quite home-life with nothing to do...)

Single mother of five, who does she think she is?

“Well, here is my success story, in this very same economy.

I put up those ugly yellow signs.

In fact, because I live in one of the poorest sections of the city, and I was targeting leads for a rent to own companies, I put them up in the intersections closest to my home. I figured if I could get people calling from this area, I could do it in any area.

And guess what?

Out of this shithole neighbourhood I live in, I got leads.

And I got good leads.

And I got hired by the company because of my leads.

I now get a salary to post those signs and get those leads… and it still doesn’t stop there. I also get 10% of all profit within the company! See, my leads made it so the company picked up not one, not two, but three houses this WEEK!

I also got three leads, that all totalled once they are in their new homes, will make me around $9,000.

And through this company, I may have secured a home of my own.

(Being self employed this is a next to impossible up here). Why? Because an ugly little house lead came across the desk. An ugly little house that had no mortgage on it, and the owner had died and all the sons wanted to do was get rid of it as is.

This ugly little house, is worth $342,500 because it is on ¼ acre lot within the inner city. And you know what the offer on it is right now, $237,500. And being the degree of equity, I approached a lender and told them of this house, (not the address, I don’t need more competing for it LOL) and they approved me for up to $260K So if the deal closes on Wednesday in my favour at my top possible bid, I just made $82,500 in equity!

But it doesn’t stop there.

See they just want to be rid of the house and all that is the house, so with the house comes the 3 cars in the garage, all the reno materials that are sitting there waiting to be used to fixed this ugly little house, and everything else the house contains.

All in all if you want numbers, we’re talking $100k in profit.

All through ugly little signs, in one of the worst neighbourhoods of this city…

And for anyone on the fence about this…. If a mama to 5, in a place where housing prices are still dropping, job loss is at an all time high, and even places like McDonalds aren’t hiring can do this, so can anyone else.”

Now I’m not sure how much of that money has come in already and how much we’re expecting, but it really doesn’t matter - how many people will (NOT can, but WILL) start from scratch and hit those kind of numbers, even in projections or equity, that fast?  Great work Sylvia and we’re all proud of you.

Now here’s what another Badass did after being inspired by Sylvia:

From zero to $450/week... Then doubling that and doing over $1,000/week...

“For the last few days we have been rereading your post and all the other great supporters here and we went apesh** in our company. Instead of just working with buyers we started with sellers too and moving them through the appropriate channels to get faster closings and we wouldn’t have done that without reading about you doing this Sylvia so thanks again.

So the bottom line is what everybody wants to know, well we were doing about $900 every two weeks but we are on track for about over twice that $1,500 because we’ve already been paid on an extra $500 on two deals from sellers this week. We should be able to do that every week.”

- John and Elizabeth Century

Glad you're helping each other guys... Badassery always impresses.

I'll stop there, kinda...

I just picked these stories and examples and random and there's plenty more - all you have to do is some snooping around on your own.

So this isn't all of it...

... not even close.

I haven't gone over nearly -

ALL the Badassery...

Here are some more examples...

A very helpful fellow Badass taught us a thing or two about video and encoding and he actually made a much better version of one of our Episodes, it plays bigger, better and faster because the file is smaller... impressive:


Thanks for that Nick, it is appreciated and we’re definitely up for helping and working on a future project at some point.


Another example I left out is Derrick Ali, he made some awesome YouTube videos about how he’s using our “Badassery With Signs” model/s and how to find charity groups online to work with... impressive stuff, here’s just one of his videos:



Then there’s the nutcase, I-did-it-with-a-porn-star Vegas Vince, he’s been using Badassery to promote a really interesting home study program about bartering (a HUGE secret!) that he developed and he’s made history in his industry with it - he’s also into restaurants and diabetic goods and a whole bunch of other stuff.  He's been applying some killer stuff within his company and he’s been very involved here so he’s not hard to find, we appreciate him.

Linda Dwine raised over $70k in private money, another Badass did over eight grand in a matter of days...

I could keep going -

Of course, but as I said earlier - you can go back and hear from them directly (but you better not because your area is different, right?) - there is great stuff there.

This is more instructional than just about anything you'll get your hands on (except my other stuff of course, ha ha!) because with this page you can go back and watch their progress.

And we've barely started, in fact I've put out articles and stuff like that but there's only -

One video Episode... yeah, just one

So the articles are really helpful as well...

... especially to those putting this stuff in place.

Which isn't everybody of course.

But this brings us to something that I've been promising since I started updating this page a few weeks ago -

The Bottom Line...

A couple of things I want to point out here:

FREE Stuff -

Every single person above, every success story mentioned was about people who not only used just the FREE stuff that's available to you right now - but it is all HERE on this page.

So not only did they NOT need to buy anything, but they used the the exact same stuff you have here - for FREE - and only a few clicks away...


This is important, after finding out what happens when people think you have money (let alone if you actually have it…) and the weirdness that can come with that - it was one of the reasons my house got raided way back when - I almost NEVER mention anything about my own personal finances.

This has worked out great for people we train because you don't have to worry about me going on and on about what I'M doing and benefiting from, how great things are going for ME or some nearly impossible to verify BS success story about MY income...

Not about ME!

Instead you know that everything I share with you is ABOUT SOMEBODY else engaging in Badassery, and for the people who don't know us as well you'll be shocked at how easy I make it to verify EVERYTHING I say - let alone the success stories.

The bottom line is that in the examples above these are REGULAR people - they aren't as smart, good looking or as humble as me… and the good news is that you don't have to be either.

I'll give you a second to let out that sigh of relief…

Seriously - my point is that if somebody has "done it" - anybody CAN, so it isn't a matter of can…

…just a matter of will.

Badassery on the Horizon...

Now about connecting directly with these Badasses, I purposely left out much/all of their contact info because almost all of them can be found here - although some of the people emailed us directly - and I didn't even scratch the surface because I could have gone on with more examples...

… and more…

…. and then more…

…. and even more….

But I'm saving it -

Because soon - really soon - we're going to do something that I think'll be really cool...

… so many people have been asking me about setting a group, a community - a network of Business Badasses that can team up, learn together, push each other, etc.

And the ONLY place for anything like - and actually a whole lot more - is the Alliance Project, but I know not everybody will make it through the application process...

… so I'm going to be testing a little experiment.

Very soon you'll see -

A vehicle where you can plug yourself into a special group, become a leader and actually start buying and selling companies and real estate the way we talk about…

… it won't be for everybody, but I'm really excited about this because the ONLY people who'll be around are going to be CRAZY about their ambitions and making sh** happen…

… that's the idea at least, and maybe it'll go down as one of my not-so-ideal projects -

But I doubt it.

I think it'll change everything that we do, and leave us with something that'll outlive us all - a project we can all believe in, and I'm basing it on the human spirit and the Honor System...

… I know that may sound weird, but you'll see what I mean soon enough.

It is something people have been BEGGING us for - for years - but I was never really that crazy about setting it all up, but after seeing how much support, love and Badassery so many people around the world have illustrated…

… It was more than enough to push me into making this happen for you.

