Using Signs & My Badass Baby Girl

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Being A Badass Volume 3










"Nobody in football should be called a genius.  A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."

- Joe Theismann, NFL quarterback and analyst

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business."

- Henry Ford

"I'm not against blacks, and a lot of the good blacks will attest to that."

- Evan Mecham, as governor of Arizona

The first female parrot I ever adopted...

Was a handful.

We used to call her - and still do - "CB", the 'C' stands for Crazy.

She would attack anything that came near her cage, she wouldn't let anybody touch her, she would almost never would leave her sleep spot - and she would rarely talk.

I never knew -

How hard a parrot could bit until I met her.

One day I thought she broke my finger, Stephanie has had to get stitches and Millie thought she was a missing a piece of ear (we called her Tyson after that) and all because CB...

Was, contradictory to what we were told, raised without human positive human contact; she was NOT handfed, she was NOT spoke to, but she WAS shocked by an electric-cage apparatus if she didn't behave - in short she

Didn't trust humans

And that's an understatement.

That mistrust was so strong it led to pure hatred.

She didn't just bite, attack and try to intimidate because she was defending, she proactively hated us and wanted to cause pain.

I won't get into everything that we did to eventually win her trust, but I will say that it took almost a full year for her to believe that I wasn't going to hurt her when I tried to feed her from my hand...

a full year.

And this is also what prompted us to start our own Parrot Adoption Agency and clean up that industry by putting the liars out of business - including the group that worked with CB.  Her real names is Zazu by the way, you may remember the name from The Lion King.

She also goes by Pretty Girl

But she says "Pretty Pretty Girl" for some reason she says 'pretty' twice.

Anyway - she is one of the most inspiring, Badass individuals I've ever met.

I've been so inspired and moved by her, I'm crazy about my babies - but she is special and just watching her really touches me.

How Badass is she?

Whenever wolves or coyotes howl (the house I'm referring to is actually "the last house on the left" with a similar backyard) and the other babies all freak out and fly away -

She will fly at them, stand at the edge of the porch and start howling back.

She will try an intimidate deer and raccoons that get to close, she showers upside down (I have no idea why, but if that's not Badass then I don't know what is) if the TV is too loud she will stand on it and crack her beak through the screen -

She once fractured her ankle and we were told she wouldn't walk on it or fly for at least six weeks... the next she was resting solely on it (parrots often sit on one foot and curl the other to rest) meaning she was standing and putting all her weight on the "bad" one -

We got her wings clipped which handicaps flight for at least two to three months (it has with every other parrot we've had) but less than a week a later she was back in action -

She never plays with anything and when she sees her reflection in the mirror she doesn't play or talk like every other parrot does - instead she will sit there motionless staring at herself for hours... it'd kind of crazy, like -

Michael Myers or something

It used to concern me, but from what I'm being told she is learning to love.

And she has learned volumes about that.

As of right now, she is the most loving parrot we have.  Whenever somebody is sick or not feeling well, she will fly on their head and start talking in a really sweet voice - or she won't say anything and she'll just stare at you until you get up and start moving around.

One time I was under the weather and fell asleep on the couch.  When I got up about two hours later she was resting on my chest - where she stayed - for the entire time, as soon as my eyes opened she asked "Are you okay?"

I love that girl, oh yeah...

She will eat anything

She will go through cupboards, open cabinets and even open car doors (I told you she's a Badass) - she will do whatever it takes to get more food.

Her favorite thing to eat is... whatever you're eating.

So I have to keep her out of the kitchen area, and to do that I use a -

Giant screen door

It rests on the stairs and nearly blocks of all access to go up the stairs - so even if you wanted to walk up or down them you would have to move it or be really thin to squeeze yourself around it.

As soon as the first screen got put up, she would sit in front of it and strategize how to get around.

Here's why I'm telling you this

Not that I need an excuse - I love talking about her - but if I have a point or a "take away" about her today then this is it.

Every screen blockade that we have used... has eventually failed.

It may take her a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks - but she will stand down, intimidate, peck and fly at every door we use.  I used to think she just wanted to get upstairs but -

That's not it!

I realized this after she got upstairs and then came back down without even hunting for anything.

She just wants to know she can.

She just wants me to know I won't stop her.

She just wants to do it, to rise to - and beat - the challenge.

This isn't easy

To her, these doors must weigh a ton - and four vets have told me that for to move one is "impossible".

They didn't know her very well.

She has flown right through a door - and left a slit in it - she torn through another door from the ground up, she flew into one seven times before it got knocked over and then she flew upstairs -

She will NOT stop -

I just slow her down - but I've never stopped her.

Right now she is pacing back and forth, plotting her next move.

I love it.

She will NOT tire

She will NOT settle

She will NOT give in

She will NOT complain

She absolutely will NOT stop -

And, eventually, she will get upstairs

If, for no other reason, than to prove to me she can.

How can you not love this girl?

"...Raising Over 70 Grand
In Two Days


I cannot thank you enough for your material!  I know that you want to hear about specific examples of what we are doing with your strategies so here it goes.

Last week I read your brilliant examples of adding credibility to fund raising efforts with universities and the VFW associations.  Well I tried it and it the response was off the charts!!!

I'll spare you all the details but after I two presentations at my son's local community college I presented at a ABSW dinner to 50 audience members.  They were so impressed with my "experience" that I was one of the keynotes and two gentlemen offered over $20,000 in private money when I was done.  The kicker was that another gentlemen called me the next day and asked me to present to some of his friends at an advisory meeting.  There I had commitments of over $50,000.

This has changed everything and for the first time I have the financial backing to do as many deals as I want.  I have four offers and one already accepted, this month should be my best ever.

Thank You Azam!!!

Linda Dwine
Kent, Mi

Thanks Linda, and good news.  I think if you "broker" that money out instead of doing the deals you'll make more, but I'm thrilled you're putting this in place and I look forward to comments and sharing more of you Badassery...

- Azam

Finding the application of ideas -

To different situations is the definition of intelligence.

So when you hear somebody downplay an idea or concept because of their "area", "industry" or "business being different" they are - by definition - voluntarily being stupid.  They're, again by definition, not as smart as the Badass who finds the application.

So I recommend finding the application - make it "work for you", because if nothing else - you'll get smarter by doing this.

This week we're going to a video Episode:

How to use ugly "bandit" signs to make over ten grand a month, and how to keep them up no matter where you live... and other Badass stuff...


Click Here To Download The Video

You will need QuickTime to watch the video. You can download it here:








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168 Responses to “Using Signs & My Badass Baby Girl”
  1. Heidi Bogarty says:

    Hi AZAM!

    I know that you actually read and respond to some of these so I just wanted to tell you that we think you are doing an outstanding job. I got my first deal lined up because of you and my two sisters and husband are now officially hooked on your video. You are too funny.

    “Edutainment” at the best!


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear, and your sisters and husband sound like they’re
      smart as hell… I just have a feeling about them…

      I’m glad you’re sharing and appreciate the feedback, and between
      the four of you we should expect some KILLER numbers, right?

      I’m going to hold you to that…

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  2. Kyle says:

    This episode is why I love you Azam. Absolutely BRILLIANT STUFF man, and this year my goal is to be a student of yours I devour everything you put out. Keep it coming!

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear, and Thanks for the sharing your thoughts – I have to
      say that I totally agree with you… strange I know – seriously though,
      I appreciate it and you should have no problem hitting those numbers
      you mentioned last week either, right?


      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  3. Howdy Buddy says:

    This is the best “educational video episode” I have ever seen in my life. Are you even wearing pants? Funny, smart and slightly offensive. Won’t look at signs the same again and I will be “putting this in place” today! Thank You!!!

    • Azam says:


      Howdy, I’m making a note to be half-naked for the next Episode, ha ha.

      Yeah actually I was wearing shorts, but good eyes… glad you are looking
      at signs differently, and I promise it’ll make a difference to your company
      so I’d love to hear how you use them.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  4. Hal says:

    Love the way you talk about your animals your business sense is inspiring, how do you hire people like Millie and Sunny to work for you? It would be a lot easier if I had them.

    • Azam says:


      I love my babies, sounds like you do too and I think that’s great.

      About the hiring, I’m making a note now to do an Episode on that
      but I think the “secret” about hiring is in the Policies and the *type* of
      company that you build – so I’d inject passion and the Badassery that
      we go over. Love to hear about how you do it…

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  5. Maxwell says:


    I agree, funny as hell. That may be the problem though, I found myself laughing out
    loud so many times that I would miss a point you made and have to rewind. It took
    nearly an hour to get through this. Remarkable content though.


    • Azam says:


      So too funny and host was too good-looking, got it, got it… I’m taking notes…

      Thanks for your feedback, I’m curious about how you recommend we fix the
      issues you brought up?

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  6. Andrew Carter says:

    Azam you are the man. I tried watching while I was eating. Big mistake.

