Psycho Steve Jobs, Heidi Fleiss & looking like a genius.

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"Words, of course, are the most powerful drug used by mankind."

- Rudyard Kipling

"When you're young, you look at television and think, there's a conspiracy.  The networks have conspired to dumb us down.  But when you get a little older, you realize that's not true.  The networks are in business to give people exactly what they want.  That's a far more depressing thought.  Conspiracy is optimistic!"

- Steve Jobs

"One hundred million dollars is way too much to pay for Microsoft, we're a computer company not a software company."

- - IBM executive in the '80s

So I've been running lately...

On the treadmill, and when I do it is one of the only times I ever turn the T.V. on.

But the other night it was storming, and whenever that happens - and even sometimes when it doesn't - the dish gets a mind of it's own. It flips channels, raises volume, turns on and off, speaks in tongues, etc.

Basically, it gets possessed.

So I was running and the T.V. was going in between infomercials, a soap opera from China and a documentary about Heidi Fleiss.

If you don't remember Heidi was the Hollywood Madame who got in trouble for running a prostitution ring - or something like that.  I wasn't as interested in that show - or really any of them - until I saw something that caught my eye.

She had parrots!

Giant macaws to be specific - I did a double take as I was running and I even STOPPED to get the remote.  This is significant because I almost never stop running once I start.  When I run or workout, I go extreme, and the last time I got off the treadmill early was about a year ago when all the power shut off.

I was running and everything went out - the lights, the T.V., the music - everything except the treadmill. It was pretty crazy, but that was the last time I stopped early - and I've NEVER done it because of what's on the the T.V.

But Heidi made me stop

I wanted to make sure the dish wouldn't change channels or lower the volume, so I kept it there and took my headphones off before I got back on the treadmill.

It turns out she was trying to open a brothel in Vegas (big surprise, I know) and she started caring for the parrots as a favor to a friend who died. Over time she fell in love... especially with Dalton, a beautiful baby boy and professional "Show Bird" who used to be electrically shocked unless he did tricks.

Dalton was clearly her favorite.

She goes overboard -

Heidi hires a friend to build a giant aviary shelter for her babies, then she expands it again and again until her entire house is overrun with parrots all over the place.

She adopts more and more and the focus of the entire documentary is basically all about the parrots for this entire segment.

Then... it happens.

Dalton got sick

First it was vomit, then it got worse.

A lot worse.

He died.

There is a clip at the end of Heidi talking about Dalton and how much she missed him, she was crying uncontrollably and talked about how he died with a tear in his eye as he was looking right at her.

He always wanted to look straight in the eyes.

She explained how some people may think he was just a bird - and she had others that she loved as well - but she love him differently, he was her first and he was human to her.

It was one of the most touching things I've ever seen, I was balling too - and it was mixing with my sweat so I was tasting teary salt - and...

I had to stop running again

The thought of that happening to one of my Pretty Guys is stomach turning, it is such a deep pain that I don't know how to describe. I tried here:

I guess the lesson is to be grateful -

Love Life, right?

All Life.

Sorry Heidi, I don't know exactly how you feel - but I have an idea, so if you're reading this and need somebody to talk to, we're here for you...


If you're not using -

Articles, news and credibility sources in your marketing and compliance-gaining, then you're making a big mistake.

You should know just about everything about something.

So I'm always on the lookout for stories that can help people on our Team, clients, students, friends, etc. and now (Thankfully) people are sending us stories as well.  So please keep them coming.

I'd also love to hear how you're using the stuff we go over, so please make sure to let me know about it - it helps to share and it can make a huge difference to others.

Steve Jobs: Brilliant visionary and total fu**ing psycho.
After an editor for, Jason Chen, published information regarding an unreleased iPhone prototype which was left at a restaurant by an Apple employee, Apple initiated a police raid of Chen's house. Police arrived at Chen's home and broke in his front door, seized computers, cameras, bank statements, servers and other items. Chen arrived at home after the raid started and has not been arrested or charged.

Full Story Here
(Thanks to RoboDan for this one)

Full Story Here - another article about this
(Thanks to RoboDan for this one)

My Notes...
For years Steve Jobs has tried - successfully - to make people think that Apple is cooler, less money-hungry, more gay-friendly, etc. than Microsoft or the other "big bad" companies. Really? Imagine if Bill Gates had somebody's house raided because they put a picture on a BLOG of a new X-Box game. I've had several Macs, all with HUGE problems and as a Policy here's what the Apple support has told me:

"My Apple computer is fu**ed." (I'm paraphrasing)

"Okay, do you use it as a desktop?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you use it regularly or daily?"

"Uh... shouldn't I be?"