You'll get details -

Soon, for now, just keep in mind that if you're like the others here that really want to be a part of a community of business builders that use our stuff and the creative approaches we teach/train -

If you're wanting to a part of something bigger than yourself where your contribution is not only valued, but required to bring your vision - and the visions of others - to life…

A way to move yourself and others past blocks in potential - and injecting a strong(er) refusal to settle for less in your mental attitude…

If you're itching for that chance to showcase your ambitions in a way you've never done before, to not just "make money" but to actually - as silly as it may sound - actually HELP PEOPLE and make a bloody fortune doing...

… and to be around others who support you and don't expect apologies for your aspirations…

If you're wanting to leverage skill and Badassery - instead of credit, money and "twitter-type" stuff - to start building your Empire the SMART way...

… throwing on real estate, companies and other projects as you add to the snowballing avalanche as it grows out of control…

Then sit tight...

In a few days we'll be building Empires together.

Thanks for everything.

- Azam


I want to hear from you - we all do.

There is so much behind-the-scenes work that goes into the Episodes, the research, the studies - all the work that is done here and one of the highlights is sharing it with you.

Passively absorbing will not do much for anybody, including yourself.  So please make sure to let me, our Team and others around the world know about your successes with this material.

I want to make a majority of these updates based on success stories from you and others like you.

I'd love your help in making that happen.

So please call, email, fax, mail or comment.  I make sure everything gets to me.

- Azam







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  1. Craig Mansil says:


    I emailed Tom and Jason and they didn’t have list to email but they said that you showed them how to email people that weren’t on their list, how do you do that? Thanks. Craig

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and you know something that
      we don’t because your comment was up while we were
      testing this page… I appreciate your eagerness.

      We’ll be doing an Episode that covers using the list of
      others and it’ll go in depth, for right now I’d suggest
      partnering and opening dialog with a few players that
      you get along with – investors, agents, business owners,

      Thanks again for the (eagerness and) support!

      – Azam

  2. Frank Backer says:


    Great stuff, I especially love the end and like the others here I’m anxious to see what’s in store.



  3. Kyle Selos says:

    FINALLY AZAM!!! Great stories and I’m all over the community that you’re talking about! Can’t wait

    • Azam says:


      Always good to hear from you, and I promise you’ll
      get the details soon…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  4. Armand Norris says:


    Awesome stuff as always, is there any way to get access to the site ahead of time?

    I want in and I don’t want to fight others for a spot.


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, I’m not sure on all the upcoming details
      but I’ll definitely look into and I appreciate your proactive efforts…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  5. Nancy Storm says:

    I love this site, and it must feel so good to be changing lives like this Azam, you’re amazing! I need to get past my fears and take action, I look forward to getting with the Azam Underground Army. Thanks for everything.

    With love,


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you Sista – and it is a great feeling, but I think
      I have a LOT less to do with it than others… but I’m thankful for
      your kind words, Underground Army, huh? You must want my
      house raided again, ha ha.

      I’ll let you know about it all real soon –

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  6. Andrew says:

    I have been reading and watching everything here but I thank you for putting a couple examples in one place.

    • Azam says:


      Great, and I look forward to adding your story to the bunch…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  7. Gary Sund says:

    Having read your stuff, listened and watch Now what ?

  8. Gary Sund says:

    Did I miss a call tyo action or webinar in the materials I’ve purchased and listened too ? What am I suppose to do next to get started ? Am I missing out on webinars or trainings.
    I hadn’ t called , time went on I dropped it. No one has ever called me. I bought your trainings but I think perhaps I’ve been missing something. Was someone suppose to contact me ?

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, I think you’re referring to the 23Days
      Crash Course (it is about the only public training we have) in
      which case there are some action steps outlined about exactly
      how to get started.

      The Alliance Project is much different though – but you don’t
      need either to move forward – these examples above are
      from people just going through the stuff here at:


      And putting various items in place, so to answer your
      question the next step to apply at least concept to your
      company right now.

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  9. Vegas Vince says:

    A nut case who does it with porn stars, huh?

    Hey…..I get paid for it too! (True)

    But since talk is cheap…..you’ve now forced Vinnie to walk the walk…..and I now feel compelled to do something really bad ass…..and provide proof…..that hits harder then a Mafia loan shark.

    So this coming Monday…..not one….but two adult film stars will be in Vinny Land……..to present a whole new spin on Ugly Signs with pretty faces…..holding them up.

    As I got two bad ass chicks with bare asses…..ready to rock and roll with YOUR SIGN, BRO. Azam Meo. Com and whatever twisted ass text I choose to write on it.

    I shall document and send.

    And these two chicks don’t need “crack” to take off their clothes. They don’t need much motivation at all in fact……. Capiche. When you’re a bad ass…..the clothes come off when I say so. lol.

    Anyway……if I get a legit porn star to walk naked with your sign………does Vinnie at least get an email address that reaches a brother??? Cuz right now….I have to go through like 7 of your girls and I doubt anything even reaches you’se?

    Considering I live in a sexually repressed jerkwater town where you can get arrested for saying the word SEX…..this is RISKY BUSINESS, OZ…..but I’m willing to take one for the team here.

    And most likely one or both of these chicks are gonna get arrested for this…and I’ll end getting pinched on some trumped up “pandering” charge……and Vinnie aint really looking forward to a night at the cross bar motel…..but you’ve forced me into it.

    So how about a rematch???

    OK….just cuz I screwed up our interview…….don’t mean I can’t get a muzzle and keep my yap shut this time around….and now my peeps are pissed at ME. They want part two.

    Vinnie wanted your spin on transactional financing aka Subway’s and Donut Shops….and we never got there…..so have mercy and grant the rematch….don’t duck me, Meo.

    Ali got his return against Frazier……where’s my rematch?

    And for those of you’se who want to hire a crack head….just grab a bar of Ivory soap and a pocket knife.

    A few slices and the stuff looks like the real thing….but make the deal contingent……..and if dude produces…..drop the fake zip lock back of fake “crack” on the ground….and run. And I mean run fast.

    Cuz the average crack head can run the 100 yard dash in like 4.2 seconds…… Hey….this is the type of content rich gold….nobody else talks about…in the marketing world. It’s gold, baby!

    No money?

    You can steal the bar of soap out of Grandma’s house…..as my grandma has been stock piling soap since the 1950’s….she aint gonna miss one bar….out of 40,000 in her basement. Also…..phone books in hotel rooms rolled up can be used as fire wood….and if you pay over $300 for a hotel room pinch the sheets, and ashtrays as at that price….I figure I paid for them anyway, right?

    Yo Oz….re: Chris Eubank. If you’re a boxing fan…..you remembered that fight he had against Nigel Benn, right?

    Chris Eubank vs. Nigel Benn. Brutal. Look it up.

    Maybe one of the greatest fights of all time……..sad ending.

    One guy literally left it all in the ring….that night……paid a pretty heavy price….but that’s what champions do. Even if it costs them their lives. Most people don’t give that much…….not even close. One can learn a lot from watching boxing…it really does separate the contenders from the pretenders, don’t it?

    Peace, Vegas Vince

    p.s. And Yo…..Vinnie got his sign action in place this week. School Zone central……bribe here….a little grease here……works wonders. Will keep you’se posted.

    Rock on everyone.

    • Azam says:


      Always great to hear from you… duck you? Oh it’s on now… ha ha.

      Yeah I’d love to set something up, and I’m sorry you’re getting
      heat for the last one, I didn’t know that about Eubanks by the way –
      or about crackheads… making a note on both issues.