    Now I have noodles on my screen and keyboard.

    You are F-ING hilarious!

    • Azam says:


      Sorry about the noodles – it was all part of my master plan.

      Glad you liked the episode and I’d love to hear your results.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  7. Roger M says:


    I can’t wait until the day I talk like you.

    You really are the best.


    PS you should have been a comedian

    Roger Maxx
    Maxx Investment Group LLC

    • Azam says:


      Talking like me? That’s scary…

      I really appreciate your feedback, I don’t know about the
      comedian career, but I’ll keep it in mind.

      Love your name.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  8. Bill Percey says:

    The video didn’t play the first time but then I used IE and it worked. Awesome stuff Azam

    • Azam says:


      Glad it (eventually) played for you and thanks for the feedback.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  9. Bruce T. says:

    Team Oz,

    Love it.

    ‘Nuff said.


    • Azam says:



      ‘Nuff said.

      (seriously, Thanks for the feedback.)

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  10. Kylene Roche says:

    this almost got me fired, three of my coworkers and i have been watching you and taking notes all hour!

    • Azam says:


      Coworkers? Getting fired? We need to fix that don’t we?

      I’m glad you are sharing the message and love though, let’s
      put a plan together to get you Badasses out of that job…

      Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot – I’ll try harder to
      make SURE you get fired next time, how’s that?

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  11. Layla says:

    will this work in my area? LOL! My business partner and I watched this video at least ten times, it never gets old! Do you write this stuff and read from a script or come up with it on the fly? How can you make it up that fast? You are awesome Azam!

    • Azam says:


      NO – it won’t work in your area, I just checked.

      Honestly all the credit for the Episode goes to Randall
      and Stephanie, they are incredible with it and I just
      show up and talk… then go back to the trailer for
      hair and make-up.

      Seriously, I’m blessed to have them – and I really
      appreciate your words.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  12. Azam… you are a genius!

    Keep em coming…


  13. Azam… you are a genius!

    Keep em coming…

    • Azam says:


      Great, glad it helped.

      Love to hear more about how you put this in place…

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  14. Bob says:

    AZAM”S SIGNS WORKED IN MY AREA! I have used his neon yellow and neon green poster board signs and gotten over 200 calls in 5 days from 20 signs. 3 weeks later, I was out of state, and tried the same message, in a similar format but with screen printed 18″ x 24″ on yellow coroplast with 30 signs put out (same 20 locations then 10 more) – we only got 40 calls in the week, and only 3 people that came to see the house! DO IT HIS WAY – THIS GUY KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT – IT REALLY DOES WORK AS ADVERTISED !!! Why does it work? Bigger and taller signs, 3″ letters, hand written, simple 4 or 5 line message: Bob’s tip – write on the back too – something like EZ TERMS or MOVE IN TODAY with a house outline drawn around it, plus the phone number. I found a local 7 digit number works best. Stuff on the back adds another 40% response!

    • Azam says:


      So this worked in your area? That’s weird… ha ha.

      Thanks for sharing, and seems like you track things like
      a monster – awesome as well. I think when you add these
      little tweaks from the Episode above you’ll get even more
      Badass numbers happening.

      I think you’re going to do it Bob, and you’re going to have
      some great stuff to share from it, I (and all of us here) will
      look forward to that.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  15. Alan says:

    Great stuff, but only the first half of the video plays.

    • Azam says:


      Thanks for the feedback, that issue should be fixed soon so
      please let me know if you still have problems –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  16. Garrett Francis says:

    Azam I’m back again with some praise and a small update…

    My mom has an upscale baby furniture store and has had problems with pulling in new clients and traffic flow in the store. I combined this technique with your educational package. I put out signs that said, “3 ways to increase your baby’s immune system by 46% for free!” we took all the leads and put them into an email program and sent out educational reports and as an incentive if they came into the store they would get 10% off any item and 20% if they brought another family. We also made it a “policy” to greet everyone that walks in the door an ask if they’ve seen any other baby stores in the area. If they say yes we always respond, “oh great so they told you how to increase your baby’s life expectancy by 4 years right?” “oh they didn’t?!?” “huh, well sign up for our email list and we’ll send it right over to you.”

    our list has increased by 36% in 2 weeks. It took 13 months to get that increase in the past. Sales in the past 11 days are more than sales all of last month. Great stuff azam I love it. I’m getting closer to my dream to apply and hopefully receive training from you personally with your alliance project. Thanks and God bless!

    • Azam says:


      Look at you – that’s some Badassery there, uh?

      Great news, so you are basically growing the company at
      three times the rate it was before – that’s awesome and I
      appreciate not only your feedback but your sharing as well.

      I’m glad you’re so hungry, and since I know you’re not going
      to piss this away – I think when you put the stuff from the
      Episode above in place you’ll make a killing.

      IN FACT – I’m going to make a bold statement – if you follow
      the exact Policies on the Episodes (and I honestly think you
      WILL) you’ll be doing at least 10 grand a month.

      So you’ll partner with a group to get your signs out at
      high traffic and then partner with 3-5 Providers to handle
      the leads/consumers – you’ll rock it Garrett!

      I don’t mean to get you off track, but you can do it all within
      a day and I’m THRILLED that you’re actually DOING something
      with this.

      Badass Garrett, that’s your new name, ha ha.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

    • Dan says:

      hey, Francis, Azam said you were around my age (17) and gettin into some badassery too :) If you’d like to chat, email me at dgaunn4114 at Thanks for your time.


      • Garrett Francis says:


        Glad you sent me a message man. I’d be down to chat anytime we have free schedules. My email is francis (dot) garrett (at) gmail (dot) com. One word of advice looking back over my short life so far is to develop an almost reckless sense of desire and decisiveness in your life. Your comment about putting Azam’s material in place “this summer” makes me believe that you either don’t truly want to have crazy results or you’re waiting to learn more about his model. Please, please, please, don’t follow either choice because you will not succeed without desire and decisiveness.

        There’s a saying that comfort in one’s life only reveals fear and doubt. Being uncomfortable shows a willingness to change and reach one’s dreams. Learn to love uncomfortable situations and when comfort sets in, get a new goal/dream.

  17. Tim Cronin says:

    Enjoyed the humor, and to tell you the truth, I never really thought of some of those things before. Since I live and work on LI,NY, and have been told by national trainers that LI is different, I’m a little leary of trying some of this, especially because I don’t know what to write on the signs you mentioned. But because things are slow, and I do work with lenders and agents, I’d think about giving this a shot. I like the way you think outside the box. Lemme know if you’ll tell me what to put on those signs. Thanx.

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, I’d be careful who you listen to
      (including/especially me) and when people talk about
      areas, industries, times, etc. being “different” punching
      them in the face – at least mentally – has worked well
      for others…

      About what to put on the signs, I’ll be honest and say
      that you probably won’t do this anyway, but just to help
      here’s an example:

      *Must Sell*
      You can
      Move In
      24 hours

      I went over the format, like the box, on the Episode.

      Hope that helps –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  18. Todd says:

    hey Azam,

    What does my pos computer need to play the video? (getting the audio…) thanks

    • Azam says:


      Good to hear from you, we are fixing something with the
      player so it should run better within the hour, if you still
      have problems please let us know because I want to
      make sure you get everything…

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  19. Todd says:

    PS apologies for the wholly lacking badassitude in the prior comment/query…can’t wait to Hoover this info up!!

    • Azam says:


      Badassery was completely absent… UNACCEPTABLE!

      Ha ha, I didn’t even notice so what’s that say about me?

      The Episode should play for you though –

      – Azam

  20. Dan says:

    I sincerely believe that you are the best guy on the internet to learn about real estate and how to own a real and successful business. I f*cking love you man!

    I’m a 17 year old and I want to get started with using your stuff this summer. If you could recommend me one of your products to begin with. I’ve had some experience with online marketing, but none in real estate.


    • Azam says:


      I totally agree with you, “I’m a Baaad Man!” Ha ha, seriously
      I appreciate your feedback.

      17? That’s great, I was about your age when I got my RE
      license – and no I don’t think you need one – that is also about
      the time I started my model career…

      As far as where to start the only thing we have is here:

      I’m only telling you this so you don’t have to searching or
      wonder if we anything else because we don’t (except for the
      Alliance Project but that’s a whole another story:
      and the 23Days is required) but –

      You do NOT need that, just going through this material, getting
      HUNGRY and putting it in place should help – if nothing else connecting
      with Francis – on this page – should help, he’s your age and he is
      really doing some Badass stuff.

      I’m thankful that younger people like you are getting smarter.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  21. Vegas Vince says:

    Yo Oz……first off THANK YOU for being a guest on my show last night.

    I feel like I let my listeners down….. as we got cut off 30 minutes sooner then I had planned. For that I apologize to you, your team, and all of my listeners.