"Macs aren't to be used like that..."

"So you're saying that the computer works great, as long as I don't use it, is that right?"

"Well, it depends on how much you use it sir."

I'm not joking.

Stephanie has gone through NINE iPhones, Millie has had to take back three of the G4 (or whatever they're called) desktops and my good friend Joe Crump spent seven grand on some "Video Editing Pro" POS that never worked. Plus, Apple will routinely try and charge you, schedule inconvenient appointment times and leave you without what you paid for as they "fix" what they shouldn't have sold you to begin with... and you get to pay more (the cool tax) the whole time.

So buying an Apple is one thing... buying one that works - or that you are allowed to use - is another.

My point?

Steve Jobs is a brilliant visionary, but he is equally as skilled at positioning and a remarkable salesman. Everything from their use of welcoming white space, refusal to shave or wear suits and even the quirky music is all marketing and it effectively galvanizes people with the "us against them" attitude where Apple is seen as an ally against "them". The "them" would be big corporations, evil capitalists and the gaybashers at Microsoft.

Note to all the too-cool Apple-lemmings: When your house is broken into and raided - without you even being there - by a government agency (that is hired/run) through a private company, because you inconvenienced them and NOT because you broke any laws... they're not helping you fight the Man, they ARE THE MAN.

I'm not hating on Apple, I think they're brilliant - and I'm not complaining either - I'm just saying that Windows crashes, support issues, "clunkiness", copying, etc. aren't that bad and Apple's marketing and positioning have hidden the same deficiencies.

I know that I'm going to hear about this from defenders - which only proves my point... Steve Jobs is a Badass... whose salesmanship should be studied.

College degrees won't help your bank account... much.
Researchers and analysts are questioning whether four-year college degree holders earn enough money to justify the expense and time. One researcher notes that unemployment for these graduates has doubled, college degree holders outnumber new jobs requiring them and the more money states spend on higher education the less their economies grow. These experts conclude that the reason this cycle continues is because of outdated social beliefs about credentials that colleges provide.

Full Story Here
(Thanks to Reggie and Netty for this one)

My Notes...
I'm not against colleges, in fact I went crazy to get accepted into Harvard just to know that I could - although I never attended as a student. But whenever I work with kids, the number one challenge that comes up is... the parents. Many of them look down on what we do and how we train (cold calling, door knocking, Badassery in general) and the reason? College.

Their kids are going to college, so they don't need to learn any of "that stuff".

Ironically, the number one reason for college? 

A better job. (more money)

More evidence that almost nobody on Earth knows how to make money, build a company - turn it into an Empire, etc. etc. etc.

If you do any kind of training at all, you can milk stuff like this - just the average debt these families get into, the decades of savings, the suicide/depression rates, etc. and all with the hope of making more money.

And these same parents would call me the scammer for this:

Conveniently they ignore studies/facts like the ones in the article above, but why speculate - just ask the college graduates how well the "normal way" worked for them... you can find them in the unemployed line.

Want to get rid of a census worker?  Try shooting them.
According to authorities a Census Bureau employee did not get off a Texan attorneys property "fast enough" so the lawyer shot five rounds at her.  The attorney, Carolyn Barnes, has also been charged with assault for striking a sheriff's deputy earlier this year.  In 2000, Barnes is also on record for telling a court clerk she would fight a traffic arrest "to the death".

Full Story Here
(Thanks to Sandy Settler for this one)

My Notes...
These stories are awesome, before I get into this here's another one from Sandy:

Court: Dig your dead brother up and hand over his head.
An Iowa court found that before dying in 2009, 81-year-old Orville Richardson, had signed a binding contract to have his head placed in cryonic suspension by Alcor Life Extension of Arizona.  After his death his brother and sister buried Richardson, but this week a court order in favor of Alcor will require Richardson's body exhumed, his head removed and given to Alcor.

Full Story Here
(Thanks to  Sandy Settler for this one)

My Notes...
The above two stories may seem like they don't have a lot in common - but they do.

If you're using my stuff in your company right now, then you want to save these articles, print them out and immediately use them in your marketing and dialog.  For those of you in real estate for example -

Whenever a seller tells you they are talking to "another investor", your follow up should always include a standard "be careful what you sign" warning... the article above is a great example of why.

A buyer/seller hasn't interviewed their attorney well enough, or they're not sure about them, so "what's the danger of working with the wrong attorney?"... article.

Investors aren't going through your attorney as much as you'd like (very easy to monetize this, by the way) so a standard closing to your emails you have a .pdf about how "All attorneys aren't created equal, the Associate Press weighs in..."  Included in your list is the article.