      Also I didn’t you were going through seven ladies (not that you mind!)
      but we’re doing something shortly that I think you’ll really love…

      In fact, I’ll hold off until we get more into that and I think you have a
      few other comments here…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  10. Hendra says:


    As always great stuff. Thank you for sharing….


  11. Nick says:

    Hoorah! Azam, you are cool! Looking forward to anything you put together.

    And that is some killer email copy too, my friend.


    • Azam says:


      Thanks for that, glad it helps – and anything effective with the email
      copy is all an accident… always good to hear from you –

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  12. John Eaton says:

    Damn Azam! You are the shizzle!

    And Vegas Vince, you rock too but damn do you have a lot to say!

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you – and thanks for the input – yeah Vegas only
      talks while he is having sexually intense thoughts… he talks a lot.

      Looking forward to hear how this helps your company John.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  13. Garrett Francis says:

    Great post Oz. I appreciate you mentioning me in this article…

    I had a great revelation the other day when talking to a realtor. He was complaining about bringing in clients so we ended up talking and it eventually got to the point of how it was so hard to get business done in the economy right now. I just gave a wry smile and said, “Well if I could pass you off some clients would you wanna work a split?” He was like, “Are you getting clients right now?” I responded with, “Yeah I’ve got a few, you want me to send them to you or another realtor?” He practially begged me to allow him access to my buyers. After we got through with the negotiation of the split, we talked for a bit on how he was pulling in leads. He’s always done it the old fashioned way and never looked outside of the box, but what really striked me as interesting was that he said his marketing was not the problem, it’s the fact that he couldn’t help most of the people that were calling. He said, “I’ll get a few calls per week about someone looking to buy a home and when I send them to our lender, they can’t get approved and I just say sorry.”

    That was when the revelation hit. These people aren’t having a hard time with getting business, they’re throwing business away. It’s the lack of information that is killing the economy, the skill is shitty at best. This is what Azam is talking about. Training in calm seas. No one is extremely skilled at any profession and the ones that are, never worry about when something doesn’t work or when a market becomes saturated. They’ve got 50 other models in place, and each model is one that is set up to be outsourced and passive so that we can move on to another model.

    I’ve always said specialization limits growth and anytime you’re about to turn business away because “you” can’t help them, take a step back and realize this is merely an opportunity to add another model to your business. Have unqualified leads? Who needs them? If you have them, who needs you? Who can create business with these people? These are the questions you need to ask yourself…

    It doesn’t make any sense to differenetiate your clients when marketing by using specialized headlines, because differentiation is qualification and qualification means you only know how to work with a specific type of client. Let your marketing be broad and let your team qualify. Let your lenders qualify. Stop qualifying leads, pass that off to someone else, because after they sift out the people they need, they’ll give you back the ones that don’t fit their criteria. Then you send those “unqualified” people to another person on your team, let them pick the clients that fit their model and have them shoot back the ones that don’t. Then pass those people off to another person on your team, etc, etc. Your job is not to perform a task, but to generate clients, generate relationships, leverage clients through relationships, and repeat the process. Its f-ing simple, stop bitching and whining. Generate clients, create relationships, leverage clients, expand marketing base, expand relationships, rinse and repeat.

    • Todd says:


      it’s a challenge when one runs out of superlatives.

      So I’ll resort to- F*^KING AWEsome!! commentary, re: the above. What can I say. Excellent

      Incredible people, stories, inspiration, step by step how to and downright plank-to-the-cranium, balls-out-ness. Of everybody that’s shared, does share, and will continue to do so. I still have some of the past-life lies, the wuss-puss-assery that’s like an infection, that if one’s been so afflicted, takes some work to kill. I prefer to think, though, of that process as “EXPANSION”…

      So Rondelle, you asked about a reply I sent you- how to “de-program” those self-programmed untruths. And I know you’ve been active since but I just wanted to reply.

      Here’s that: COME HERE (as I know you are) and take in EVERY LAST MOLECULE of what you find. And then BE that. It’s all from BEING.

      Now I’m off to go follow that advice.

      • Azam says:


        Great to hear from you, and really glad this helped.

        Even more glad you’re helping others – de-programming is so
        important, I got the chance to do that with my sugar intake
        and it was a lot crazier than I thought it was going to be –
        well not really, I was just a lot weaker than I should’ve

        But great stuff and I appreciate you sharing.

        Thanks again for the support!

        – Azam

    • Vegas Vince says:

      Garrett: interesting spin, bro.

      I’ve quoted you below……so I don’t screw it up:

      “I’ve always said specialization limits growth and anytime you’re about to turn business away because “you” can’t help them, take a step back and realize this is merely an opportunity to add another model to your business. Have unqualified leads? Who needs them? If you have them, who needs you? Who can create business with these people? These are the questions you need to ask yourself…”

      Not sure I totally agree with you on that spin abvove though.

      The Specialist usually command more dollars and respect— the then average, jack of all trades “generalist.”

      In other words, the the average family doctor will make less money then a “heart surgeon specialist.” One commands more respect then the other….and is paid accordingly. That’s Dan Kennedy 101 and he’s known to be pretty “smart” and “wealthy”. lol

      Granted I agree that everyone should cultivate a data base of “specialist”….. because that’s a million dollar rolodex…..because then you really can help ANYONE AND EVERYONE.

      Some lenders in my state of Florida specialize in financing mobile homes….others deal with high end Beach Front properties in Miami.

      Those are two totally different “niches” or markets.

      Same goes for agents. Some deal in low end houses….for the credit and cash “challenged”…..others million dollar Mansions….and high FICO scores etc.

      Sounds like your agent doesn’t know how to make the differentiation.

      Sound like you do.

      You don’t need to be a specialist…….but you all should have a list of them at your disposal….and better yet….a RELATIONSHIP IN PLACE WITH THEM.

      xxx Vegas Vince


      p.s. Garrett….how did you change your compliance dialogue in terms of the issue you mentioned with agents and lenders jumping ship over their view of a certain “law” on referral fees etc. I generally say “marketing fee” when I put the clamps down on them…..but would like to know if you use a better buzz word.
      Thanks……your contributions are always content rich and intelligent.

      • Kelly Clarke says:

        Vince and G-Fran,

        I have been following you guys for the last few weeks and I just wanted to say thanks. Azam you want us to share our successes but I think I felt it would be lost or not as important to you and others as it obviously is. My father was an investor for over 30 years and I help him manage his money now and we invest in SFR and multis. We’ve owned and managed several hundred properties at once and we have also bought and sold properties every month through the recession. Business did slow down, but I’m not complaining or blaming anybody else for it.

        I’ve rehabbed over 20 projects at once, from houses, apartments and even hotels. So I’m no newbie or beginner and I’ve had plenty of experience with everything under the sun. With Oz’s stuff the approach is more like Garrett’s description, it is all about getting the crowd. I know now that the reason I was not making as much money was because in the end I was not getting the crowd and I was extremely specialized I was contracted to work on two governor mansions.

        In the last few weeks I changed our focus from doing the work to reverse hires of contractors and truckers and we are making less money but making up for it by doing four times as many jobs. Azam I WILL be applying for the Alliance Project by the end of next month because I won’t have anything to do anymore! In my opinion, being the specialist without knowing how to get the crowd means you still have an f-ing job Vince. Some agents tried the legal mumbo jumbo with me and I use Azam’s line “so I should move on?” they crumble every time.