    Really wanted to get in to the TF strategies and a few other things….but with that said… listeners loved the show.

    For any of your peeps: here is the link for the live stream from last night: with Azam and I….no sign up or opt in needed…..just hit the play button

    Thanks again OZ…..truly hope we can schedule a part 2 at your earliest opportunity.

    Also….managed to have my tech team fix my “gypsy hacker” issue… Barter Arbitrage is up and running again.

    OK…so how in the hell do I watch this video you’se have up now?

    Vinnie as you know……. aint no rocket scientist…do I need quick time? As all I am seeing is a blue circle. Help a brother out.

    Once again….thank you, Millie and everyone else…my sincere apologies for the show ending abruptly. Feel really bad about that.

    Always, Vegas Vince

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear – yeah we didn’t go over much on that audio, but
      I’m glad it helped and Thanks (as always for the feedback) from
      what I know the Episode is being worked on so if nothing else
      there should be an update when it is done.

      I’ll update you then…


      Thanks for the feedback, that issue should be fixed soon so
      please let me know if you still have problems –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

      • VegasVince says:

        Thanks, OZ…..even my girl Sylvia has not been able to figure out the plug in to view the audio….and she’s pretty sharp. lol

        Thanks again…’s hoping we can do part two…..and get right into it…… a lot of my listeners needed me to layout your credibility…..because your stuff is so good…most people wouldn’t believe what you actually do.

        And damn…Vinnie had two questions…..even I didn’t get a chance to ask :(

        You were a class act Oz….for real. And even though you don’t like to brag….the honor was all mine.

        Cuz it aint braggin’ if it’s true!

        Let’s do it again! Anytime!

        And let me and Syl know what we can do for you and yours.

        Peace, Vegas Vince

        • Azam says:


          Sure, and thanks again for the kind words, I know we
          didn’t get into things as much – and I’ll make sure you
          get an email so we can hopefully fix that.

          Also the Episode now has a link so you can watch it
          that way hopefully.

          We should connect again…

          Thanks again for the support!

          – Azam

  22. Henry Atwood says:

    Azam and Team – I have been going through your stuff like a crazy man and when I read these comments about people getting results the same day I just never saw how it was possible. In your email you urged taking action today and I dreaded doing it but I did. I followed your instructions exactly and now I have six signs up with agreements with the homeowners and two businesses. I am using my church to help raise money and you are right because 110% of the people agreed, I know that is impossible but you get my point. At last count I have over 89 calls! I have two investors who will be partnering with me on this, and they are blown away with my briliance, thanks Azam you are my secret weapon. Testimonial: This was all done in ONE DAY and while I was AT WORK NO LESS, no more laziness!!! No excuses!

    You are gifted.

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and AWESOME progress, I’m glad you pushed
      through and got this done. 80+ calls in a day, even if you convert at
      just 10-20% that’s a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and
      you can hit that everyday just like others are.

      I’m proud of you and thankful that you took this seriously enough to
      put in place, great work Brutha. I think you are in danger of losing
      job, which is a top priority, right?


      Thanks for the feedback, that issue should be fixed soon so
      please let me know if you still have problems –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  23. Bill says:

    Hey Azam,

    I tried watching the video 3 times, on IE and firefox but it’s not going all the way. I tried again and it got to about 3 5 minutes then restarted. I can’t fast forward either so I have to watch from the beginning each time.

    Can you please send me a direct link or download for the vid?

    I would appreciate it.


    • Azam says:


      I hear you, and now there is a link so you should be able
      to put it on your computer and watch it that way – if you
      still have problems please let us know.

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  24. Michelle says:

    Really love your videos, Azam. You are always so entertaining, and I look forward to receiving emails from you. I have 2 questions about how I can apply your video advice.

    So, I post Neon Yellow cardboard signs with Black handwritten text that says….

    *Must Sell*
    You can
    Move In
    24 hours

    in high traffic areas, determined by Google Maps &

    There’s just one problem here –> I don’t have any inventory of houses! I am a complete “newbie” to RE investing.

    What do I say when the homeowner (whose yard I am placing the sign in) asks which house I am selling..? What do I tell the folks who call….that the “imaginary” house has already been sold? And then forward them to the mortgage broker?

    How do you legally receive a commission arrangement from a mortgage broker ? According to what I was taught (my limited understanding of the law), brokers are restricted under RESPA from receiving referral fees/kickbacks. How do you get around this?

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and Thanks for your feedback…

      That sign was just one example, and we’ll probably be doing
      another Episode about the legality (ownership is one way to
      deal with this) but for now I’d suggest either working with
      the investors, sites or loan mods like the Episode went over or –

      Just partnering with an investor who has houses and a closing

      Hope that helps Michelle –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  25. Jason says:

    Great vid, Azam!

    Good stuff as usual.

    Looks like you’ve been losing weight too! Good for you!


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you – and yeah I’ve dropped quite a bit
      but I’m still fat so… working on it.

      Glad you liked the Episode –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  26. Ryan Keaton says:

    HOLY SH$% Azam – you ARE a GENIUS and I don’t use that word lightly, yesterday I made four calls to lenders about this and I spoke with two of them. TODAY they all called back and are ready to provide office space and at least one employee ON THEIR DIME and I haven’t even done MARKETING yet!!!



    • Azam says:


      That is AWESOME, I’m really gald you put this in place and now you’re
      adding lending companies to the Keaton Empire (The Usual Suspects…)
      and I’d love to hear more about this latest feat of Badassery –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  27. Kelly says:

    Hey AZ,

    I think it is awesome that you actually answer and respond to these “Badass Comments”, that says a lot about you and we all know how busy you are. Thank you for all that you do.

    The Episode was freaking crazy awesome, I learned more from that than I have in 4 years of going to bootcamps and seminars and RE meetings!


    Kelly Ritz

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear, and glad it helped – I’d love to hear how you put
      this in place –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  28. Akon41 says:

    You are crazy. Brilliant, but crazy.

    • Azam says:


      Appreciate it… I think… okay, I thought about it
      and YES I do appreciate it.

      Thanks for the feedback Akon –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  29. Rondelle says:

    Awesome ideas Azam. I love it.

    I’m a Long Island guy and everyone here ALWAYS says (like someone who posted above) that this stuff doesn’t work here.

    One big reason is that the cops are crazy when it comes to people putting signs up. They’ll actually arrest you for that.

    You just gave us a solution for that! Awesome. I would LOVE to actually have some of the cops help me put signs up.

    I am going to do this and I’m going to make some bank with it.

    I guess the best way to do this is to call lenders and iron out a deal with them first?

    I would love if you could expand more on how you actually use dialog and make deals with the lenders and the realtors. I am naturally introverted and I can write well, but when I am on the spot talking to people I get tongue tied.

    I would love to hear more!

    Thanks Azam!

    Long Island, NY

    • Garrett Francis says:


      Present yourself as a “gatekeeper” ( you have all the resources and clients that other companies lenders, agents, investors, etc need) and see if they want your business. Azam did an interview with I think Inc. magazine where he goes into with more detail about the “offer script”.

      heres an example:

      call lender receptionist: “Who would I need to talk to about getting a loan?”…she transfers you to lender: “How may I help you?”….”Yes Linda tells me that you’re the guy to talk to about getting loans, is that right”?…(after he qualifies himself) say, “Well I have X amount of calls from clients per day that are wanting to get qualified for a loan, who do you recommend I contact?” They’ll immediately say that they can help. Then the interview begins and you start questioning they’re competency and see If they are good enough for you (Always be the judger, not the judged). When you feel comfortable go into saying, “Great well we’re working with a number of lenders in the area comparing rates, referal fees, policies, programs, etc. so as far as an offer that best suits both of us, what do you suggest? If he asks what you normally charge, do not give him a figure, say that you’re just getting offers right now so you’re not disclosing what others lenders are offering. Get his number and then say, “Ok so if another competent lender comes back with an offer of X amount above yours, would you match that or better yet, should we even contact you?”

      Find there ceiling and do this with about 5 other lenders and pick the most motivated one. That’s it. The key is to present yourself not as a salesman trying to get referalls, but someone who has the capacity to blow there company up with business. Anytime you can consistently provide extreme value to a company they will bend over backwards for you, and if they don’t, they’re idiots. Get what they need, get the crowd, name your price.

      • Rondelle says:

        Wow Garrett, that is just AMAZING. I think I have the jist of this. I will try it. I wish there was a way for us newer people to go through this with a certain level of “hand holding” but being uncomfortable I’m sure is just part of the process that I will have to go through to get to success, right?

        It’s actually a big step for me to be the “go to guy” as I’m a pretty introverted person but I will do this regardless.

        Thank you!

        • Todd says:

          Hey Rondelle,

          I’m going thru reading the awesome posts from all of these badasses and badasses-to-be…:) and I have to tell you, you said “I’m pretty introverted” in both of your posts, the reality is, you’re NOT.