Don't make the mistake

That too many people do and write this off - it'll cost you.  You don't want to use just one of these articles, you want a mountain of material like this.

A while back I referenced a letter that Max and Kay had been using, it included an article of a woman who was about to be foreclosed on, and as the sheriffs were at her house she attempted suicide and shot herself. 

She somehow lived and her bank forgave the loan.

That article was included in seller follow ups and mailings with a note that said something like "No, we aren't the only option..."  I would've changed it because if somebody took it seriously that may cause more problems - but Max is a nut and didn't care.

The results?

Using just that ONE piece - that ONE article, the very first day they -

Doubled their compliance... and numbers

They like doing deals the old fashioned way, and they immediately - overnight - started doing twice as many deals from the same amount of people.

This stuff can be brainwashing.

Commercial real estate is "hot", right? Do people learn?
Commercial real estate properties are now boasting historically high cap rates and income for investors. One analyst calls the triple-net-lease sector the "best performing" of all commercial real estate. This and similar developments are raising investor demand and prices in the commercial sector. 

Full Story Here
(Thanks to Carl Sr. for this one)

My Notes...
I love this stuff, as if it is "news". Rising prices in commercial real estate generally lower the cap rates (the returns) but the flock mentality isn't stopping investors right now. This is a great example of why it is so easy to make money in America. Even if you just use our hand-written signs to find commercial tenants, you can auction them off at huge premiums to property managers and landlords.

Example: John Hilberts (in Hawaii - you know, where nothing "works") comes to mind. He worked with four strip centers and used nothing but our signs to get potential commercial tenants. Then he used the managers he was working with to get the best offers on rent, terms, etc. and then moved the leads to the appropriate/best group.

If you haven't seen his testimonial, in less than 30 days he was netting over seven grand a month with his license agreements.

I'm bringing this up now because - although the timing and area doesn't matter - the whole commercial sector is headed for a correction, and as these people start freaking out moving them business will carry an even larger premium.

Your ROI is the main concern here.

I'm thankful for the steady flow of opportunities that come to us, so when we buy, invest, loan on or fund, etc. into an area or industry there is such an abundance that I go out of my way to share with our friends.

There is a selfish motive here though, because although we will almost always make less money by involving more parties, the relationships we establish are priceless and - over the long run - more profitable and meaningful.

So whether you have money or credit, if you want your money to make you more money - then this is for you, from real estate, companies, temporary high-interest funding - you name it, we got it.

To get on our VIP List and hear about the deals before everybody else go here:

Or give Millie a call at:


Remember these are just a few of the killer deals we've got...

Real Estate: Residential
, USA Rehab - 3BD 2BA
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Repairs: $9k

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Real Estate: Duplex
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Real Estate: No Banks, No Loan Investing
Contract Price: 117k
Monthly: $850
Down: $5,100

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Monthly Gross: $1,300

(13 more no-qual deals available)

Funding: Short Term Bridge Financing
, USA 25-30% ROI – Client requires immediate $200k to close on acquisition, 25% return to be paid within one year with ownership on $7M corporation as collateral.

Also available:
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$50k minimum.

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When you want to move forward, or get on our VIP List go here:

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Also if you have a property, business or asset you want to sell call us and we'll see who we can introduce you to and how we can help each other, please have your offer ready and we'll know in less than five minutes if we have a play...

Millie (at) eAzam (dot) com

One of my favorites.

I don't know how to (properly) explain the inspiration this stuff provides for me and all of us, it can instantly change a not-as-ideal day into an incredibly productive and Badass one - as they all should be, right?

Want to see your story here?  Take a lesson, put it in action and let us know how well you do.

Getting this feedback means so much, so please keep it coming.

Seriously, I mean that - your support is our DRIVING FORCE... Thank You.

Some emails and comments from last week's Badass Alert.

I told you I wanted to see about 100 people make an extra ten grand - that would be an extra million pumped into your pockets.  I don't know the exact number but I know it is above 70, and although not everybody made ten grand - I appreciate the support.

Here are three people who stuck out, two emailed us - and that's great - but using the comment and feedback section is probably better because you can share with others better that way.




I read your article post about the using the AG and my husband Carl and I were scared about doing it but we were certainly curious.  I've been studying real estate for over two years  and would you believe we haven't purchased any properties. Last year I  chatted with Millie about the Alliance Project but I just don't have the green right now.

I have been following your advice about building my buyers list but my problem is that the buyers who are serious seem to go around me and get the homes on their own.  So on Thursday I sent out an email to all my 221 buyers and I told them that I was going to be interviewing the attorney general and I got over 50 emails back.  I couldn't believe it!!!