        • Vegas Vince says:

          KC……my apologies as I obviously did a lousy job of making my point.

          When I refer to the word “specialist” ……..I am referring to the Rain Maker who either possesses….and/or……is connected to other “specialists.” Period.

          When I say “specialist”…..I’m talking about the baddest of bad asses at what ever he or she DOES. Those are the people I want relationships with…..those are the people I do business with.

          A “generalist”…..is a jack of all trades…..a master of few…..and they sure aint bad asses.

          I don’t know many “generalists” who get rich? Why? Because they are a dime a dozen.

          The typical generalist…. looks, talks, walks, and dresses like the other 217 generalist in his or her market.

          Rather then break out of the pack ….they continue to “compete”…rather then simply eliminating their so-called “competition”—- via simple repositioning. Generalists don’t think that way. They usually die early and broke.

          The typical “generalist” prices his product or service low……in order to compete with the 217 other generalists in his market…. ……and his “best marketing strategy” usually consists of “cutting his prices” …..which does little more then devalue his business and self worth even further.

          Most “generalists” become statistics! Period.

          My point was simple: to be the best in the world at what you do…it’s often necessary to seek out the BEST IN THE WORLD AT WHAT THEY DO….BUILD A MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM…..AND HAVE THEM DO IT FOR YOU!

          FYI…..I’m not a specialist in much of anything….but I also haven’t had a “real” job in about 10 years.

          I can barely turn on my computer to be honest……ask Nick Hampshire if you don’t believe me….he’s the dude who compressed Azam’s last video…and he’s also my tech guy…..because I don’t know jack about computer tech stuff…..but HE DOES.

          I’ve got Nick on speed dial……along with about 87 other peeps who are “specialized” bad asses AT WHAT THEY DO…..people…..who can do stuff for me…..that Vinnie can’t do for himself….and stuff I flat out don’t want to do even if I could. That’s called LEVERAGE.

          When you cultivate a list like that…….getting “the crowd” isn’t a problem….because you have a golden list that you can call upon to provide “specialized solutions” to almost any “problem”.

          When you can do that…..it’s pretty tough to screw it up….and NOT make money.

          xxx Vegas Vince

          • Kelly says:

            Vince and Garrett,

            Thanks. I was trying to get about 5 jobs a month but 3 was okay and it would be about 100k a year o 8k a month. I used Oz’s articles about real income and I was actually making a lot less so I took the same jobs and reverse hired another crew and then two more so they are bidding for the work. For the same work I make 3k to 6k a month maybe.

            The benefit is that now I can focus almost entirely on marketing and I don’t have to turn down jobs. This is something I’ve never done but my month in June is over 12k and I’m at home or the bar or with Vince and the porn stars 24/7 lol. I talked to Millie about this and they’re going to let me do an interview and record for the Biz Builders Association. I also asked her about your post because one of mine got taken down too, they have some Web 2.0 Specialist in charge and I talked to her too and they put my post up so if you just let them know they’ll fix it. I’m just saying because you weren’t sounding too much like a Bada** porn pumper in your last post lol. ~KC

          • Azam says:


            That’s awesome and Thanks for sharing, I agree with you the
            community project’ll really help too, great email you sent in
            by the way and I’ll make sure you’re among the first to hear
            about it…

            Thanks again for the support!

            – Azam

        • Azam says:


          Great to hear – that’s awesome and I’m glad to hear this is
          being implemented in your company right now. It sounds
          like you really know what you’re doing and for many in your
          situation change is tough so it’s impressive that you pushed
          through it.

          The great news about where you’re at is that it is very scalable
          and you can keep growing it without spending your time/money.

          So great stuff and I’d love to hear how things develop…

          Thanks again for the support!

          – Azam

      • Garrett Francis says:


        Maybe I should clarify a few things. What I mean by specialization is limiting your time and work to one model. If I was to focus on just qualified leads than what happens to all my “unqualified” leads? If I only know how to work with motivated sellers, what am I going to do with sellers that want full value for their home? Nothing. Limited knowledge creates specialization in my opinion. You can make money with specialization, but I would much rather hire those specialists from across every aspect of business and just pass deals off. I am not specializing, I’m hiring specialization. By doing this I can work with every client and pass them off to the best in each aspect of real estate. All I need is a way to create these relationships and increase my client base and income will expand. Plus it’s almost totally automated, so I can set this up an walk away to move on to another project. Specialization doesn’t allow that in my opinion.

        • Nick says:


          It kind of sounds like you and Vince are saying similar things… Vince is saying be a specialist at one thing and then have relationships in place for everything else.

          You are saying, don’t specialize in just one model, but rather be a deal maker; someone who can make deals and generate business between just about any two people that can be connected.

          In other words, your specialty is making deals, connecting people and generating massive leverage for your clients and yourself.

          Either way, the emphasis is that you are getting paid for LEVERAGE and CONNECTIONS… this leads to you getting paid for other people’s work, instead of for WHAT you do.

          Ultimately, you (Garrett) are explaining the process of growing and managing a business empire. Richard Branson did this with Virgin. He started out in helicopters and the sky was the limit from there. I think he even sells wine and motorcycles now. (Although not at the same place…)

          Did Branson need to know all about wine before starting a wine company? No… all he had to do was hire the best wine connoisseurs in the industry. And you can do the same in your industry with reverse hiring.

          Why build one business when you can build 15 and get paid from all of them? (Just don’t build them all at once… that is a recipe for instant burnout)

          Garret, you are sharp dude… I have clients 3 times your age who don’t get this stuff.

          Just for fun, when you operate this way, people have trouble understanding who you are… they ask “so what do you do? … You do what? Are you part of the mafia?” I have been asked that before… half joking half serious. People don’t understand.

          Why? It’s because people have been programmed to work and THINK as if they were part of a huge machine. They THINK they are just a cog in the vast machine of business. If they get fired, they feel lost and empty until they find another machine to plug into.

          When you are just a cog… it’s really hard to relate to people who build and re-build the machines of industry. People like Garret, Vince, Azam… anyone who has built a successful business on some level.

          Good job Garrett on having the right mindset

          Rock on,

          • Vegas Vince says:

            Yo Nick….I own the common law trade mark for Rock On…..but thanks, bro.

            Garrett…..we are on the same page, bro. It is all about LEVERAGE…..time, resources, reputation etc etc.

            I am NOT a specialist in much of anything other then maybe one niche.

            And I sure as hell don’t recommend anyone here trading time for dollars as a model to wealth…..cuz that really is a “job.”

            My real specialty…..is my ability…..much like yours…..to find and create relationships with “specialized problem solvers”…… because money comes to those who provide solutions…..and the cat who dies with most connections usually wins.

            It’s far easier to connect people then hustle business….and usually a lot more profitable because you have built in control going in…if u do it right.

            To me…..the ultimate RAINMAKER is like one of those crusty, old school Las Vegas concierges.

            The old dude in the lobby who knows how to get you tickets to a sold out game……or a hooker sent to your room……so long as you “take care of him”. Capiche!

            xxx Vegas Vince


          • Nick says:

            Vince, I own the common law trademark for “Yo Nick” so I will take that in cash… thanks!

            Seriously though, how many common law trademarks do you own? Every time someone says a catchy phrase you say: “I own it…” Crazy…

            And I got what you are saying about your specialty… sorry I cast your comments in the wrong light.