          There’s a REAL you that’s just as much or maybe even more of a motherf**king BADASS than even AZAM, but your “persona” keeps telling you otherwise (I’m kidding about being more than Azam, or Vegas Vince, or any of the other Badasses out there…the reality is EVERY ONE of us is a BADASS, we just have to rip thru and SHRED the LIES to ourselves that we’re anything OTHER)

          Decide what you want and realize IT IS THERE FOR YOU. NOW. This INSTANT!

          Rondelle, I’m just telling you this because I have done this and I still have many lies that I am working to deep SIX for GOOD, but first you have to acknowledge and realize that you’re CREATING that, it’s not the REAL you, the REAL you is INFINITE and capable of A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

          In fact the reality is, all of the Badassery referred to in all of these great posts, propagaged by Azam et al- is all CHILD’S play for the real you.

          The ones playing out the Badassery game to these awesome levels already know that, deeply and unquestioningly, and that’s why it IS child’s play for them!

          I hope you’re not going, “ok, STFU already about it” :) Just realize what you’re telling yourself and see what it creates in your reality. And further realize that it’s all made up, malleble, changeable. Literally, ANYthing- is possible.

          • Azam says:


            That was heartfelt and deep, and I appreciate you helping others that way…

            I agree with you totally, and everybody here is (or can easily be) much more
            Badass than me or anybody else, in fact a lot of people would have done TEN
            times as much I’ve done if they were given what I was given.

            That mentality – you know, getting your head in the right place, it really does
            make such a difference. I’m really happy to see you inspired and light up this
            way – so Thanks for sharing –

            Now we’re going to hold you to this and make sure you put more Badassery
            into business starting now, I’d love to hear more about that…

            Thanks again for the support!

            – Azam

          • Rondelle says:

            Hi Todd,

            Thanks for that. I think I know what you mean. Do you have any particular strategies or methods to use that can reprogram my mind into believing that?

          • Azam says:


            Always good to hear from you, we’re doing something
            in a few days that should help…

            Thanks again for the support!

            – Azam

      • Roger says:

        Mr. Francis,

        I have been a sales trainer and real estate professional for over 20 years and I can’t believe I’m saying this but your comment is the most mind blowing breakdown that I have ever read!

        I’m in Tulsa and I really was hesitant about doing anything in my area, Azam joked about this and convinced me to think about doing it in the video above but only after reading your post did I feel equipped. I printed your post out and read it word-for-word and as of 20 minutes ago I have six lenders to choose from and two of them have already made offers for ownership in their companies.

        I simply can’t believe what just happened. Garrett, you and Azam have changed my life today. Here’s my cell: (EDITED BY SAFEGUARD)call me directly and I will pay you half of what I make. Azam, I know you hear this all the time but my friend you are truly, extraordinarily brilliant!


        Roger Sistack

        • Garrett Francis says:


          Thank you very much for the kind words. I’d love to take the credit for my post, but it’s just an interpretation of Azam’s material. In regards to working with lenders, I have a contract drawn up that deals with referral fees if you need it, but I don’t think you will because any client will be sure to keep you in their good graces if they want future business. To talk more about splits, compensation, questions feel free to email me at francis (dot) garrett (at) gmail (dot)com or gecapital31 (at) gmail (dot) com. I can’t access your number so email me and I’ll get back to you within the same day.

        • Azam says:


          Great to hear from you, and Thanks for sharing, yeah Francis
          is definitely shaping up to be a Badass. I’m impressed and
          thankful that you are offering him a cut of what you make,
          I explained below that I think this is a great way to go – for
          anybody – just to get him on board.

          You were already ahead of me though…

          I’d love to see how this turns out, and how much you make –

          As always feel free to share the love (this page) this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

          Thanks again for the support!

          – Azam

      • Stephanie Bell says:


        I’m not supposed to say this but I’m going to anyway.

        I remember you calling about getting the money together for the Alliance Project
        some time ago, I wouldn’t mention that here but I see that you already did. I don’t
        say this very often, in fact almost never and one of the last times I did I was talking
        to JJ – but I’m telling you this:

        Keep this up and you’re not going to have money problems ever again, and soon
        (definitely this year) you’ll be a Terminator. If you don’t that category is for people
        hitting 100k a month, you are practically there Garrett. You’re devouring, helping of
        others, etc. is inspiring.

        PLEASE continue being a Bada** Garrett, I’m impressed and motivated just
        watching you and anticipating your progress!


        • Garrett Francis says:


          Thank you so much for the encouragement it means alot. Like many of the other posts I greatly appreciate what you and team Azam do for us aspiring entrepreneurs and I can only pray that more episodes are in the works. Even if you shut down these emails, no one could pull the victim card and say they don’t have the resources to make money. Really look forward to learn more about transaction financing (especially trading homes for cars) as well as building an empire.

          Good luck with all your endeavors and I think there should be a new challenge for team azam. Every team member makes $500,000/month and an episode on how to “make $1,000 in 24 hours with a cell phone, phone book, email, fax, no money, and no client base.” That would be a sick episode and it could add 1 million per day to the economy, but I could see it attracting a bunch of wimps looking to sit on their ass, so it would be a tough call.

          • Azam says:


            I agree the minimum for a Terminator should be much more
            than just 100k… and yes we are doing more Episodes and
            I’d love to get more people like you that’ll take it and put in
            place – I wonder what you recommend for making that happen
            and reaching out to people like you…

            Love your energy – and Thanks for the support!

            – Azam

        • Azam says:

          What are you thinking???

          Don’t you know this won’t work in his area?

          Talking like this may give him… confidence… encouragement… or even –

          thinking that this “works”.


          Garrett – people have said the craziest stuff about Stephanie to
          me over the years, but nobody has ever said they gave fake support
          or had to take back words like this. And yes technically I wouldn’t
          suggest it because of “liability” but that fact that she is saying
          it should help you move forward.

          I hope it does.

      • Azam says:


        I (we all actually) really appreciate your sharing and willingness
        to help, that says a lot about.

        Aside from that, you have much of this down so you should
        be killing it – as I’ve been responding to people I have mentioned
        you because one way to get this going would be to get the
        agreements in place while the other party handles everything
        else. Of course, you could do this and it would be easy for you
        so you may not be too crazy about partnering right now.

        Either way, you’ve GOT to be pulling some hard numbers with
        you drive, so if that doesn’t start happening soon we are
        missing something…

        Great Work –

        Thanks again for the support!

        – Azam

      • Michelle says:

        Garrett – Your tips & sample script are awesome. Thanks for sharing a practical example!

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed it, your feedback
      helps. Yeah having the cops on your side can really help and
      it doesn’t have to cost you out of pocket either so you should
      be able to take this and run.

      The dialog is whole ‘nother item all together, but Francis below
      has obviously studied it and that approach should bring your
      near 100% compliance. If nothing else though, you don’t actually
      have to buy the companies to start making money. I’ll be going
      over this later as well so that should help make it clear.

      For right now though it looks like you’re clear on getting started
      so I’d love to see how put this together…

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  30. Sylvia Rolfe says:

    This is Sylvia, the other half of the Barter Arbitrage team. I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the show the other night, and hope you for sure do a part two as our people just LOVE you. (Who wouldn’t?!) Vince has talked about you throughout our entire course, and I’d have to say this video totally sealed the bad-assery image in my mind, as an internet marketer (I know you’re not one :) ) would’ve sold this info for cash, and you’re giving it away for free.

    I wanted to also say I just love this video. (Especially once I was able to see it LOL)

    And I jumped right in with what you were teaching.

    But I’ve got a couple questions for you.

    I live up in Calgary, AB, Canada, and the housing market right now here stinks.

    Houses sit unsold for 3-6 months easy. But because of that, a whole new market has opened up, and they are everywhere. Rent-to-own properties. And being that I loved what you were teaching I reached out right away to a couple of these companies because I know they need the leads big time, and it is way easier to grab a qualified lead for rent-to-own then buying.

    So here are my questions, what sort of contract do you set up with them? Do you just go with a verbal contract? Or do you do the all out full blown written contract, that covers how much you are paid per lead, method and timing of payments etc? I essentially just want to know, how to avoid getting screwed for the work I’m doing.

    Second question I have, is that one of the major ones offered the payment in two different ways, and is allowing me to choose… One way is a flat rate per lead (so $20 or whatever for each lead I send their way) or the other is a percentage paid on the price of the house that is applied for (So if they applied and were approved for a $350k home, I would get a percentage right off the bat for it, whether or not they successfully use their option to purchase right at the end of the lease term.) I think the percentage one is the better one to go with, but wanted to get your opinion on it.

    Thanks in advance… really excited to get going with this.


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and Vince says you’re the hot girl…
      the eye candy of the Team – I know *exactly* how you feel,
      Ha Ha –

      I’m glad the audio was well taken, and yes we should go
      back and wrap things up as well, also I’m happy to hear
      enjoyed the Episode and appreciate your feedback.