These people not only wanted to work with me but they were waiting to hear from me and the AG before they proceeded and I even got realtors and investors calling me and getting on my list because their buyers were waiting on me, yes me who has no properties to my name AND WE EVEN RENT! 

For the first time I was able to see  the"Mayo Method" work for me, I only got a portion of the profits on the deals that closed but the buyers were actually LISTENING TO ME and just about everybody goes through me now!  If it all comes together (cross your fingers....oh wait a minutes we don't believe in luck) I'm looking at over $15,000 in the next few weeks, I've already seen $4,100 before Sunday but I only got half of that so far....

Carl and Nina
Kent, Mi


I've been watching you for years and I'm happy you are letting some of the secrets out for everybody and you are right because not everybody will do it because they don't appreciate it.  But I do.

I , like everybody else is lazy but I see the value and were working the model!

If you remember I have had a workout business for over 11 years and we have been hit hard by the economy, I know...I know not really.  I did your "Attorney General Model" and used flyers at the local gyms here.  From 100 flyers our class sizes have gone from 8-10 to over 30 people and these folks are not just coming for the classes either!  Two treadmill models and a TRX series were about to be returned because we have not sold any in months but now we have sold more of them in one week than in the last three months.

I know you want the Badass Bottom Line: this month will be our best month ever, and we have easily added over $1,000,000 to our company's value so PLEASE, PLEASE, PUHLEEEZE with a treadmill on top keep it coming because we did enough to make up for the 100 people you wanted!

Jeff Stacy


I know you hate short sales and loan mods but that has been my area of expertise and I had a decent business before moving to Florida because of my never-ending divorce.  It has been tough out here but I know you don't want to hear that.  I work graveyard and am going to school part-time and I feel like getting in touch with you was a sign.  You have been so inspiring for me Azam and when I read your article last week...

... I interviewed one of my professors and went to four grocery stores to have my flyers put in the bags as they leave the store.  I had 110% "Terminator Compliance" and the calls started coming in immediately.  I also used flyers on campus to find buyers.  The first day I got over 100 calls!  By Sunday I have added 14 loan mods to my queue, a handful of houses and three of my buyers have already put money down.... So my cash in hand is over $8,300 and over $20,000 on the way...

Danielle Ridge

Thanks guys, and I really appreciate the feedback and what you did with the material - I want more people like YOU, people who are going to take this stuff and put in place.

Lastly, I must also humbly request that you use the comments more, because it'll add dimension to your stories, allow you to share better - and even clarify some questions - for example Danielle I would love to know exactly how many flyers you used, Jeff I'm curious about how your interview and how the marketing of it helped so much and Carl I wonder about how old your list was.

So please use the comment section more than emailing me, it'll help the community more.

Finding the application of ideas -

To different situations is the definition of intelligence.

So when you hear somebody downplay an idea or concept because of their "area", "industry" or "business being different" they are - by definition - voluntarily being stupid.  They're, again by definition, not as smart as the Badass who finds the application.

So I recommend finding the application - make it "work for you", because if nothing else - you'll get smarter by doing this.

Real estate investors: Three ways to make people think you're a genius and the only game in town.

If power perceived is power achieved, then unrealized opportunities of positioning are a weakness.  These vulnerabilities or strengths present themselves in nearly every facet of interaction that you have with a consumer.

In other words, they make you or break you.  This is the difference between a genius and an indisputable pro to being just another (BLANK).

So here are three free ways to add some Badassery to your arsenal.

Guest lecturer for a university...

I'm amazed at how simple this is to do and I found out about it through a few friends at Harvard and Princeton.  I was asked to address a small group of students and then I was officially called a "guest lecturer".

Since then we've had a lot of people employ this technique by simply contacting your university offices and letting them know you are doing presentations on five ways to get started in real estate, dangerous trends in American dieting, the threat of cyber terrorism, etc. whatever you're into.  They almost always comply.

Testimonials with "bribes" -

This is using companies - local or national - and a written letter from somebody with a "name" at the company, like the VP, owner, etc.  You can use just about anybody who advertises, especially with coupons.

A letter is written explaining how thrilled they are to endorse and recommend (local) business leaders like you, and "I'm so sure you'll be thrilled working with (you) that if you have any problems just let me know and you'll get 10% off... oh alright, just call me and let me know that you know (you) and I'll give you 15% off just as a token of my confidence."

A couple did this in Ohio and throughout the Midwest, over a two year period they sent a car dealer over $100,000 in business.  Imagine if they got a cut of that, and they did even half as well with the other ten companies they were working with.

Sell 'free' stuff through charities...

This is killer, and sounds a lot worse than it is.  You can go to a charity, church or some other cause you support and send them a "free report" or - even better - a "Consumer Guide" and ask them to send it anybody who donates.