            Like this quote by the way: “My real specialty…..is my ability…..much like yours…..to find and create relationships with “specialized problem solvers”…… because money comes to those who provide solutions…..and the cat who dies with most connections usually wins.”

            Got a common law trademark on that one too? 😀

            Rock on, Vince

          • Azam says:


            Good points, I think they are saying the same thing – more or less –
            and you have some great examples too.

            I think we need to change our commenting “appearance” because
            I don’t really get how the follow up comments work entirely…

            Great stuff though and Thanks for sharing.

            – Azam

      • Garrett_Francis says:


        In regards to RESPA, I developed a script that works awesome because it really puts you in position of having the standard. Here’s my exact script that I use when legality and RESPA comes up…

        Lender: “Well we’re not allowed to give out referalls for business, its illegal.”
        Me: “You know, I’m glad you brought that up because we don’t work with lenders that don’t know about RESPA, more specifically Section 8 in the law that references the illegality of referrals and kickbacks. We don’t support or condone referral fees or kickbacks, that’s why we set up marketing arrangements and licensing agreements with our clients. By the way, which structure are you guys currently using?”

        As long as you’re delivery is solid, this script absolutely stops those lenders dead in their tracks, because it presents you as someone who knows waaaay more than they do. If they respond with, “well we haven’t worked with any of those.” You say, “Oh ok, really? No marketing arrangements? Huh…. well, we’ve got x amount of other lenders we need to interview before 3:00 today, but it was nice talking to you and good luck with your business. Oh by the way, once we get our final offer, should we contact you about an offer or should we send our clients to another lender?” This is such a solid close, and you’ll have very few people turn you down. Chow.

        • Vegas Vince says:

          Awesome A game as always…and when are u coming back 2 Florida, bro? lol

          I never even bring the word referral or kickback up in the conversation……..I use the term…. “marketing fee”.

          But with that said….it’s just a matter of time before some dumb ass confuses a marketing fee with a kick back…..at which point your script…….will save my ass.

          And thanks again for the great share as I’ve had a lot of my own students ask me about the RESPA issue….and I will refer them to your post.

          Speaking of “lenders.” I am working with the two top real estate agents in my area…..and have asked each of these ladies to recommend their preferred lender……as I figure that brings built in synergy to future deals I’ll be doing next week.

          Do you have any other bad ass suggestions as to sourcing “lenders”……who play ball…..as it seems to me a good lender is probably more important then a good agent. Agents are every where. Curious as to your thoughts on that part.

          Peace, bro. Great post……and it can be easily tweaked and applied to other stuff.

          xxx Vegas Vince


          • Garrett_Francis says:

            Yo Vinnie,

            Looking back on our posts I agree 100% with what you said about specialization. We got different definitions, but we’re both talking about leveraging specialization of others. Right on. In regards to getting in contact with good lenders, from my very limited experience, I haven’t found a way to attract these top performers. Like you said, I think the closest thing would be to find badass agents and ask who they use. A little bit of synergy between lenders and agents, ain’t too bad.

            On another note, I listened to your podcast with Glenn. Great stuff man. There was some real gold in that interview. That guys has been around the block and been in contact with some real legends. Cool stuff.

            I wanted to get your take on the concept of using women to sell your product or service. Now I would agree with you for the most part that having sexy women helps draw attention and consequently sales with most products. What I wanted to know was did you track the results of your porn star sign campaign? Did you find a high % of calls were tire kickers that just liked the girls? My theory would be that you draw leads to your signs, but the demographic would be one that focuses on the girls and not the sign itself. Just an opinion and I’d love your take on it.

          • Azam says:


            I agree… with whatever works, ha ha.

            I think you’re saying the same thing though, and I just put this
            in my answer to Nick – I think we need to change the comment
            section because it puts replies in a weird format.

            Great stuff guys –

            – Azam

        • Nick says:

          Hoorah man, LOVE that script…. It kicks them into high gear, and forces them to make a choice right then and there.


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and I’m glad we could use you as
      an example. Great revelation too, and it is EXACTLY what
      you’re saying –

      Calm seas.

      It’s not crazy they’re going under now, it’s crazy they haven’t
      gone under sooner. I love your simplicity, and we’re doing
      something soon that I think you’re going to really get into…

      It’ll make things a lot easier –

      Always good stuff Garrett, thanks for sharing –

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  14. John Eaton says:


    I vote Garrett Francis for “Student of the Monf”

    Great stuff buddy!

    • Azam says:


      Yeah, we’ll actually be doing a competition soon, but I appreciate
      (we all do) your support of others John. Thanks for sharing.

      – Azam

  15. Patrick says:

    Wow Azam, that is incredible news! Thank you!

    My offer still stands, if you need help in any way at all, or if you want me to do it all that’s fine too. I would love to set up a forum or group where we could mastermind and brainstorm and support each other.

    There is a GREAT new social forum system that is still in beta but I have been granted access to it. It is called KAJABI and it is sort of a mix between forum, social application like facebook , and has a whole bunch of other great features like bideo presentations, etc.

    If you haven’t come up with a content and delivery solution yet, I think this system would be perfect. It really has all the pieces as far as content and information delivery, support network, sharing, connecting, etc….

    And it’s very simple to use.


    Have your peeps contact me if you have any interest.

    I would be happy to set everything up and I am sure your students would be happy to provide donations to cover the monthly costs, which are only about $100 bucks a month total (for the whole group, not per person)

    Let me know if that is something you would like to do.

    Thanks again.

    • Azam says:


      Great, we’ve looked at few different places like that, I don’t normally
      handle but I think we’ve got something that should work – and we’re
      testing it right now so I’ll make sure to let you know when it is ready.

      To be honest I had NO idea how much maintaining something like
      this is, normally we get a few times as many emails as comments and
      about 30-40% of the extra comments have to moderated by somebody.

      But I definitely appreciate your energy and gratitude and helpfulness –
      I think when we roll this out it’ll be really cool, so I’ll make sure you’re
      among the first to hear about…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  16. Mel Johnson says:

    Your email caught me by surprise, pleasant though. Really appreciate it, inspires me more.
    Thank You , Thank You

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear, and glad it helps and inspires.

      Thanks for the feedback and we’d all love to hear how
      you put this in place for your company…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  17. Derrick Ali says:

    Azam – I’ve been reverse engineering your stuff since 2004… Actively since 2007 and I am always Blown Away by Your Willingness to Share so Freely, So Concise, Yet SIMPLE Strategies my 9 Years Old Son and 10 Year old Daughter Help Me Make Calls and Put Up UGLY Signs Helps Build their College Education Fund or Start Up or BOTH!?! — LOL

    OZ I Love You Man…(And I mean that in a ‘manly’ Way) for all that you’ve done for me my family and anyone else
    out there WHO IS FEARLESS ENOUGH To ACT!!!

    You Can Take That to the Bank AZAM!

    Happy ‘Parrot’ Dad’s Day to ya!


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and Thanks so much for that – I’m glad you
      and the Fam are able to share this together, that stuff really makes
      a difference… and it inspires me.

      I’m thankful for you (manly) love, ha ha.