      About the contract agreements, you almost always want
      to use a lawyer for that and you don’t want to pay them
      out of pocket so after you test this group out you can tell
      the attorney they’ll get a cut of what you plan bringing in
      for 30 days or so. Or the lender can pay for it after they
      see you delivering, there are other ways to do this and
      we’ll be doing a whole Episode on legal guys but those are
      two quick ways to get that going without spending money.

      About the payment I would first go with the immediate
      payment and explain that once they prove themselves you
      are more flexible. Ideally you want that arrangement with
      5-10 (or more) groups so that they know they have to fight
      for your approval/attention. What that happens it is more
      likely the offers you get will include both front and and back
      end payments.

      Good to see you’re putting this in place, you know honestly
      probably one of the best moves anybody would make right now
      is getting in touch with Francis (he’s on this page) and giving
      him a generous cut for getting this element in place while you
      handle all the calls.

      Just thinking outloud… but thanks for your feedback and being
      a Badass by moving forward –

      As always feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

      • Sylvia Rolfe says:

        Thanks big time for the help on my questions. Means a lot that you do that.

        Another question for you LOL (You’ll learn to get sick of me)

        Being that I am working with rent to own companies, how much would you think a qualified lead would be worth?

        I contacted a bunch of them, and they want to know what I feel is a reasonable fee for bringing rent to own peeps to them, and I really don’t know. I know their qualification requirements, which is a deposit of $5k+, and the ability to make $1500-$2k a month payments, so I don’t really think there will be any shortage of leads, I just don’t know what to charge the companies or to suggest even as a starting point (for the flat fee portion, a couple said they would give me a back end bonus if the applicants get accepted and into a home), and your help would be much appreciated in that manner.

        Best wishes,

        • Mark Cost says:


          I think somebody already answered this above with the “Azam Positioning” about getting their offer, I thought Francis came up with that until I went back and read the article he mentioned and it did come from Azam (credit to Garrett for giving credit, because a lot of people wouldn’t) and it is the secret I think in the “compliance” as they call it.

          I have some rentals and ran this by property managers and they were all blown away, we planned on talking to fifty or so lenders but only needed to make two calls before we had them fighting over each other and what they would pay us.


          PS Thanks Azam, you are doing a great service to us all!

          • Azam says:


            You’re on it man – awesome, Thanks for helping and by teaching
            it will stay in your head better.

            I appreciate the feedback and support!

            – Azam

        • Azam says:


          Sure, glad it helped and good to see you’re moving forward.

          With the numbers – and Garrett and Mark have talked about this –
          the positioning is important so I normally suggest contacting a few
          and letting each know about the others and that you are accepting
          *offers* from them for comparison.

          And to the others who have gone over this – great to see you
          not just learning but also teaching and applying this –

          Look forward to hearing about what you do Sylvia –

          – Azam

  31. Nick says:

    Wow Azam, that is an awesome video. Cool Reverse Hiring technique.

    Still don’t know if it works in my area though… LOL

    Thanks again!

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and glad the Episode helped and
      the Reverse Hiring should help even more so I’d love to
      hear what you do with it – if only it worked in you area!

      Ha Ha, I love it.

      As always feel free to share the love (this page) this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  32. Azam,

    I’m one of Vegas Vince’s Barter Arbitrage students. It was awesome to hear you the other night on Vinnie’s show. Very cool.

    Thanks for coming on and hopefully we can grab some more of you pearls of wisdom in a Part deux.

    It was inspiring albeit too short.



    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and glad you’re connected with Vince
      and Thanks for the feedback on the audio and hopefully a
      part two will help more…

      Thanks for sharing –

      As always feel free to share the love (this page) this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  33. granny says:

    Wonderful! You A RE changing a lot of lives here… The video was funny and amazing. Also: thanks for the eye candy… you get better looking all the time! You are AMAZING….of course. I’d watch it just for the humor! (But the money ain’t bad either.) I LOVE IT! IT MOTIVATES ME!

    I installed the movie player twice… the first time it played the video. Now today it won’t play even though I reinstalled the player, it says I need to download the player.

    That’s ok…I have it still up on the other computer.
    Question: I know real estate agents will give 25% of their commission…. but how do you suggest describing the split you ask from loan brokers? Is the CPA a % of the loan or a flat fee? Or should we just set the standard?

    you ROCK!

    oH…THANKS FOR checking and letting me know it won’t work where I live… plus you forgot to mention it won’t work if I do it….

    • granny says:

      Just read the post on how to talk to the lenders…. WOW!

      Now I know what to do! Amazing!

      Wish you had been there years ago. My life would have been different!

      I;m sending the video to a son who really needs it.

      thanks again,


    • Azam says:


      You’ve been with us a for a while, and I alway appreciate your
      feedback and kind words. You’ve been great, so now it is time
      to turn it up, right?

      I’m glad you think I’m easier to look at, all special effects you
      know… seriously Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      I don’t know about the Episode but two people are working
      on it right now so the next ones should be easier, glad you
      saw it though. The cut from loan guys may be based on a
      different scale but ideally you want at least 500-1k from them,
      in the worse case hundreds of dollars. This is easier to do when
      there are several and you play them off each other by “accepting

      Doesn’t matter thought, because I just double checked and
      unfortunately this won’t in your area, Ha Ha –

      Granny you’re going to pull some Badassery here, and I look
      forward to hearing about it…

      As always feel free to share the love (this page) this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  34. Hendra says:


    I was referred by my mentor, Vegas Vince to your website. Cool stuff. Hope you can do interview part2 with Vinnie, though. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, any friend of Vince’s is a friend
      of ours right? Glad it helped as well and I look forward
      to work with you and Vince more as well.

      As always feel free to share the love (this page) this page with your friends, on your blog, etc.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  35. Nick says:

    Hey Azam,

    People where having trouble viewing the video. This is bacause the file size is almost 500MB.

    I compressed the video for you and got the size down to 75MB.

    Watch the compressed version here:

    Email me and I will send you the code and video file so you can host the small version here on this page.

    Love the video!


    • Kylene says:

      Lifesaver Nick – I watched the video at work with no problems but at home I was trying to watch it again and it was running choppy and playing 20 seconds in 20 minutes and your link played it bigger and faster that was awesome. It doesn’t sound like you know Azam or work for the team so how much would you charge to do the same thing with 10-15 of my videos of home tours? I could really use it thanks. And Azam it was totally worth the trouble awesome stuff Kylene.

      • Azam says:


        Great to hear from you and Thanks for the feedback,
        and good scouting, hopefully you and Nick will connect
        and make something happen –

        I look forward to hearing more about what you do with
        the items from the Episode.

        Thanks again for the support!

        – Azam

    • Mark Cost says:


      Thank you, that was smaller than some of the songs and audios I’ve downloaded! I don’t have any work for you like Kylene but I’ll post your website on my REIAs “IT Guys” section. If you can outsmart Azam you deserve it lol!


      • Nick says:

        Hey Mark,

        Cool, thanks for the thanks… I appreciate you spreading the word for me!

        As to outsmarting Azam… haha… no way I’ll ever do that!

        He has the smarts where it REALLY counts, in my opinion. He’s a wizard.

        Thanks again,

        • Azam says:

          Humble Nick,

          Thanks for that – but seriously that was impressive…

          Although it is undeserved, I’ll take your flattery, and Thank
          you for it…

          – Azam

      • Azam says:


        You’re right, he did it better and faster that what we’ve got up,
        and we had help ha ha.

        Great idea with the promoting the link, I appreciate how helpful
        you and Nick are making yourselves…

        – Azam

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed it – and that is
      very handy with the video, we definitely need to get better
      at that (we’ve gone through four web guys recently) so I
      appreciate you doing that.

      From what I understand we’re already in touch so I look
      forward to connecting and working together…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  36. Nick says:

    Hi Kylene,

    I am glad the video worked for you!

    And yes, I can help you out with your videos. Just send me a message… my address is my name at

    Or give me a ring at 503-985-6327.

    Best Regards,

  37. Rondelle says:

    Hi Azam,

    Would using Craigslist with this model work?

    Like making an ad:
    *Must Sell*
    You can
    Move In
    24 hours

    And then selling those leads to the lender?

    I’m sure you’ve used Craigslist with these methods because you are a fanatical tester, but I’d love to hear your opinion about it!

    • Azam says:


      I don’t know normally recommend “selling leads” or using
      CL that way, I may have used the verbiage by mistake when
      referring to a company that you own versus one you work
      with – clients versus leads is something I’ll try to go over in
      the future.