Now instead of just giving it away use a letter from the director endorsing you and explain that after a (BLANK) donation is made, or any size donation, it'll be sent to them.  Obviously you can still give it away, but this adds value to it and you get essentially endorsed by a cause - and you raise awareness.

Badassery -

Sunny has been doing this for years with guides on "Five ways to buy real estate for pennies on the dollar and sell it the same day, without leaving your house." and "If you have $100,000 invested in the stock market, here's what you don't know."  and - one of my favorites - "Military intelligence officer: where the terrorists don't want you to invest your money."

Just using well known organizations and providing the endorsement from a "name" is Badass enough, but some time ago a group that supports former military was getting such great feedback they asked Sunny if they could give/offer his Consumer Guide to everybody that donated.

That changed everything, and as a Policy now with all these groups that offer was made - in the first week of doing this Sunny and Stephanie were asked to make a presentation for a VFW group (Veterans of Foreign of Wars) and they raised over $300k in private money.

Think of a group you support and imagine how powerful it would be if they worked to get your marketing in the hands of everybody with money, or an interest in real estate, investing, etc.

In Conclusion -

I recommend putting all this material into a Propaganda Package that goes out to everybody - included are the testimonials, name-dropping and other elements of Badassery.  It will destroy your competition and make you look like a genius.

I need a better title for this article...


I want to hear from you - we all do.

There is so much behind-the-scenes work that goes into the Episodes, the research, the studies - all the work that is done here and one of the highlights is sharing it with you.

Passively absorbing will not do much for anybody, including yourself.  So please make sure to let me, our Team and others around the world know about your successes with this material.

I want to make a majority of these updates based on success stories from you and others like you.

I'd love your help in making that happen.

So please call, email, fax, mail or comment.  I make sure everything gets to me.

Your Brother,









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36 Responses to “Psycho Steve Jobs, Heidi Fleiss & looking like a genius.”
  1. Jeff says:

    You used my COMMENT MAN! Thanks because your site kept taking the other one down.

    • Azam says:


      Yeah, there was some weirdness with the page so it was
      copied and pasted and I wanted a headline to highlight the
      extra 1M that you saw. Great work by the way and thanks
      for sharing.

      I’m still unclear about a few things though, like the title
      of your interview, was the extra income just from the
      classes and treadmills, etc. I’m asking because that is
      incredible and I’d love to hear more –

      Thanks for the support, feedback and putting this stuff
      in place!

      – Azam

  2. Helen Collier says:

    Ganging up on Apple? I don’t think it is clear that they were behind the raid.

    I do see your point and I never looked at it like that.

    You made me think.

    Love the stories of how readers are making money, how can we learn more about what they are doing? Are they all in your expensive training program?

    • Azam says:


      I’m not attacking Apple, I think they’re brilliant – just pointing out
      how well positioning reveals/hides aspects.

      About the money making, I’ve made a POINT to show that the
      people who are hitting those numbers are doing it just from going
      through the free stuff here. In other words, anybody else can do
      the same thing.

      Now a imagine if they did have my “crazy expensive training”, ha ha.

      Thanks for the support Helen!

      – Azam

  3. Conner Roades says:


    I can’t believe you’re not charging for this and I am going to schedule with a university, great idea! I read this page like 50 times.

    Thank You Kindly Sir,

    C. Roades

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, you’ve convinced me to start
      charging… okay, maybe not yet.

      I look forward to hearing more about how your speaking
      goes – you’ll knock ’em dead.

      Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  4. Bridge Man says:

    I have been at this page refreshing it every hour waiting for you to put this up, I need my FIX

    • Azam says:


      That’s great to hear, and I don’t know if you saw that
      we may be looking for writers and contributors so if you’d
      like to add your stories about what you do with this material
      that is something you may want to look into.

      Thanks again for the support and feedback!

      – Azam

  5. Sheila says:

    I have heard people call you brilliant for ages but I never really understood why, until reading the last few articles.

    You are brilliant Azam, but more than that you are truly trying to help people and make a difference with your sharing. I respect you for that. So even though I do not support your choice of certain words and profanity, it comes with a package I suppose.

    Thanks for helping, your work makes a difference.

    • Azam says:


      Calling my brilliant is the obvious thing to do, it just seems
      so natural – like an involuntary response, you know? You know
      the secret I’ve learned is that none of us is smarter than all of
      us – just about everything I go over is something that I learned
      from asking somebody “What do you recommend”.

      Even above, it was Sunny and Stephanie that came up with
      that model…

      But Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it and I’m sorry
      the profanity gets to you, but I think you’ll come around and
      eventually be cussing people out in no time. Bad joke.