      Yes it was Dad’s day, and the babies are great. Thank God.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  18. Zack Angster says:

    Great information! I found you through Vegas Vince’s podcast. Hopefully he will let you talk next time. lol I don’t understand how the real estate part of what you teach works, but I can definitely do a domain redirect to an affiliate offer. I was thinking about giving a sign to a homeless person for a debt consolidation offer, because of the irony. Do you know what kind of affiliate offers produce the best results with signs?

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, glad you’re with Vince (you must be the only
      non-porn star he deals with, ha ha) and glad the audio helped.

      About the homeless people, working with “affiliate offers” isn’t
      usually as important as a serious company with a solid phone
      person or support that’ll take care of the people. A lot of companies
      just send BS email or have “VAs” return calls in a terrible (but good
      for us) manner. So I would start with just one serious group that’ll
      take care of your people.

      Hope that helps –

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  19. Michelle says:

    Awesome testimonials! What could you write on a sign to get loan modification leads? Having a hard time coming up with sign slogans for this group of folks. Any suggestions?

    • Derrick Ali says:

      **STOP SUICIDES!!!**
      1 of 7 in FORECLOSURE
      Just WANTED TO DIE!
      CALL: 312-555-1212
      **** 24 Hours ****

      **STOP SUICIDES!!!**
      1 of 7 in FORECLOSURE
      Just WANTED TO DIE!
      http://www.fastloanmodsDotNet InfoCom
      **** 24 Hours ****

      • Michelle says:

        Thanks Derrick, love the connection to foreclosure & suicide. Anything shocking will really turn heads! Your vids are really helpful, too.

        Do you use send the leads to a voicemail #, or answer each call as they come in?

        • Nick says:

          Hi Michelle,

          A dedicated local number is what you want to get started. Once you have a deal in place, you want the lender’s team to answer the call’s live as they come in, and have their voicemail system handle the rest.

          Get a Google Voice account, which is a free LOCAL number that you can forward to any phone number in the US. You can get a number anywhere in the US too… so it’s always local.

          You can have this Google Voice number be your “sign number” and use it for all the signs you test… once you have a lender deal, you simply login to Google Voice and forward the number to the lender’s main phone line.

          This gives you a TON of leverage, because all the calls are hitting YOUR number… If you own the number, you own the calls, and you can take those calls away if you want! So you maintain bargaining power in the deal at all times!

          If a lender deal falls through, simply get a new deal in place, and forward the Google Voice account to the new lender’s number. SIMPLE and Powerful!

          So, it’s one number on all the signs, then go put your signs in place, and then forward that number to the lenders number. If things change and you get a new lender with a new number, you won’t need to update the numbers on the signs at all.

          AND you have all call records too, so you have hard numbers to track which gives you independent verification of the lender’s call reports. YOU can track conversion rates without needing to contact the lender… all you do is log into Google Voice and BAM there is the data.

          So everybody… sign up already for Google Voice… it makes this SO much easier:


          Sign up for an invite, it will take about 2 weeks to get an invite… then once you have an account, Google allows you to send up to 3 invites to other email addresses.

          Create new Google/Gmail Accounts as you need them, then send the Voice invites to your new addresses… You have just invited yourself to a NEW local number which you can start using right away.

          Each new Voice Account you set up comes with 3 new invites… so when you need new numbers, just make brand new Google/Gmail accounts and send the invites to those accounts… then get the new numbers set up.

          This gives you access to UNLIMITED FREE Local Numbers you can forward to ANY phone system in the US. Crazy… huh?

          Best of success,

          • Vegas Vince says:

            Yo Nickster……as you know Vinnie’s got one.

            Problem is…..it’s more traceable then my cell number. Uggggg.

            As it google searchable……online. Capiche. Anyway how to I switch my settings so it show up as “Vegas Vince”…as I suspect he’s gonna be tough for code enforcement to trace. Let me know……and we’re back up and running FYI.

            Google voice rocks….love the redirect…..feature which you can forward to any phone. Wasn’t aware I had 3 built in invitations…..so thanks again Nick…..now I know why I pay you every month.

            xxx Vegas Vince

          • Jordan says:

            Google Voice is now free with no invite necessary!

          • Azam says:


            Thanks for sharing –

            – Azam

        • Derrick Ali says:

          Hey MICHELLE!

          You welcome and thank you for acknowledging my work.
          To answer you question regarding leads. I send them to
          a voice mail message and website. The Voicemail Teases
          while the Site is a Squeezpage with another video teaser
          to encourage them to give up their Email Address.
          Then I DRIP Market via auto-responder emails everything
          these homeowners need in order to Know+DO to Qualify
          to work with me…

          Hope this Helps

          I don’t chase them or call them back… they either continue to
          follow the process via email / fax or WE NEVER SPEAK Directly
          UNTIL They’ve Completed My Process or I just Turn Them Over
          to A Lender To Either Pre-Qual for a Refi And/or Agent to do a
          Listing Presentation ~ Both which I get paid a leads generation
          $ fee and/or % of commission upon the sale?

          • Azam says:


            My goodness, you should be making a *killing* from that, we’re doing
            something soon, and I promise you that it’ll sextuple your volume…

            I mean that, and I look forward watching you do that –

            Thanks for sharing.

            – Azam

      • Azam says:


        That’s awesome, great stuff and very helpful – that is appreciate Brutha!

        – Azam

        • derrickali says:

          Azam – [quote] Derrick,

          My goodness, you should be making a *killing* from that, we’re doing
          something soon, and I promise you that it’ll sextuple your volume…

          I mean that, and I look forward watching you do that –

          Thanks for sharing.

          – Azam [/quote]

          Connect with me anytime… day or night
          (517) 962-0161

    • Vegas Vince says:

      Michelle: Vinnie aint no real estate expert…..but I can tell you that a lot of peeps like my mom and dad have an “adjustable mortgage”……..which basically means the LENDER can jack up the mortgage payment out of the blue.

      My parents own a nice lake side home….but the fact is…..the stress of what may or may not happen is taking a toll on them…..because they have perfect credit….and are being told they might be better off purposely skipping a few mortgage payments….!!!!!! Several companies told them the same thing….I kid u not.

      First thing to do is find the “pain buttons”…….and spin it into something positive.

      I just hit the net for you…..and found this tidbit from one such loan modification company… and I quote him below:

      “Loan Modification Myths and Facts”

      Myth: Do you have to be late on your mortgage in order to be eligible for a loan modification?

      Fact: No, you do not have to be late, but it helps if you are. In other words, you will get more attention and help on your mortgage from your lender or servicer if you’re late.

      Now how would you go about creating an attention grabbing sign for that….or an ad?

      Perhaps something really strange…….a contradiction of sorts like:

      Home Owners?
      Call Michelle NOW 24/7
      xxx xxxx

      Mortgage Victims!
      Before It’s too late!
      Call Lisa Now xxx xxxx

      Call Michelle 24/7 xxx xxxx

      Home Owner Victims!
      Save Your Home Today!
      Michelle 24/7 xxx xxxx

      Anyway……hope that gives you a few ideas. Rock on, girl.

      p.s. Derrick Ali……your stuff is very good bro. Thanks for the great videos you posted. Continued success 2 U

      xxx Vegas Vince


      • Michelle says:

        Hey Vinnie! Good stuff, thanks very much for the sign suggestions. Had no idea that skipping payments would make lenders more willing to negotiate…but it makes sense.

        Yeah, the ARM mortgages can be really tough when rates rise. Hope things work-out for your parents.