      With CL, the signs are generally much more scalable, and
      of ALL the large sites on the Internet I do not know of a more
      challenging one to keep happy than CL… but a sign is a much
      easier date…

      Look forward to what you do –

      – Azam

  38. Vegas Vince says:

    Damn…..Vinnie gets bit by a brown recluse spider……ends up in the hospital for a day….back home in a pilled up stupor….aka……painkillers/antibiotics etc etc for the past few days….and come back in here and see this thread went BAD FRIGGING ASS!

    Aint feeling close to 100%….but a couple of comments I wanted to make here:

    1. Nick Hampshire….THANK YOU, BRO. (Nick is the dude who compressed the video… I posted Oz’s blog on my site before I got in a tangle with a spider and got ko’d. Nick’s a class act…and I know my peeps love this latest video on those friggin’ bandit signs!)

    FYI….Nick Hampshire was one of my very first barter students…and is one of the bad asses who handles the tech issues for MY site….and lord knows I need plenty of help.

    Dude is smart, honest as they come, and I’ve never figured out why he would hook up with the likes of me….but Nickster… know Vinnie appreciates you!

    That video was TOO GREAT not to be seen…..and seemed like a lot of peeps had issues viewing… I’m guessing even Oz will give you some props for the effort. Thanks again, for all you’se do, Nick. (Thanks 2 Gary P and Hendra….glad u guys checked out Oz……and I told you he was a BAD MAN! )

    2. GARRETT…you rock! When I was your age…I was making money selling coke. That didn’t turn out to well for me….cost me 5 years of my life in a federal cage…aka prison.

    Wish I had then………what you have NOW…..cuz my life would have been far better off.

    You my friend….are simply one of most intelligent young dudes I have ever come across…..and I mean that truthfully.

    You will be hearing from Vegas Vince in the near future once I can put a sentence together again…lol.

    The Mighty Oz and Stephanie have a reason to be PROUD of you bro…..cuz you walk the walk….you apply this shit….rather then getting lost in the “theory” behind it. And for sure….there aint no tomorrow……you nailed that….right on.

    I have a 16 year old nephew that is going down the wrong path…has his uncle Vinnie’s street smarts…but all my old bad habits too….and you’re a perfect example of someone he needs to model…for real….because I don’t want to see this kid end up like I did. He’s too smart….too good of a kid.

    Look forward to connecting with you soon….and if there’s anything I can do for you……shout back…because I look forward to learning more of this stuff from you.

    3. As for you’se Azam Meo…….the video was your best ever. Period. End of story.

    FYI…. If you had spoken that fast during our interview we might have gotten to good stuff. lol.

    Straight up…..a lot of peeps…….including my parnter Sylvia……are fast learners. And that video did more in a few minutes then books filled with theory, capiche.

    They just need the basics..and they can run with it…..and one of the reasons I promote YOU to MY PEOPLE…. is because while my ego might be giant….it aint ever gonna be big enough to where I deny my customers the very best information I come across….whether it’s my stuff….or YOURS.

    I owe my peeps that much…..because they paid me money and deserve my best. I feel as though your stuff is that damn good. For real.

    Said a different way: My health sucks. I know it. I also know my friend Sylvia has 5 kids….and it scares the shit out of me worrying about what might happen to her if Vinnie shoots snake eyes one day……and that goes for a lot of other people in my life….friends, clients, family etc. And while I know my niche inside and out….it’s frustrating when I can’t give them ALL the answers re: your stuff….which is why I love the fact you’re doing this page.

    I give the best I got…..hope some of it rubs off…….and I hope you continue to do the same…..cuz the information applied…..WILL CHANGE LIVES FOR THE BETTER I THINK…long after me…. you… or the rest of us…. aint here no more. For real.

    You peeps are beyond lucky. The internet is filled with drivel sold by pipe smokers. Take advantage of what Azam is giving you… me…’s a rare exception in this game….to find someone at this type of level…..offering information that just aint seen anywhere else. Use it. Liberate yourselves.

    peace, Vegas Vince

    • Mark Cost says:

      Yeah, what he said!


    • Azam says:


      Your posts are long and funny… I always enjoy reading
      them. This was less funny and more deep I think… and
      I appreciate that, you’re like Shrek with the layers ha ha.

      I agree with you 100% about Nick and Garrett – they’ve
      been great and I’m thankful for the intro to Nick.

      It is inspiring to see people like G-Rod pushing through
      at their age.

      By the way – I cringed when I heard you talk about that
      spider – but I’m glad you’re okay, everything is fine now,
      right? When I sleep I’m often fearful of a spider or snake…

      About the Episode – I really appreciate all your thoughts
      and feedback on it, I didn’t think it was *that* good but it is
      good to hear how you feel…

      And your BA crowd – Thanks for those intros – and I look
      forward to seeing them implement this as well.

      Good stuff Vince, Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  39. Helen says:

    I remember a few years ago Azam did a presentation at Joe Crump’s and he went over a “Meo Model” about doing something along these lines, it was one of the best things I’d ever heard. There is dialog for getting past the IP address. You’re also using the word “lead” which is something Azam doesn’t recommend. We have been using the Lender Agent Meo Method for over a year so I would take those excess clients and move them to another lender.

    I notice Azam that the comments are piling up, if you need help in getting back to them I’d love to do it. I also notice that you don’t have an opt-in page anywhere here! I can help set up some of your web stuff you just have to promise not go on break for 10 years again LOL!

    Thanks for everything

    • Azam says:


      Right… you had a Sponge Bob clipboard, I remember.

      Great to hear from you, glad you like what we we went over
      and thanks for helping with your insight.

      I look forward to hearing what you do with this material – and
      no more 10 year breaks – I promise.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  40. Garrett Francis says:

    don’t like making too many posts because I feel like it gives off the vibe of a theory junkie (which I was in the past) so here is my last post until I post of my results July 1st…

    One important aspect of these models is to develop relationships. There are countless techniques to do this, but you have to create these relationships and then leverage them. When Azam talks about agents, lenders, and investors, those are merely relationships that help you monetize your leads, or clients. Don’t limit your relationships to examples said here. Specialization limits exponential growth and look to expand your knowledge base. Here’s a few examples…

    Builders…They are in a very desperate situation right now. Show them you have what they need and they’ll bend over backwards to work for you. In addition, they’ll pay you anywhere from 4-8% of the purchase price. 2 homes sold you got over $10,000. They’ll even take terms so you can send your unqualified buyers to them as well and monetize those people as well.

    Fsbos…this group is notorious for wanting full market value but they are sometimes willing to do a co-op which basically means they’ll pay an agent (or anybody) half of a realtors commission which is around 2-4%.

    Landlords…most of these people hate being this position. Show them a buyer and they might just take it.

    Hope these examples show everyone the possibilities of creating relationships and their inherent value.

    • Azam says:


      I see what you’re saying, but I think you have the wrong idea, you can use
      these posts as accountability and as a chart of your progress – almost like
      a diary, you know?

      It can really help you and others – and you’ve been great with that so I’d
      hate to see you disappear – unless you’re sure that’ll help.

      About the homes, you can usually go with 10% by the way. Looks like you
      have a goal by the 1st, it is like 100k, right? Whatever you’re doing like I said
      this section can help you stay accountable.

      I’d love to hear your progress…

      Thanks for the support and sharing Garrett!

      – Azam

  41. maurice says:

    Hey Azam,

    I saw your funny and info packed video thanks to Vegas Vince. The “Ugly Bandit Signs” has many uses and I was just thinking about getting some done through eBay..not now. I’ll just do it myself and apply it to one of a few projects I’m involved in, which is buying extra and unexpired diabetic test strips from diabetics who are oftentimes oversupplied. I’ll have an update for you.

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you and Thanks for sharing, and great news about the
      application of what you’re doing, I definitely look forward to hearing about
      how you put this in place…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  42. Vegas Vince says:

    Yo Maurice…..Sylvia and I crushed the “diabetic test strip deal” but I used paid ads to find my buyers….and did really well…..but damn…….

    Never considered applying Azam’s ugly– but BAD ASS signs to that biz……as it would have definitely increased business!

    I would also look at doing this as a JV with churches as Oz describes….because of the leverage alone…..and as we both know….them test strip aint worth nothing when the person switches meters etc.

    Those strips pile up…..and what a great fund raising idea……..on a leveraged basis. Between that and the signs, and some cheap paid ads you know where….. you can probably dominate your market, bro.

    I’ve had people literally cry when I took them useless strips off their hands for CASH….so has Sylvia. Rock on MO!

    You been with me from day one……I appreciate your loyalty bro…..and more importantly……glad you are taking a look at one of the few people out there “The Legend” here looks up to……and u know me….that aint many. lol.

    Azam Meo’s “stuff” is world class. True. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t really believe it. You’se peeps know that by now.

    I am sure OZ appreciates all you Barter Arbitrage students for stopping by his house.