      Seriously though I really want to see what you do this Sheila…

      I really appreciate your support though – Thank You!

      – Azam

  6. Rodney Waltkers says:


    Hating on APPLE? Come on Azam, you are the visionary like Steve Jobs that should be fighting traditional ideas on problem solving and business development how can you side with Microsoft? Every company has a right to protect their assets, and iPhone is one of the most valued assets Apple has.

    Still love you, and your articles? WTF! They blow me away how simple it is to be a BADASS, very appropriate title!

    But be easy on Apple Azam, someday you’ll be there and I’ll be defending you.


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, I don’t mean to hate on Apple, and I don’t
      think I am – think of this way, would you be saying this if was “hating”
      on Bill Gates? That’s my point, Jobs is brilliant. I appreciate the
      comparison by the way (as inaccurate as it may be).

      A right to protect their assets? Again, what if this was Bill Gates?

      I still love you too Rod and thanks for offering to defend me in the
      future – I’m going to NEED it, right?

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  7. CR Rocker says:

    I love this.

    • Azam says:

      Great to hear from you, I’d love to hear/see what you
      do this this…

      Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  8. Courtney Shay says:

    My comments from last time didn’t get posted but I’ll try again because you MUST KNOW how much we love you!

    My roommates and I have used the AG’s office and are starting to work with apartment complexes the way you guys do but NOW that you dropped this on us I want to speak at my school!

    Right now we have over 150 renters and buyers that won’t make a move without our say so, our positioning and “compliance levels” are awesome and I love talking like that.

    You have no idea how thankful I am for “your stuff”

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, yeah sorry about the comment issues –
      and even some of mine weren’t being put up, total craziness…

      At least some of that should be resolved by now though, and
      I do remember you goal was to hit $500/week, right?

      I love how you’re talking too, and I love that you and your friends
      are making sh** happen even with your limited time. I want to
      know that you are at over a grand a week by next time, how’s that?

      Thanks again for the support and compliance!

      – Azam

  9. Shandora says:

    Team Azam,

    Your writing is fantastic, no matter how long these pages are I can’t help but read it all.

    First rate!


    • Azam says:


      Love your name, and great to hear from you, I don’t know
      about the writing quality but I appreciate the feedback.

      Love to hear what you do with this in the coming week.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

  10. Kim Grant says:


    I saw that SAME show this week and I thought of you when she was talking about her birds! I love my Mac by the way, but I think you have a point and I will start watching Jobs more closely. I want to do something with all the great stuff you go over but I honestly don’t know where to start. I do love you for sending this out.

    Embarrassed Kim

    • Azam says:


      Great to hear – and I *really* appreciate your honesty because it
      is something that more people go through than they would admit.

      Where to start? I would start with your passion, what you love –
      business or not – and go from there. I’d love to help, so if you give
      me an idea of what you love – besides of course me – that should

      Thanks for the honesty and support!

      – Azam

  11. Vegas Vince says:

    Damn bro…..I charge private clients major bling for the info you are giving away here….not the least of which deals with npo’s (non profits) and one of my other favorite strategies… “legalized bribery” .

    In terms of non profit organizations…..if you do joint ventures with them correctly…they will bust their asses to fill the “room” for you….assuming you have anything of value to offer their demographic.

    I use a simple little trick that allows you to take the front end money from a NPO promoted event…..and split it with them “after the fact”……which allows them to keep the non profit status…while giving you front end profits, AND back end potential……as you simply write them a check for “50% of the front end take” AFTER the event concludes.


    Very cool stuff…..and totally legal.

    Non Profits are one of the most under used, highly leveraged sales teams you can utilize peeps…because unlike normal car wash fundraisers, candy bars, and stale fruit cakes where they either work hard for peanuts or get screwed on the deal…..this particular JV makes them money…..without the hassles. They simply promote to their member base.

    Love the VFW concept you described!

    And rather then pounding the pavement to strokes, mooches, and deadbeats…..I like nothing better then presenting an offer to a room full of people who actually WANT TO BE THERE! CAPICHE.

    As for legalized “bribery”…it’s a technique my barter students use to obtain high end products and services for pennies on the dollar…..that they can in turn use to “open doors” and make stuff happen……and bribes work.

    No prison time required either……cuz legal bribes are easy to put together.

    Great posts… usual.

    Vegas Vince

    p.s. Yo Oz…..had my girl Sylvia email Team Azam complete access to my BA thing….so let me know if you got the log in info and password, bro.


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, and that’s a brilliant model. I haven’t been
      as involved in the tax part of it, but it seems like you could just do
      that remotely and “sell” the tax benefits. I’d love to hear more
      about your work NPOs.