        Thanks again,


      • Derrick Ali says:

        Thanks for the compliment Vince!
        And I have learned tons from You too…
        Maybe not as much as I have from OZ
        but Plenty to add to my bottom line of
        Marketing Positioning Currency!


      • Azam says:


        You’re going to love this, a young couple have been using this for a few years:

        * No Payments*
        “Fu** your bank,
        and get away
        with it!”
        How we did it…
        24 hours

        I didn’t plan on putting that up, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to use

        Always good to hear your ideas.

        – Azam

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you…

      Great ideas below, I would start with the consumers and then find
      a company (Provider) for them versus finding a company first.

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  20. zachary0611 says:

    Could someone show us a picture of a sign they have used before?

    • Azam says:


      I think Derrick has a video on YouTube about that, there are
      several examples somewhere… I should know this!

      If you still have problems finding one, Vince has got a
      *great* example…

      Hope that helps.

      – Azam

  21. Azam… As always… You are the BadAss of the Badassery… lol

    Keep em coming my friend…

    Your Friend
    Tony Profit

    Practice Safe Text.
    Get Paid To Share It!™

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and glad it is helping, we want to
      see you reach new levels so I look forward to hearing more
      from you…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  22. Azam,
    As ALWAYS… your posts are FULL of Powerful Information

    ANYONE who does not implement what they learn here…

    are foolish!

    Have an AWESOME Decade!

    Tony Profit

    Practice safe Text.
    Get Paid To Share It!™

    • Azam says:


      An awesome decade? That’s great, don’t normally
      hear that – Thanks again for the kind words and the
      feedback –

      I agree with the inaction and I know we don’t have to
      worry about that with you –

      Thanks again for sharing.

      – Azam

  23. Garrett_Francis says:

    Hey I wanted to give a shout out to Christy with this badass post. I know she probably doesn’t want me saying this but I’m proud of her…

    We joint ventured and she had 4 signs out and got 118 calls in one day! Obviously not all of these are going to be great leads, but if a mere 5% closed a loan and 2% were sent to a builder for a 5% fee and the other 3% were sent to an agent for a 25% fee, another 3% were sent to a landlord on a lease option with the down payment taken as profit and 10% were sent to a property management company for $10 a client, thats over $20,000 in one day! Do the math if you dont believe me. This doesn’t account for the other 70% of that client base either, but I figured pessimists would say you can’t convert all that. Maybe, but realize if you cut all those numbers in half, and then cut those numbers in half, and then once more thats still $2,500 from one day’s calls. Everyone needs to build their team asap. Let your clients dictate where you need to expand. If you aren’t getting 10% closing, so what? Getting more poor credit people than you want, adapt your model. Focus more with investors, landlords, builders (on terms), and property management companies. If your lenders start complaining about who you’re sending to them you didn’t qualify them hard enough and didn’t set the expectations to begin with truthfully. That’s your fault, apologize and if they’re doing twice as much work but increasing they’re income by at least 2x multiple, why are they bitching about conversion rates? Don’t be afraid to cut people off if they are complaining. Better to cut your losses early than late. Finding good lenders is just like any other business…a pain in the ass. Only 5% of the population account for most of the work done, so by default its not supposed to be easy to find the best, but once you get them on your team, they’ll make you a fortune.Send these groups so much business that they forget about what you “promised” them, and they just are focusing on making money off these people.

    Great job Christy I’m really proud of you and Rondelle is going to tear up the month of July, just wait.

    • Azam says:


      Great news, that’s incredible action…

      You should be killing it, I’d love to hear how these numbers pan out.

      I think you’re waiting for the dust to settle, but that’s how you get your
      Empire going G-Fran!

      Great stuff and Thanks for sharing.

      – Azam

  24. Vegas Vince says:

    Hey everybody…..since Vinnie pretty much screwed up my interview with Azam last week…..I decided to either retire from my show….or come back with something bad ass that Oz fans can actually relate to:

    So here ya go….. no sign in needed….the show will stream on it’s own or just push play:


    Here are the highlights of an interview I just did with NLP expert Glenn Osborn…and this dude is twisted…..and this entire show is sprinkled with Azamology….for real. Oz fans who been around for a long time will “get this.”

    Highlights of this recent episode include:


    1. Vince actually apologizes live on the air…. for what I consider the worst interview I’ve ever done…….I’ve never apologized for nothing ….so this alone is worth the squeeze.

    2. How to REVERSE HIRE 25 of the hottest Las Vegas strippers in the world for a private party for millionaires……..FOR FREE…….AND STRAIGHT UP…..THIS IS BEYOND BAD ASS…..THIS MODEL CAN BE TWEAKED AND USED FOR ANYTHING!

    3. How some chick became the number one Cadillac dealer in her town by sifting through the trash cans filled with gold….. left by dumb ass male car salesmen!

    4. How marketing legend and copy writing master of all time GARY HALBERT…..used a pink Mercedes to score hot chicks….do market research….and make millions of dollars….and OZ fans will love this one too!

    5. How a famous marketer literally read his newsletter in front of a packed house of 1000 people……..and had over 900 of them race out the door to buy HIS PRODUCT!

    6. A simple take away trick that one client used to score a deal with Steve Jobs from Apple….and this stuff aint never been published before.

    7. Why sexy girls surrounding a certain Las Vegas dice table…….increase casino profits by 40% !

    8. How to use “scratch off tickets” to score free stuff from bartenders, cashiers, and other peeps! Cool…and this works!

    9. How to position your business…and exploit the giant ego of Kobe Bryant…to the tune of $27K…….and this one is too funny! But boy is it dead on! A Las Vegas secret that you can apply yourself anywhere!

    10. How a millionaire became a billionaire selling insurance to pig farmers!

    11. Andrew Carnegie’s ultimate invisible sales secrets that aint found in any book.

    12. 3 simple questions you can ask the opposite sex…..and if you’re married…..hire a divorce lawyer…if you choose to screw around with this technique…….and much much more!

    Thanks to NLP Legend Glenn Osborn…..and be sure to check out his FREE EZINE available on the BTR blog…..as I posted a link for those of you smart enough to locate it.

    And be prepared to meet Alice in Wonderland gone wild……but Azam Meo fans will enjoy this dude……and I reference Oz throught out this show. Cutting edge stuff here peeps!

    And Oz….this might even be a “must listen” for you’se! Straight up…..I lost count of the number of techniques you both employ….but describe differently.

    Enjoy….with caution….Glenn’s stuff much like Azam’s aint for the weak, meak, sheep.

    Here’s the show link one last time: http://blogtalkradio.com/vegasvince

    xxx Vegas Vince

    • Azam says:


      I’m sorry you feel so bad about the audio, I said this to you earlier too…

      Hopefully you’ll feel better about this one, I don’t know of Glenn but I’ll try
      and get there to check it out.

      And I just saw the picture you sent – THAT WAS AWESOME!

      Never know that to expect from you… Thanks for that.

      – Azam

  25. Vegas Vince says:

    Garrett_Francis says:
    June 22, 2010 at 04:15

    Yo Vinnie,

    Looking back on our posts I agree 100% with what you said about specialization. We got different definitions, but we’re both talking about leveraging specialization of others. Right on. In regards to getting in contact with good lenders, from my very limited experience, I haven’t found a way to attract these top performers. Like you said, I think the closest thing would be to find badass agents and ask who they use. A little bit of synergy between lenders and agents, ain’t too bad.