    PS….YO OZ….I know you love your boy David Copperfield….but here’s a dude even HE will put on the short list of GREATEST OF ALL TIME…..real magic, bro. No wings, strings, mirrors, or gimmicks….just an old man with fingers that mastered the true art of sleight of hand…..his name? TONY SLYDINI

    If you’re a “purist” at heart….you’ll appreciate the vids below. This is what close up magic is all about….and I’ll take this over stage illusionists any day of the week….but Vinnie is old school so what’s new. Capiche.

    xxx Vegas Vince

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear, and I’d love to hear the numbers you guys hit with this
      stuff – and Thanks (again) for our kind words – that is definitely proving
      the “it is the artist not the canvas” idea.

      Copperfield, yeah I love him, and I’ll definitely check out Slydini – I think
      I’ve gotten other messages about him as well, but good to know you’re
      into him.

      Always good stuff Vince…

      It is appreciated.

      – Azam

      • Vegas Vince says:

        Dear OZ:

        I’ve often said there are those of us who critique….and those of us who create.

        There are those who “compete” and those who “bitch about” those of us who have the balls to get in the game….and toss our chips on the table……and take a chance. Even if it means risking everything.

        There’s the Jones Family……. all to happy to follow the pack of lemmings off some cliff to their respective deaths….because that’s what the rest of pack is “doing.”

        Better to die with the pack….. then stand alone I guess…cuz that’s too scary for most people.

        Based on my life experience…..I’d say roughly 95% of the peeps I meet are sheep. That’s very sad to me. Seems like an incredible waste of time and talent…..and life.


        I remember always enjoying STORY TIME on your old show…….and this dude should have been a part of it.

        Tony Slydini….didn’t set the standard….he created it. He didn’t follow the “herd”. He didn’t have to.

        Dai Vernon was the only man ever able to fool the legendary Houdini.

        Yet when asked if anyone alive could fool Dai Vernon…….he replied —“yes, Tony Slydini.”

        Tony never read a book on Magic. Never had to. He created his own art. He set the standard. He created the standard. And as a result…..made a lot of money doing what he loved to do.

        And even at the age of 78….with fingers that hurt….he was still the best who ever lived….because he did what he loved.

        Slydini didn’t just impress audiences….he impressed his peers….in an industry that’s hard to impress…cuz they’ve seen it all. Not this guy. He was and remains the standard by which all the rest of ’em have to live up to now. That’s a hell of a legacy to leave behind….in this modern age of camera tricks, strings, and mirrors etc.

        Tony did it up close in front of your face… old man whose fingers were still faster then the eye….even on days when they were riddled with pain.

        So here you’se go: AZAM…..

        Click the link below…….scroll down to the video….. and tell me what you think of one of the last performances ever recorded of this old man who was so good he even fooled Father Time and aint that a bitch!

        Azam talks about setting the standard….in your business. He’s right. Positioning alone can make you rich…..but it also takes balls….and most don’t have a set. Check the statistics on that one, Ozer. lol.

        I’ll go a step further. You’se people need to set the standard in your own life too.

        Being the best at what you do……shouldn’t be some cliche….it should your personal mantra….your personal obligation to yourself.

        Life is short peeps.

        Stop worrying about what the Jones Family is up to…..cuz believe me…… they’re more screwed up then you are…because they need third party validation in order to feel complete. They are sheep. And that aint living….it’s a waste of life if you ask me.

        I hope to God you people in my joint….and Azam’s house…..don’t need anything other then the tools to go out and liberate yourselves….and bring joy and prosperity to your respective lives… matter what the hell that consists of.

        Liberation is waking up and realizing you’re free. You aint gotta do shit you don’t wanna do. And what you do wanna do——you got the money in the bank or under the mattress….. to do it. Capiche.

        Aint none of us gonna take the money with us anyway. Use it to create memories…good ones….cuz that’s all you’re gonna take in final sunset…..

        There are people out there making dreams come true with ugly ass friggin’ signs. UGLY ASS FRIGGING YELLOW SIGNS WITH SHITTY WRITING THAT WOULD MAKE AN ENGLISH TEACHER ROLL IN HER FRIGGIN’ GRAVE! GOT IT? GOOD.

        Read that again….and remind yourself of that the next time you bitch or whine about this or that. Cuz as long as you provide VALUE…….it aint hard to find PEEPS WHO WILL PAY YOU FOR IT…..even if the medium is one of them damn signs.

        And for those of you who always say “I’ll do it tomorrow….”. You deserve what you get.

        An old lady who doesn’t have sex with you anymore….a job you hate…..and a rusty hope chest with a lost set of keys containing your balls and all the dreams you gave up on years ago… order to do it the way “you always heard it should be done.” Stop!

        I live by a grave yard……literally a couple hundred yards from my restaurant. Every now and then I walk through it to remind myself……how many dreams got buried along with them bodies…..shit people wanted to do…but never did….cuz they found reasons “not to.”

        It’s never too late to say: Today I set the standard….for myself. Because I deserve the best….no matter what cards I got dealt. Capiche.

        Stick up a sign.

        Ask the girl you’ve been in love with for the past 4 years…for a cup of sugar.

        “Borrow” your dad’s classic convertible and drive that sled down the street with the top down….in the friggin’ rain…..with some chick who looks like Marcia Brady but with looser morals!

        ( The ass whipping your pops hands you for taking his ride….. will go away…the memories will last a lifetime.)

        Jump on stage with your favorite rock band……

        Make love to a porn star….damn even Vinnie has pulled that one off.

        Call somebody who was always there for you back in the day….tell them you love and appreciate them.

        Live….baby. Never regret the shit you do…..regret what you don’t do.

        Now go put up a sign…..and you New Yorkers….need to do it John Gotti style….stop worrying about the NYPD….and get the coppers on the payroll. That’s “legendary.” Ya think? I bet if you New York Bad Asses put up a sign that said BOSTON RED SOX SUCK… the cops would leave that one alone. Capiche.

        peace, Vegas Vince

        • Patrick says:

          Wow this has got to be one of the most successful posts/videos ever. Thank you Azam for enlightening us!

          Obviously there is an INSANE amount of interest for this information.

          Have you ever given thought to creating a forum so that your fans can communicate with one another?

          I would be happy to create and host such a thing. In fact, if it were something that you think would be good for your fans it would be an honor to set it up for you and run it for free.

          It could be a small way of paying you back and also keep your fans connected and sharing how they are taking action with your amazing ideas…

          • Jenny and Curt Will Buy says:


            I emailed you about this a few times, and I know half of our
            REIA would do the same thing. I know you don’t make much
            of your money from doing this but I will KILL MYSELF to make
            a group like this a money maker for you.

            You don’t even have to do anything except maybe a conference
            call a month, I’ll transcribe it, get it out to everybody and I’d love
            to teach what I understand because I’ll more that way.

            PLEASE AZAM!!!

            Jenny and Curt

          • Azam says:


            Sure, yes I know we need to do something about that
            and I think you got responses from your emails, right?

            We’ve gotten a lot of feedback asking for something
            like that and I appreciate your offer/s as well.

            So we have some ideas and I’m sure something
            will come together as we put this in place… and I’ll
            make sure to let you know, in the meantime if you
            have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

            Thanks again for the support!

            – Azam

          • Azam says:


            Great to hear from you – and love your ideas and feedback.

            About the group, that is something more and more people are asking
            about, so coming up here I’m going to have to do something with that.
            I have a few ideas, one of them is kinda crazy – but I’ll make sure you
            hear about it, okay?

            Also I *really* appreciate your offer, it inspires us all…

            We’ll have an update for you soon – Thanks again for the support and!

            – Azam

        • Azam says:


          Your comments are funny as hell, so we go from talking about
          magic, ugly signs and humping porn stars… you’re right we should
          bring back Story Time and involved TS this time.

          That video took a while to get up but I do see what you’re talking
          about and the other site was helpful – I think you have a few other
          items here that I need to respond to as well – Vince I really
          appreciate your feedback and support, it means a lot!

          – Azam

    • maurice says:

      I’m just glad I’m on your team with Sylvia and being introduced to Azam. As far as crushing the diabetic test strip biz…not surprised at all…you and Sylvia have been crushing everything in sight…lol! Now, we have Azam and I think I’m gonna start calling ya’ll the “Da Crush A-Lot Crew” because ya’ll always take things to the next level with an fresh perspective. Thank you Vegas Vince, Sylvia, Azam, and Da BA Crew!!

      • Azam says:


        Great to hear from you, but I think you’re giving me credit that
        Sylvia and Vince should be getting – but I’ll take it, just don’t
        tell ’em… ha ha.

        You guys have some awesome stuff happening and I really look
        forward to hearing more about it and how you use this stuff to
        take things to the next level –

        Thanks again for the support!

        – Azam

  43. ibrahimmuh4 says:

    Awesome stuff Azam. I don’t have money to hire a crack head or homeless person lol. Seriously I have 3 bucks in the bank but my legs do work so I’m gonna hire myself to stand in a high traffic area and pull these leads in. I was using the rent to own signs but people just seem to want to rent or don’t have a sufficient down payment. Any ideas about what i can put on my signs? I appreciate the help. I’m gonna be bada$$.