      You seem a like you’re putting this stuff in place for your company
      like a real Bada** and I look forward to connecting with you. I think
      the details with the BA are coming together, and I know we are
      setting – or maybe have settled – a time for your show as well.

      I wouldn’t consider myself a marketer really, but I see what you’re
      saying and I want to do our part to support your efforts… legal bribes
      and all.

      You alone should be able to add 1M to your bottom line this week, right?

      Alright, so we’ll connect soon – I look forward to it.

      Thanks again for the support, feedback and sharing!

      – Azam

      • Vegas Vince says:


        The term “marketer” wasn’t meant as a dis to you’se, bro.

        Fact is, we are all in the marketing biz… matter what biz we’re in.

        Those of us who can market….can adapt to whatever the news reports…..we are proactive…not reactive……….because we aint in the “thing” selling business….were in the marketing of the “thing” business.

        I have a rule on my radio show…anyone mentions bs words like “recession” get kicked off my show…because a recession is a mindset….and for the entrepreneur with half a brain…it’s an opportunity to pick up bargains. True.

        Nobody can tell me their “business or customer” is different. That’s bullshit. People “buy” for the same reasons….whether it’s a prince, pauper, princess, or bum.

        Best product or service in the world don’t mean jack……if it’s bundled up and “sold” like every other sheep or lemmings sells their “stuff.”

        In a world full of “sameness”…….the ones who break out of the pack…..often are the same ones viewed as the authority. You want to be an authority……do the opposite of those in your industry do. Have the courage to do that…’s tough…but the results are devastating.

        To me…the easiest way to stand alone….is to make damn sure you’re not one of the herd.

        Most peeps lack the balls or courage to do that. You have both…Azam. So do I.

        With that said….I aint in your league in terms of the money you make….but for a bum from the neighborhood like me who put out a product everybody laughed at…..they aint laughing at me anymore.

        I despise most internet marketers/gurus….because they promote, pimp, and push stuff they themselves have never done. Major lack of credibility with that model…..

        So yeah…you’re one of most twisted, kick ass MARKETING mo fo’s out there.

        I stand by that. Because other people sell the same stuff you do in terms of let’s say real estate etc……but they don’t sell AS MUCH AS YOU DO.

        Why? Marketing baby. You know how to market. Period. You know it. You’re the best……aint nothing wrong with bragging when it’s true…’re the friggin’ best.

        My one and only product….was just a way to leverage my knowledge and make some added cash….but it wont ever replace the bling I make USING the stuff I talk about. I took an industry that does billions a year….that promotes itself like the dark ages….and repositioned it…..and did something they’ve never seen done before……I created more new clients for the trade in Industry in 6 days….then the average full staffed office does in a month or two.

        Not cuz I’m smart….but because I figured out how to position the very same industry these sheep lacked the courage to. Because I learned a list of TEN BUYERS was worth a hell of a lot more then a list of 1000 sellers. Once I figured that out….I got out of the “sales business” and got in the “delivery business”.

        That’s one of the reasons….you’re one of the last of the Mohicans. You practice what you preach. That’s all anyone can ask for…that’s called INTEGRITY. Azam Meo… got that much. More then most, bro.

        I don’t pretend to be the smartest dude in the world……but I know how to sell..and position…and I do know how to pick up a check…..better then a whole lot of rocket scientists out there….with college degrees and student loans they can’t repay.

        I started implementing stuff I picked up just off your copy alone……and it’s been worth over $100K to me. And to be honest….I’ve been at this for only 3 months.

        I smoke too much, drink too much, survived cancer 6 years ago….battling MS right now….and you know what……Vinnie is still standing.

        Let’s book this show…..for this coming Sunday……and any of my listeners know I seldom endorse or kiss ass….but in this case….I’ll do both….because you’re the real deal.

        Just need Steph or Millie to explain your normal JV concept……and I’m down with it. I might even get up early tomorrow….so I can catch someone on the phone… the night owl here…..seems to go to bed when you’se peeps get up. lol.

        Will be happy to explain the NPO thing for your peeps in step by step form……if that’s cool. Let me know.

        Let’s book it…..this show will rock the friggin’ house.

        My listeners are sick and tired of me talking about you….they want the legend on the air! So let’s do it. We can figure out the JV part of things after the fact……no sweat, bro.

        Thank you for what you do. Hope you peeps here realize that you’re dealing with a dude who is way above the norm……study everything this man Azam Meo does……..rather then worrying about why you can’t afford him. Trust me…he leaves clues every email, every post, every video.