    On another note, I listened to your podcast with Glenn. Great stuff man. There was some real gold in that interview. That guys has been around the block and been in contact with some real legends. Cool stuff.

    I wanted to get your take on the concept of using women to sell your product or service. Now I would agree with you for the most part that having sexy women helps draw attention and consequently sales with most products. What I wanted to know was did you track the results of your porn star sign campaign? Did you find a high % of calls were tire kickers that just liked the girls? My theory would be that you draw leads to your signs, but the demographic would be one that focuses on the girls and not the sign itself. Just an opinion and I’d love your take on it.


    Hey Garrett…..thanks for the comments and appreciate the feedback on my recent blog talk radio interview with Glenn Osborn…although I’m curious as to how you found it?

    As my post re: the episode was posted yesterday AFTER the show was over…..and it only shows up when I log in…..it’s not being seen by anyone else.

    On my end…..I can see the post is still awaiting moderation approval…..???

    Vegas Vince says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 21, 2010 at 11:04

    You’re right….Glenn provided a lot of gold …much of which I thought would be a benefit to Azam’s listeners considering Oz and Glenn seem to share a lot of the same spins on a variety of bad ass methods….

    As you know…..I referenced Azam many times through out the show in a POSITIVE LIGHT……so I’m baffled as to why over 24 hours later the post still requires Moderation Approval….. as you’re responding after I posted the link to the show……..SO obviously there is some issue with my post…technical or otherwise….????

    So as much as I’d like to give you my spin on females in marketing etc…….I’ll wait until I’m told what the issue is regarding the post in question…..as this is Azam’s house…not mine.

    Sorry Garrett……but hope you understand.

    I don’t feel right commenting about a thread that hasn’t been approved for what ever reason. Hopefully it’s just a technical glitch.

    xxx Vegas Vince

    • Todd says:


      Appreciate your posts, you put up some great, funny, highly useful stuff, I too listened in to part of your blogtalk show with Glenn as the link was available- last nite at least, it was late and I was dropping off so I was gonna come back to it- anyway you and Glenn had some great banter and that guy does have a HUGE amount of background, and with legends in the biz- let us know how to get back to it. Thanks-


      • Vegas Vince says:

        Hey Todd, thank u bro. I almost didn’t respond….as I am not sure if I’m still welcome in this house or not?

        I’m glad you you enjoyed Glenn Osborn show….as did others…. who had a chance to catch it prior to the link being removed from this forum.

        As I told Garrett…..I’m in a rather uncomfortable position here in terms of responding……as it appears that the show post was removed after the fact……for reasons I do not understand.

        For those of you who listened to my Glenn Osborn blog talk radio interview…. prior to the link being removed from here…….am I missing something?

        As I thought the show was not only relevant…… but that I went out of my way to continually mention Azam throughout the episode…in a positive light……those who listened please back me up on that part.

        This show was not a “pitch fest”…..I wasn’t pimping a product via hijacking this forum etc…..and those of you who listened…. know that.

        In fact…..I referenced Azam’s brilliance throughout the interview as those of you who caught it….can back me up on that.

        Glenn Osborn like Azam Meo…. is someone everyone can learn from….and I thought that was the idea here…to share????

        I thought many of Glenn’s ideas modeled from many legendary billionaires would be something of value to students and fans of OZ….as well as my own students. Based on the posted and private feedback I’ve received….that appears to be the case.

        So I am confused and saddened about this…..as I have NO joint venture arrangement in place with either Azam Meo…or Glenn Osborn….and have NO CLUE as to why I’m even defending myself right now for trying to do something positive.

        How many other marketers would send there students to another guy’s site…… because it was the right thing to do? Not too many I assure you.

        I do it…….. because I want my peeps to get access to the best information possible….and I go out of my way to promote Azam Meo because I truly believe he’s that damn good. Period. End of story.

        I’m sorry Todd….but you’ll have to find the link to the show on your own bro. This aint my house. I posted it…it was removed…..and while I don’t understand…..the fact is…..this is not my forum. The post was zapped for a reason…and I’d rather just respect that and move along….to something more positive.

        I wish everyone great success in all their respective endeavors……and as always…may u live 2 see the dawn…..may all your dreams come true……and may u always remain forever young.

        Vegas Vince

        • Todd says:

          Vince, I think you’re too real and add waaaay too much spice to the conversation to piss off Azam 😉

          • Azam says:


            Yeah, like I said above I’m not sure what happened I thought it
            was a joke at first, but I think everything got worked out earlier…

            Thanks for sharing as always –

            – Azam

        • derrickali says:

          Vinnie – I see its back up… Stop Your Sulking and Get Back to the Grind of Money Making!

          BTW – Just checked out your audio on Currencies and Closeouts!!! Amazing idea kept me up all night… I found a commodities opportunity for selling “white corn” overseas… look like a monthly 6-7 figure earner!
          Thanks for sharing!

          • Vegas Vince says:

            Thanks Big D…..but Vinnie aint got time to sulk.

            Life is good…..and best of luck with the currencies and closeouts……glad u are enjoying that.

            Remember you can use a simple one page option to control ANYTHING….not just real estate.

            And remember perception is reality…….which is why them ripped used Levi jeans go for 15 bucks over here…. and fetch a hell of a lot more $$$ then that over in Japan…..same jean…..different perceived value. Arbitrage at it’s finest, bro….and the so-called “bad economy” has created warehouses full of “widgets” collecting dust…….so take advantage of it.

            Todd…..thank U bro. Glad U liked the show. Now if I can get Oz back on for a rematch….I think I can pull it off this time……and until he agrees….I’m gonna continue to have chicks get naked and hold up his sign.

            ANYWAY…..GARRETT…WILL HIT YOU WITH THE SPIN LATER TODAY….AS VINNIE IS OFF TO BED…..hope you are kicking ass and taking frigging names.

            And finally…..Kelly……just in case you’se thought Vinnie got “soft” over the past two days……let me show ya what a bad ass bandit sign looks like……

            100% GANGSTER STUFF…..cuz Vinnie talks the talk….but every now and then….he walks the walk too.



            xxx Vegas Vince

          • Azam says:


            Glad that helped, I didn’t know anything was taken down but good
            to see everything is working now…

            Thanks for supporting each other.

            – Azam

        • Azam says:


          I’m not sure what you’re referring to, this kind of caught me by surprise so…

          I’m going to guess that this was a very realistic delusion brought on by
          excessive, morally reprehensible acts of debauchery…

          Seriously, I’m not in charge of that stuff anymore – we had to do something
          for the maintenance but I think if you just send us an email and let us know
          you’re you things should be fixed.

          And as I’m re-reading what you wrote, I shouldn’t have joked about it either –
          it is obvious you were hurt by this and I’m sorry about that – so please let me
          know that this is fixed – if there’s any problems in the future if you just let us
          know I’m sure it’ll be fixed.

          You’re fine now, right?

          Please let me know Vince…

          Thanks for sharing.

          – Azam

          • Vegas Vince says:

            Oz…..all is good……and will continue to be. Millie straightened me out a while back….but thanks for asking. Life is good in Vinny Land….and it is my sincere hope everyone else can continue to accumulate and apply the great info that is being provided here…..as they can and will liberate those who take deliberate, effective action.

            peace, Vegas Vince


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