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you and your feedback is appreciated…

      About the money to hire a crackhead/homeless person, you actually
      don’t need any because you can work directly with the organization
      and work out a split after testing it for a few days or hours.

      Also – most people will have the down payment, so before changing
      the headlines I’d make your L/A team is screwing things up.

      Hope that helps – and Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  44. Nicole Foreman says:

    Hey Azam!

    Can we get another episode! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!


    I want to learn everything you know. I want to learn DIALOGUE and how to talk to people to get the response you want.


    We need more people like you teaching more of this stuff!

    Please, can we have some more!?



    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you – love your energy and ambitions –
      so Thanks for the feedback. Yeah there will be regular stuff
      being put up here – I promise.

      I’d love to hear about how you put this in place – how you
      change the world…

      Thanks again for the support, it means a lot!

      – Azam

  45. Harrgrim says:

    I put up 6 Signs at 4 locations this Morning, Can’t wait to see the response.

    • Azam says:


      There you go – let’s do it!

      Love to hear how things go, and also some of the other
      folks on here have some great stuff they’re sharing so it
      should really help too.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  46. Derrick Ali says:


    Hey Azam,

    Re: Where to Place Your Signs by Finding Homeowners

    I took the liberty to do a VIDEO on How to Use



    GOOGLE Maps


    Let me know what you guys think.
    Hope they Help!

    BTW – I use http://www.SWITCHBOARD Dot Com “REVERSE ADDRESS” Search Plus “SURROUNDING AREAS” Then “FIND NEIGHBOR” to Find Phone+ Mailing for All Homeowners on Blocks with High Street Traffic. Saves Time and Also Helps Find Potential Partners THEY SUGGEST For Me to Work with (AKA Their FAVE Local Non-Profit, Church and/or Charity) I Figure Ask Them WHO’D THEY LIKE For ME To Make a DONATION TO in return for THEIR PLACING A SIGN in Their YARD?

    Again – I hope this Helps Everyone! ~ Be Sure and let me / Azam Know Here!

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and Thanks for sharing, that is awesome
      and with the approach to a homeowner normally telling which
      charity is getting is quicker – but if your approach gets higher
      compliance, great.

      I’d love to hear about the volume you’re getting and how well
      it is converting as well – great stuff.

      Thanks for sharing and for the support!

      – Azam

      • Derrick Ali says:

        Will Be sure to keep you updated OZ!

        BTW – Just heard from a Blog visitor and fan of yours Name is Patrick

        Here’s his email and my reply answers (below)

        Hey Pat!

        First off I want to say thanks for subscribing to my list!

        You asked – Thank you for the videos, they were helpful.

        You welcome! I’m glad I could be of benefit to you.

        You also asked –
        When you contact homeowners or businesses do you do it by mail or phone?

        I use a combination of Phone, in person and Snail Mail

        You also asked –
        I am wondering if you have a script or a method to go through the dialogue
        with the people you contact…

        Personally I use an Azam inspired Script – you can modify it to fit your style/personality:

        “Hi, My name is Derrick and I’m doing a survey (by phone)
        I’m scouting the neighborhood(in person)

        …For ‘Qualified homeowners’ who are willing place a sign in their yard for the weekend and help us to raise money for “ABC Charity” or “LoveOfGod Church”…

        Do You Know of Any Homeowners who’d be interested in helping us? There’s No Money or Donation Needed from You or them…

        The homeowners only need to place a sign in their front yard THIS WEEKEND ONLY in order to help.

        END SCRIPT

        The script Above should get you 100% COMPLIANCE

        You stated –
        I am very excited to do lead gen using Azam’s signs. It’s brilliant.

        YES – Me as well AZAM Always Offers BRILLIANT STUFF… Most of it for FREE!

        You also stated –
        I am also excited to be on your list and look forward to learning more.
        Be well,


        Hey Patrick – I am both humbled and honored to have you be apart of my joint venture marketing online mastermind!

        And may You continue to do well and be well


        • Ryan Lee says:


          Thank you so much for that!

          I thought you were part of Team Azam until I read this, that was very nice to do and it was helpful.

          My sister is “losing her house” as victims say and she always tells me nothing works, but now we are using the signs and we have three pending offers on homes in her neighborhood. If they close she is going to make over $10,000 and no more mortgage problems. I have been telling sellers exactly what Azam said:

          “I have a house in the area that I need to sell, do you mind if I put a sign up in your yard for the weekend?” Then I say “I think we can make $300 and I’m raising money for local church and I can split the profit with you, should I take the sign down or should we see if we can make another $300 this week?” I was so F-ING scared my first time but now 20 successful attempts later I’m getting compliance like an Azam Terminator! It IS brilliant. I don’t want to post until I make $10,000 a week, I’m almost at $5,000 a month. With help of people like you Derrick and the rest of us sticking together we can do this! Azam I see that you actually take time to read and reply, that is very kind and we all appreciate what you are doing here. I would also love to volunteer and run a group of some kind as fellow Badasses have mentioned. Thanks!

          – Ryan Lee

          • Rondelle says:

            AWESOME RYAN!


            That is so cool.

            I just got my first signs up yesterday and calls are starting to come in.

            This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!

          • Azam says:


            Great to hear, taking action, moving (maybe even falling) forward…
            I know it isn’t the easiest thing to do so we all appreciate you doing

            Thanks again for the support!

            – Azam

          • Michelle says:

            Awesome job Ryan. Congrats on making almost $5K a month. Are you sending the leads to lenders & agents — or to a different source?

          • Ryan Lee says:

            Rondelle and Michelle,

            I tried responding to your comments individually because if Azam is doing then it is least I can do but it won’t let me now. Anyway thanks for saying what you did, it feels great and if I can do it then anybody here can. I am the furthest thing from being a Badass like some of the people here but taking it one step at a time helps. Michelle I’m working the exact steps Azam said and I’m not even doing all of them so it is basically half of the lender agent Meo Method but those are the people I’m sending business to. Hope that helps Badasses! Thanks for everything Azam and I’m waiting on that project you talked about I don’t care what it costs!!!

            Ryan Lee

          • Azam says:


            There you go – Badassery if I’ve ever seen it, we’re all real
            proud of you for moving forward and sharing here as well –
            I’m actually using your story soon – and YES we’re doing
            something about the group –

            You’ll get the details soon… I promise.

            Thanks again for the support!

            – Azam

          • Garrett Francis says:

            Hey Ryan,

            congrats on expanding your business. I think it would be beneficial to you, me, and everyone else if us action takers tracked our statistics carefully. With that said…

            1.) how many calls per day?
            2.) how many signs?
            3.) conversion rates from calls to approved buyers?

            I’ve found in my market, it’s been fluctuating between 15-20% conversion rate.

        • Patrick says:

          Thanks Derrick! That was a great help. Azam has the best readers and fans b/c many of them are ACTION TAKERS!!!

          Thanks again!

          • Azam says:


            Derrick’s been great hasn’t he, and it is great to hear from you –
            I appreciate the kind words and I look forward to your feedback
            on the newer items…

            Thanks again for the support!

            – Azam

  47. Derrick Ali says:

    I Placed the video On Youtube

    Just In case the LINK Above Does Bot Play…

    Go Here

    • Azam says:


      Yeah, that worked better for me… great work – and Thanks again for sharing!

      – Azam

  48. Derrick Ali says:

    Here’s the one on GoogleMps

    YouTube Video

    • Ryan Lee says:

      Derrick – vids are AWESOME! Do you know anything about the new community site?

      Ryan Lee

    • Azam says:


      That’s awesome and Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it
      and in a few days we’re coming out with something that
      I think’ll really help as well…

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  49. Garrett_Francis says:

    Hey Azam,

    If it’s possible, I’d love for you to somehow paste Ronda’s email somewhere on your site or to email it to me. To be honest I’m a little pissed she pulled off those numbers (70k in 5 weeks) and I only pulled off 1/4 of that. I’d love to hear how we structured things differently and why she pulled more than me.

    On another note do you deal much with leveraged buyouts and telecom? My brother’s company (T Graham Capital & Fiberhaus Consulting) deals with a lot of telecom deals overseas in Mali, Colombia, and Honduras, and I didn’t know if you had any experience in this industry. Thanks Azam.

    • Azam says:


      Sure, if you’re here Rhonda please chime in… about the only info that
      is put here is whatever others put and often even that is edited from what
      I understand but soon (in about 10 days) we’ll have something set up
      where this won’t be an issue.

      About the buyouts, we’ve done quite a bit of that through IPO-type
      vehicles and licensing – which is what I recommend – but not so much
      with the standard process lately.

      Great news about your 10-20k – I’d love to hear more about that –

      Thanks as always for sharing and the support!

      – Azam

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