        Vegas Vince

        p.s. I gifted you in the course……just so you could judge for yourself how kick ass it was. If it wasn’t….I wouldn’t humiliate myself like that. lol.

        p.s. 2. Magicians? I’m old school. YouTube a dude named “Cardini” and be amazed…..cuz he did it without “gimmicks.” Black and White….long since passed…but the greatest slight of hand master of all time…as you will see. As for the fight game…..biggest boxing historian you’ll ever come across.

        • Azam says:


          That is totally unacceptable and now we must fight to the death… ha ha.

          I’m just joking, what I meant about the “marketer” was that I think that
          is above what we do, not “below”, because from what I gather you do
          quite a bit in different areas – but I’m more of an old-school-cold-call-rocks
          guy. So no slight was taken, and as always I’m thankful for your feedback
          and support.

          And man, you’re going through some crazy stuff – that is inspiring to
          hear about and I had no idea you had MS, cancer, habits, etc. that is
          AWESOME that you are fighting through that – Badass, I tell ya.

          I think we’re on for your show, I have no idea what we’ll be talking
          about but I look forward to it and yeah I’d love to hear more about
          your ideas. Your kind words are too much, but I do Thank you for

          I’ll look up that Cardini reference as well…

          I love so much of what you’re saying, and BRAVO for kicking people
          off your showing for even THINKING the r-word… or the d-word, ironically
          I’d bet those people are all (or mostly) in America – the EASIEST place
          to get rich ever.

          So Brother Vince Thanks again and I always look forward to reading
          and responding to your comments and feedback – Thanks for the support!

          – Azam

  12. Rene Perrin says:

    Always enjoy reading the material. Cutting edge…

    But – 9 (NINE) I-phones????!!! Definition of insanity…..Doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    Go Android….


    • Azam says:


      Great to hear from you, the nine phones were because
      when one is screwed up you take it in and they replace
      it – sometimes they have to ship it out and try to leave
      you without one for days… crazy I know.

      Glad you enjoy – and it has been years since we talked,
      so hope all is well and I’d love to hear how you put this
      in place in your company now.

      Thanks again for the support!

      – Azam

      • Rene Perrin says:


        You’ve got quite a memory! (or a kick-butt database….) I think it has been about 8 years.

        Would like to reconnect.


        • Azam says:


          Steel trap Rene… Steel. Trap. Just kidding, a little bit of both
          actually, but I’m glad we’re looking forward to connecting and
          I’d love to see what you do with the material we go over here
          – so please keep us in the loop.

          Thanks for the support!

          – Azam

  13. Shawn says:


    • Hey Azam!

      WOW DUDE Your S#it TOTALLY inspires me!

      We did EXACTLY what you mentioned about using news (BoA) debacle
      and got a NICE response from it and had TWO folks join our organization!

      Thank you Buddy!!!

      Tony Profit

      • Azam says:


        What a last name you have… and great news, I’m glad we
        helped and I’m curious about the specifics of what you’re
        doing and how you can double by next time…

        Great stuff – and being a Badass by putting this in place
        is inspiring to us all.

        Thanks for the support!

        – Azam

    • Azam says:


      I’m trying to make sure that EVERY comment and piece of feedback gets
      something back, I think yours was cut off but you were about to say
      something like:

      How can you look so good Azam?

      My response: all natural.

      Seriously though, I’d love to hear you thoughts and how
      you’re putting this stuff in place…

      Thanks for the support!

      – Azam

  14. HaHa.. like stealing candy from a kid lol…

    Azam, I am giving this 100% used the silly american idol show
    news to get the rankings on the site
    higher ranks just over 500k in the world!

    How does this translate to $$ well, the site is worth $1k more now..


    Really Azam, our main goal is to save lives on our roads using hands
    free texting solutions.

    Like you (I am sure) I HATE to have my liberties restricted so, would
    prefer solutions..

    People STILL Drink and Drive and this too is banned… really have no
    solution for that…. but the texting and the BS cellphone contracts, I got
    that solution for sure…

    Hey man.. have an EXTREMELY Crazy Fun & Profitable Decade Azam…

    Your Friend
    Tony Profit

    Practicing Safe Text. Saving Lives.TM

    PS. Azam, if you know anyone that would like to join the crusade, let
    me know… We JUST had Steve Harvey & Johnny “The Jet” Rogers
    join us!!!

    • Azam says:


      Awesome, and thanks for sharing… really that is brilliant and I’m glad
      to hear it.

      About bringing the awareness up being on here and involved with
      others can really help, I’m not sure how appealing that is to you but
      if nothing else I’d love to hear more as you put the other items in
      place within your company (soon to be Empire, right?)

      Thanks for the support and sharing Tony!

      – Azam

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